The holiness befits your house … “(Ps 92, 5)


Dearest Readers,

This message of St. Augustine, communicated to us by Stefania Caterina, is part of the program announced by St. Michael the Archangel in the message of 17 March 2013, with these words: “Today begins for all of you a great journey of spiritual renewal …”.St. Augustine points out: “God has willed for me to be the one to begin with you the journey of sanctification expected at this time for the people of God. Others will speak to you after me … the great witnesses of God on Earth and in the universe “. What does this mean? The one and Triune God acts always more and more in our midst. His life, which is holiness, will manifest Itself more and more until the climax, when the Son shall appear in His glory (Rev. 1, 7-8). With Him His saints will be manifested (Zechariah 14, 5), all the holiness of all time: In the new creation Life will triumph!

We wish for you, dear readers, that you do not remain only readers but that you become instruments of holiness, of the manifestation of Life.  Set out to grasp all that God wants to communicate to you, either individually or in the Nuclei, through all the Saints, all the Just, through the universal communion in the Holy Spirit. We will accompany you, trying, even in our limit, to convey to you the holiness of God with our lives, thus hoping to be able to help you to become saints. We bless you with love.

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlasic

Message of St. Augustine, bishop and doctor of the Church, of April 3, 2013


“Dearest brothers and sisters, God has willed for me to be the one to begin with you the journey of sanctification expected at this time for the people of God. After me others will be speaking to you. It will be a profound dialogue between God and His people, the Church by means of various instruments that have been and are the great witnesses of God on Earth and in the universe.

God wants me to speak to you about holiness which is principle and means of sanctification for each of you and for the whole Church. What does sanctification means? It means that each one of you and all of you together are destined to be glorified in God and by God, that is, to shine of the glory of the Creator.  He is Father and therefore want to share with all His children, no one excluded, His glory and His power. In addition, He wishes that the entire people that belongs to Him, be a glorious people, able to bear witness to His greatness.

The sanctification of the individual as well as that of the people can not be reached without holiness.  It is not far from your existence but is part of it from the beginning. In fact, man knows the holiness of God from the first moment of his conception: at that very moment he finds himself before his  Creator and he is called to choose between God, the highest Good, and Lucifer, the principle of evil. This means that every person experiences the existence of God and of the devil, with absolute certainty, since his conception; since then God assists him with His grace to help him choose. If you choose God, man chooses holiness, because God is Holy and those who accept God in their life, also welcome His holiness. Man is free to choose and he remains free from the first moment until eternity. I will not dwell further on this point, since you have already received many explanations over the years about it.

God created man to be a son of His, this is why He destined him to holiness, he called him to holiness from the first instant of conception.  How could, in fact, He Who is Holy, willing for His children something other than holiness? They are the wrong choices of man to corrupt man, because God calls everyone to holiness and the seed of divine life lays in the human spirit. Thus the spirit of man preserves the memory of God from the moment of conception. Earthly life with its trials, struggles, temptations, as well as the oppressive presence of evil can blur that initial memory but can not turn it off altogether.   It remains something like a deep groan, sometimes indescribable, within the spirit of every man, even when he rejects God

Every man can perceive in himself the life of God, in the manner that best conforms to his originality; he is attracted  toward that life, looking for it like a plant seeks the light needed to live. Man yearns incessantly for God, even when rationally he does not understand His existence, because knowledge of God is not a rational knowledge. The Holy Spirit acts in the depths of the human spirit and directs him toward what is above man; He raises him up  to God because He Himself is God and He communicates himself to you, uniting you to the Father and the Son as He Himself is united to Them.

Thus holiness is the foundation of sanctification. It is a seed planted in you by the Creator. When man accepts God in his life and loves Him, the seed opens up and  the blossom of holiness emerges growing into a tree, the tree of your life. It produces leaves and fruit that are the virtues and deeds. The seasons go by and your tree, if it is well cared for, always produces more abundant fruit until the Lord decides to transplant it into another garden, the garden of eternity. Here also it continues to bear fruit up to the moment in which the new creation will come, and each tree will be placed in its place for ever. In the new creation the final glorification of every child of God and of all His people, will take place; not even the glory of heaven is final: the saints are awaiting the resurrection at the end of time,  prelude of the new creation, of the eternal kingdom of our God. Then the sanctity of each individual and of all will reach its glorious fulfillment: men and creatures will be sanctified, that is glorified.

Holiness is therefore the means to have access to the new creation. It’s what you need for your journey at this time in which God expects that each of you and the whole Church might come to true holiness. Jesus Christ, firstborn of the new creation and Head of the Church, has consecrated Himself through His Sacrifice, opening the way for the sanctification of all the people. So you need not fear: Jesus has given His Body and His Blood as food, so that the desire for God that is in all of you, may not remain just a wish, but become a concrete and visible reality in the sanctity of each individual and of the entire Church.

I would like you to understand that the virtues and the good works of Christians are the fruit of holiness and not vice versa. Pay close attention to this point: man cannot do many good works without being holy; he can keep a good behavior which, however, is not a virtue. The world is full of humanitarian actions that do not derive from  holiness but from human compassion,  from emotion and from feelings. Even those who serve Satan often mask their true activities behind seemingly good works. May it not be so for you: all that you are and all that you do may it be  the fruit of love toward God, fruit of your  sincere donation to Him, through Jesus Christ, and fruit of selfless love toward others.

Do not harbor any ambition (in your heart). Know that there is a subtle and dangerous ambition: that of becoming saints in order to be seen by men. This takes you away from true sanctity, it is devoid of love and nullify any merit, as St. Paul says (1 Cor 13).

