Draw from the Font of Life

Dear Readers,

In the introduction of the last message of St. Augustine of 3 April 2013, communicated to us by Stefania Caterina, we expressed our desire “that you remain not only readers but you may become instruments of holiness, of the manifestation of Life.”  The message has opened wide horizons for the life of all mankind: man together with all of creation is destined for glorification.  Glorification takes place through  holiness which is the fullness of life. It is wonderful! But how to participate in all this?

Every form of life, in all its stages, needs so much love and so much attention. To participate to Life, the hidden treasure within us, it is necessary to have a great love, the opportune time, and the suitable conditions. The whole Mystical Body of Christ has been strengthened in this time, to help us to discover and develop the life of God within us.  Our willingness is needed in order to enter into the deep relationship with our God and grasp His action in us.

Let’s start together with the prayer of Jesus, quoted in John’s Gospel (Jn 17: 1-3).  Let us dive into this prayer of Jesus that resides in us and may each of you try to activate it in yourself:

“Father, the hour has come.

Manifest the glory of the Son

so that the Son may manifest your glory.

Thou has given him power over all men,

so that all those You have entrusted to Him

‪may receive eternal life.

Eternal life is this:

know thee, the only true God,

and getting to know  the One whom you have sent, Jesus Christ.”

Face-to-face with God – God has communicated Himself to me in my conception. I was prepared to be intact, to live the fullness of life. He communicates His life to me with the utmost care: He glorifies Himself in me so that, in turn, I may glorify Him and manifest Him to all.

The faith that He opens in the depths of my being, in regard to this awareness, scatters within me any doubts, insecurities, fantasies, and despair…The Holy Spirit awakens in me the desire for a full life. He, more and more, opens up the seal that God impressed upon me and directs my life perfectly. His seal and His holiness are the fullness of life.

 My hour has come! I rejoice, I pray, I sing, I decided to live the Life.  The grace of God is set in motion in me.

– Jesus heals all my life and makes ​​me rise again.  He is sent by the Father with the fullness of the Holy Spirit to heal me, to save me. He does not appear risen only to the women and the apostles; and He does not speak to them alone; He speaks to me as well. I am equipped to perceive His presence and hear His voice: “I am the good shepherd, I know my sheep, as the Father knows me and I know the Father. And for these sheep I give My life ” (Jn 10, 14-15).

– Jesus Christ, the Word of God, vibrates throughout my entire being, to the very depth. His vibration is saving: without judging but forgiving everyone, healing wounds; He offers Himself for me to repair my faults, He rejoices in making me free from bondage …He gives me resurrection! He opens my life to a sure future, wonderful, full of surprises, even when I have to face  trials: and it is exactley there, where in an extraordinary way, the power of His resurrection is expressed. My life becomes strengthened to the point of conquering everything that corrodes it…

I allow this vibration to envelope me. I remain immersed in the silence where I perceive life flowing in me. The Holy Spirit raises me above all my rationality! It is good for me to be in this state: from this silence a holy, intact life is born, my glorification in God…

– I am destined to manifest the glory of God. This is the work of God. For this reson He created me and called me to life. “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and you shall receive. The glory of my Father shines when you bring forth much fruit and become my disciples,” Jesus says (Jn 15: 7-8).

I am unique, precious, exceptional in the eyes of God! God invests all His power in me and He cloaks me with all necessary  graces.

Thank you, thank you, Lord! …

– Regenerated, I set out to live this way. I can not remain isolated in myself, because life reborn wants to communicate itself to others. Communicating and sharing life means to multiply it, in the small Nuclei as well as in the assembly …

Humanity and all of creation are destined to be glorified by God and in turn glorify the Creator!

“Trust in the Lord and do good

dwell in thy land and love the truth.

May the Lord be your joy.

He will grant you the desires of your heart.

Turn your steps to the Lord,

have faith in Him and He will act:

He will bring out your justice

as the morning light,

your righteousness like the midday sun.

Hope in the Lord, do not be upset,

be not distressed for those who succeed,

for the people who live in cheating.

Let it go, be not disturbed,

do not distress yourself;

 you will only gather damage from it! “ (Ps 37 (36), 3-8)

I will be with you in prayer and I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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