With Saint Francis on the new planet

Dear Readers,

With these reflections I would like to follow the great events that are being enfolded under our eyes. Thus seeking a way to help you better understand these events so as to be enveloped in the grace they carry within themselves.

St. Michael the Archangel, in the message of the First of March 2013 [1] ,  announced his presence at the Conclave of Cardinals and the action of the whole Mystical Body for the election of the new Pope Francis, as you were able to see. In the following message of March 17 [2] , St. Michael stated that he will remain among the people of God to lead it to Christ and affirms: “Today begins for all of you a great journey of spiritual renewal. Having ended the long period of preparation of the recent years, we entered, with the year 2013, as I have already explained to you, in the time of the great action of the Trinity, through which God will introduce the whole of humanity and all creatures in the new creation.”  Together with Saint Michael, all the  instruments of God, ordinary and extraordinary, are acting. Papa Francesco is enveloped by the grace of God and placed himself at the service of the people with his all life, as evidenced by his actions and his words.

God wants all His children to do the Paschal passage: that they might leave the narrow horizons of this earth, that are guiding man towards himself and suffocate him with the anxieties, tensions and struggles for survival. God wants  His children to be open, through the risen Christ, to the fascinating dimension of eternity, which is real and never disappoints.

I propose a few points for your journey.

1) Become disciples of Christ. On Palm Sunday you’ve been introduced on the path to become disciples of Christ.

– Jesus, God made ​​Man, submissive to the Father in all trials “unto death, even death on a cross” was glorified “… so that in the name of Jesus, every knee shall bend in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father “(Phil 2: 8-9-11). Also we are called to such obedience to God the Father, so that our spirit might be united to the Spirit of Jesus and follow Him in glory.

– Jesus offers Himself for us. He follows us with loving attention, interceding with the Father to protect us from the evil one: “But I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail.”(Lk 22, 32). Jesus said these words to Peter, but they are addressed to every person who wants to be mystically united to Christ; we can count on Him in our frailties.

– We too must pray to God but not with any prayer. Between Jesus and ourselves a life of faith, hope and love must flow: rely ing on Him, wishing to rise to God the Father with Him. Jesus said to his disciples: “Pray that you may not undergo the test” (Lk 22, 40). So prayer enables us to be active and involved in the Spirit of Christ, one heart and one soul.

– Let us manifest our identity as children of God even in trials, even when we lose everything, even our life!  In this way we become witnesses of God and overcome the evil one. Jesus was questioned and condemned to death, by the Sanhedrin, the Jewish Tribunal, who asked Him whether or not He was the Son of God. He answered, “You are saying it! I am He!” (Lk 22, 70).

– Let us try to look beyond our own emotions, and let us embrace the whole truth.  Jesus leads us this way: “Women of Jerusalem, do not weep for me. Rather weep for yourselves and for your children … “(Lk 23, 28). Living and working in the all truth makes us people of integrity.

– Let us strive to work similarly to God: forgiving those who hurt us, those who harm us or condemn us to death: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” (Lk, 23, 32-38).  This way we heal the deep wounds of humanity and participate in the new creation. What a great divine power is released in us when we perform an act of forgiveness!

– Let us  go beyond human justice! That way, we can rise up to God and in an istant open up for others a  path leading them speedily towards Him. One of the criminals crucified alongside Jesus prayed this way, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom!” Jesus answered, “I assure you that today you will be with me in paradise” (Lk 23: 42-43)

– Let us entrust our spirit to God as well, the spirit of life, while we die to ourselves. Then, the Trinitarian omnipotence will  act freely within us: “Father, into your hands I commit my life” (Lk 23, 46).

2) Thus, united to the Spirit of Christ, we resurrect spiritually. We tread along the road that leads us to the wonders of the infinite, without ever retreating. Our spirit, guided by the Spirit of Christ, every day will find the new creation, born within us and through us and affectes the whole universe.

At this point, I suggest you read a fascinating experience lived by Stefania Caterina, taken from one of her books [3], entitled: “With St. Francis on the new planet.”  Before you read it, and every time you want to dive into the wonderful love of God in you, I suggest you pray the Holy Spirit, this


“O Living Spirit of the Eternal God,

in you I adore the Trinity!

I adore your wisdom

that is in Thee from eternity.

I recognize your light,

that enlightens every soul.

I beg you, who are the only prayer in me,

to pray without ceasing.

With your eternal Word,

in the silence,

be my eternal adoration.

Fill me with faith and hope.

You, only Love, be my love in me!

Guide me so that I will be faithful

all my life

only to the One and Triune God.



I also will pray for you and with you. I wish you a Happy Easter and I accompany you with the blessing of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


With Saint Francis on the new planet

It was the night between the 3rd and the 4th of October 2009, the eve of the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, a saint particularly dear to me who is also the Patron of my Country, Italy. It was about three o’clock and I woke up. I felt peace and joy in me. So I started to pray, invoking especially Saint Francis. All of a sudden I found myself in spirit on a beautiful planet. I was sure that it was not simply a place unknown to me, but a totally new reality, inviolate. It seemed God had just created it, so much so that it came to my mind to call that place ” The new  planet.”