Then who is really holy and what is holiness? A Saint is one who lives for the glory of God the Father “through Christ, with Christ and in Christ,” led by the Holy Spirit. Those who live that way enters the life of the Holy Trinity which is a continuous flowing of love between the Three Divine Persons. He who lives for God can no longer live for himself but seeks communion with the  brothers and loves others with the same love with which he is loved.

For Christians, the mystical union with Christ is the key that allows to have access to true holiness.  Only Jesus reveals the Father to you and gives you to Him, as a gift. In the name of Jesus you receive the Holy Spirit (Jn 14, 26). Therefore it is necessary that the whole creation be recapitulated in Christ: everything must be brought back to the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit. Without recapitulation in Christ there can be no holiness or sanctification, while God, on the contrary, wants to sanctify the entire creation.  Therefore,  creation must necessarily be recapitulated in Christ and such recapitulation is a process already in action.

From all this you can understand what  sanctity is: it is the deep adherence of man the One and Triune God and His laws, through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. It is man’s relationship with God, made ​​of love, respect, freedom and gratuity.  Holiness is expressed in many forms, both in the single as well as in the Church:

•       holiness is real poverty (Mt 5: 3): the saint is emptied of self to make room for God; he no longer lives for himself but for God.  Real poverty, in fact, is the emptying of one’s own selfishness. In the emptying of the person, the holiness of God is manifested, and this has nothing to do with human greatness.  The deprivation of material goods is secondary: what good is there in being materially poor if one is rich of himself, filled with the arrogance of his own ideas?

•       Holiness is true wisdom and true knowledge, because he who lives with Christ in God, receives the mind of Christ in which, it is written that, “are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col 2, 3).

Real knowledge consists in knowing God, and he who seeks God is considered wise.  If you are united to Christ, you are wrapped in the Holy Spirit and you do not need to study God in order to know Him, for He will reveal Himself to you in the depths of your spirit.

•       Holiness is the divine power that manifests Itself in the person totally united to God. It goes beyond  human weakness, indeed, It is pleased to dwell within the one who recognizes his limitations and remains humble before God (2 Cor 12: 9).The true Christian is the one who allows Jesus to live and act in him; and the true Christian community is the one founded on the living presence of Jesus in every single member as well as in the all community itself. The presence of the living Jesus is the true power of the Christian and of the Church, before which Satan flees (Phil 1, 12-26).

Holiness is true communion because it brings you to love everyone, even the enemies. In fact, it makes you free from selfishness from which derives the fear of others. He who lives holiness does not fear the enemy and knows also how to reach out to the adversary; he is not afraid of losing anything because he possesses the ‘All’ that is God. Thus he can go out to meet everyone, good and bad, without fear (Mt 5: 43 – 48).

•     Finally, holiness is real purity, for he who lives in God avoids what is impure not by coercion but by natural choice: you can not live in the company of God and at the same time serve the devil, you can understand by yourself that one thing excludes the other. Therefore, the journey of holiness is always the path of purification that takes you, step by step, to choose the good and reject evil. This makes you authentic, pure, honest (Mt 6, 22-24).

Dear brothers and sisters, make every effort to become saints! Holiness is within everybody’s reach.  God only asks you to desire holiness and to place yourselves at His desposal with generosity. If you do this, God begins to work in you and transforms you: He transforms your way of thinking and your life becomes holy. Remember, though, that holiness is not human but a divine work, it does not come from your human efforts, even though your personal collaboration and your good will are needed.

God is calling you incessantly and in many ways, in order to awaken His memory in your spirit, and He waits for you to respond to Him. If you say a strong and sincere yes, the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier that brings you to perfection, begins His work. He leads you to holiness, even through trials; they are necessary to fortify your decision. He tests you but He generously showers His gifts upon you. Little by little, He fills you with His fruits: love, joy, peace, tenderness, patience, humility, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control (Gal 5, 22).  Lend your ear to Him, then; listen to God Who is calling you and allow His life to be awakened within you!.

Take a cue from the lives of the saints who preceded you and who have come to glory, but do not try to be like  them. Every saint has his own originality as well as each of you has his own. Do not become a bad copy of someone else but be yourselves exactley as you are before God. Offer yourselves to Him so that He may bring your originality to shine in the people of God; each one of you is unique and irreplaceable! Try to understand this!

Do not make an idol of a saint! Often  saints are invoked more than God, and many believe that miracles are wrought by the saints.  No, brethren, the saint is just an instrument through which flows the holiness of God.  He is  a spark not the Fire, he is a glow but not the Light, he is a ray but not the Sun. God alone is Holy, we are all His children, His creatures; we can reflect His image but only God is God.

Today the Church is called to rediscover sanctity as Her main mission, from which all Her works come.  If the Church does not manifest the holiness of the One Triune God, She is no longer the Church founded by Jesus; She is reduced to a charitable organization founded on the ideas and efforts of men.  The Church, which is the people of God, has Her foundations on the sanctity of Her Lord and is called to make visible to every man the face of Christ.

The Church needs the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the Mother of the Church, and needs the sanctity of St. Joseph. They watched over the house of Nazareth exactley as now they watch over the Church that   is the house of God among men.  It is essential and it is right to mystically be united to their Hearts, the hearts closer to the Heart of Jesus.

The sanctity of the Church is the only sign of hope for the Earth, and marks the way toward the new creation.  When men of good will go knocking on the doors of the Church, the latter should responde by teaching to everyone the way of faith, hope and love; this is what your humanity needs. The house of God, which is the Church, does not need to own gold and silver (Acts 3, 6), because She already has the greatest treasure of the universe: holiness. This is the richness that suits the Church, as it is written:   “Holiness befits your house, for the duration of the days, O Lord” (Ps 92, 5). Strive therefore, brethren, to make the house of God abound in this richness! You will have plenty of help!

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. “