Next to me Saint Francis appeared, dressed as I usually see him, that is with a humble tunic. We were next to each other on a hill from which one could see a fantastic landscape and an infinite horizon. St. Francis with his hand was pointing out the landscape to me, saying: “Now you will know this place, prepared for the new humanity redeemed by the blood of Christ and united with Him. All of creation will be transformed this way.” We walked further deeper into nature surrounding us. We were walking side by side, wrapped in a great silence. Saint Francis was smiling at me without speaking;  at a certain point, he told me to continue walking alone because his task was finished. Now it was up to me to enter into a living relationship with the surrounding environment.

I kept walking entering deeper into  the marvel that was opening up in front of me: immense fragrant woods, wide plains, hills and mountains. I was observing the lush, beautiful, uncontaminated nature. I could see crystal clear water gushing everywhere. Continuously I was stepping into lakes, rivers and waterfalls. I was crossing increadible green meadows and the flowers were opening as I was passing by as if they were blooming at that instant. I understood  this was nature’s way to welcoming me; I perceived an absolute harmony between me and  creation, as if we understood each other, and as if we were aware of each other’s needs.   I can not explain it in words better than this.

The same was  happening with the animals who came to meet me always in greater number. Many of them were similar to those of the Earth, others were not. I saw horses, bears, dogs, similar to ours but much more beautiful and harmonious. Suddenly a pack of wolves approached me; they seemed docile dogs more than wolves, they did not instill any fear. We were looking at each other, and I could feel very clearly what they wanted me to understand, even though they were not able to speak. In fact, with their muzzle they kept pushing their young in front of me so that I would bless them; I knew they wanted my blessing. While I was blessing and caressing those beautiful animals a strength and an immense happiness were filling me. Their big eyes were expressing affection and gratitude. I shall never forget this scene, which is deeply engraved in my heart.

The spaces were really immense, so much so that I was asking myself if I would have ever been able to explore them. All of a sudden a wonderful white horse came closer to me, kneeling in front of me made me understand that I could jump on him and ride him and so I did. He was carring  me gently, without jerks, we were happy to be together. We arrived at a large lake and I got off the horse after thanking him and blessing him. Approaching the shore of the lake, I could see the fish darting out of the water; the amazing thing, different from the Earth, was that these fish could stay either in and out of the water. A big fish, similar to whale calf, laid on the shore next to me and gave me to understand that I could sit on its back; so I did and thanks to him I crossed the  length and breadth of the lake which seemed to me gigantic. A big river, rich of clear water flowed into the lake. We  followed  its course to the source.

Then I found myself in a vast meadow, full of unknown fruit trees. I had never seen their like. No one tree was the same as the other, each had a different height and different fruits for size and color. I wanted to taste these fruits; some were within my reach, others were not; I was not able to grasp them. And so among the branches  a little monkey appeared, similar to those of Earth. She brought her cubs to me. I caressed and blessed them as usual. Then the monkey climbed rapidly on different trees, gathered various fruits and brought them to me. I tasted them, their flavor was completely new to me, I could not compare it to  any other fruit I know. It gave me such a sense of satiation that I felt I no longer needed anything else; I felt neither hunger nor thirst any longer. But the most amazing thing was that where the fruit had been removed, immediately there grew another one; the plant was immediately replacing with a new one the fruit just picked. What generous nature! I could not help but thinking of the hard work of our farmers in order to reap the fruits of the earth, and their battle against natural calamities. What difficult relationship between man of the Earth and  nature! Then I tasted that water so clear flowing everywhere. It looked like crystal and the flavor was different than that of our water; besides immediatley quenching your thirst it gave me the sensation that it was healing me inside.

What remained impressed within me about  the nature of this planet, is the extraordinary beauty and harmony of every creature: plants, animals, water, and so on. I didn’t see any cloud, nor was I hit by rain or any storm. Everything was  calm, serene, everything  was in its place. It seemed that every creature was ready to come to me to give me help and to receive help, like those animals who wanted my blessing for their puppies. A mutual exchange of peace and tenderness. I assure you, what I saw is truly unforgettable.

One more thing struck me: I did not see the sea, as if it were not existing. Later on, San Raffaele explained to me that the sea is treacherous, mysterious, one never knows what it holds within itself. It is similar to the heart of Earthly man. In the new creation, however, nature will be renewed and transformed like man. There will be no pitfalls or scary secrets, it will be an open book that the man will be able to read  and understand to the depth. Then the experience ended and I found myself back in my room. The next day, I continued to reflect on their experience lived the night before, and I prayed giving  thanks and to receive light.


 ‪[1]‪ See Message from  March First 2013 entitled: “The powers of hell will not prevail” published on this site   [2] See Message of March 17, 2013 entitled “I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them” published on this site   [3] See “Rewrite history Vol I-In the mind of God “Ed Lights Exodus 2010, p. 116.

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