To Awaken to the reality of the universe

Tomislav Vlasic

Dear readers,

I would like to start with you a series of insights concerning the dynamic aspect of ‘being light in the universe, to which I have given the title: “Walking I order to be the light of the universe.”  I will try, in several episodes, to help you walk and progress to full realization of ourselves and of the entire universe in the eternal light.

I shall try to simplify and bring to you all that we have announced in recent years,   presenting it in the form of a journey.


1. The experiences and phenomena related to life in the universe have occurred throughout the history of mankind.  In recent decades, however, they seem to have intensified: the number of sightings of spaceships multiply, as well as the contacts with the so-called “extra-terrestrials”, and also the prophecies and mystical experiences of many people.

The contacts with extraterrestrials are very different from each other. God awakens the humanity of Earth to the awareness of the immense reality that surrounds it so that it can become to be part of this reality. This awareness is a step forward for humanity, it is the choice of a constructive attitude in favor of the entire universe.

In all these experiences, however, is often lacking a common thread that can clarify them and bring them in accord with each other indicating to humanity the right path to return to primordial harmony.

2. What I have experienced in recent years along with Stefania Caterina, revealed the universe in all its complexity and indicated the road that leads all men and all creatures to the full realization expected by the One Triune God. Besides the many things we have already discussed in books and through this site, we will other into discussion in the future, but it is good to make a brief reference to three important aspects of the revelations:

It has been revealed that there are three universes and this because of the primordial humanity’s decision. In fact, God had originally created a universe in which would have to live only a single humanity. After the original sin of a part of mankind, God has transformed the whole of creation to adapt it to the different choices of the progenitors and to the resulting type of life they would have encountered. This led to three universes: the HIGH UNIVERSE, in which live the faithful humanities, the MIDDLE UNIVERSE where can be found the humanities that have remained largely undecided between God and Lucifer, and the LOW UNIVERSE populated by humanities rebellious to God, including that of the Earth. The humanity of Alpha Centauri is an exception: while being faithful, he agreed to live in our law universe so as  to be closer to the weaker humanities and help them.

These three universes have significant differences between them.  This is due to the spirit of the people who inhabit them and that influences each universe, since  creation suffers the consequences of human choices, as we have often pointed out.

The high universe is the closest to the great Barrier of the sky. It is characterized by a great harmony: the different planets are hospitable, nature is magnificent, natural disasters are absent. Men communicate easily with each other and between a planet and the other because they love each other. There are no inner distances between them, nor  rivalries and divisions; thus, also the physical distance is reduced. In addition, these men possess vast scientific and technological knowledge and are able to cross all three universes.

In the medium universe the distances between planets increases.  Men are  colder and indifferent, they do not seek each other and maintain a certain distance between one planet and the other. They try to be polite and not to wage war on their own planets, while wars exist between planets. Their knowledge, while significant, can not be compared to those of the faithful humanities; they move enough in their universe and in the lower one, but are not able to access the high universe. Nature is less docile and often rebels against man.

In the lower universe in which we also find ourselves, the distances between  planets are huge, often unbridgeable. The humanities of the various planets ignore each other or fight each other.  The scientific and technological knowledge of these men is very scarce, therefore they can explore space in a very limited way, and they cannot enter  the other universes. The low universe is characterized by an hostile nature and subject to great cataclysms, both on planets and space: earthquakes, floods, explosions of stars, meteorites, solar storms and so on. It also has a feature  not found in the other two universes, that is the expansion: galaxies are increasingly moving away from each other, so this universe is expanding continuously. San Raphael the Archangel, speaks about the expansion as a reflection of inner disintegration that characterizes the humanities of the lower universe, divided in themselves and with each other, which has an impact on creation.

– It  was also presented to us a black page in the history of mankind: the hybridization of humans. At the dawn of human history, the humanity of a planet in the low universe, in alliance with Lucifer, began a series of genetic experiments in the laboratory, that would lead to the creation of hybrid breeds, capable of ruthless actions and all humanities would have to face them.

These hybrid beings were created to be capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions, so they were used as soldiers,  manpower, explorers of the universe, until some rebelled against their “creators” and became autonomous populations; let us remember, among them, the reptilians of which is often spoken.

The hybrids have been and are still present on many planets, including the Earth; their physical characteristics, specifically studied in the laboratory, allow them to blend and mingle with different humanities. However, the action of God, aimed  to recapitulate all things in Christ, will bring to light the presence of these beings, and they will be forced to manifes themselves. Therefore, it is important to know their existence, to also be prepared  in this type of events. We shall talk more about this topic that is delicate and involves us, as Christians, to cooperate with the action of God. He is merciful and certainly does not want to destroy anyone, not even these unfortunate beings, whose birth is the result of the cruelty of certain men, of their lust for power and their misuse of freedom.

In front of this black page of history, there is a luminous page: the presence of the humanities faithful to God, who have not committed the original sin. They live in close contact with the angels and cooperate with them in favor of the whole universe. The sanctity and integrity of these faithful men acted as a counterweight to the wickedness of many others; their prayer and their powerful action in harmony with the angels have been of immense help to the weakest humanities such as ours.

All men of the universe, not just those faithful from the beginning, are called to holiness because they are children of God. They are also called to communion with the angels. God desires to enlighten all, to bring everyone to the knowledge of His laws. Unfortunately, many men show destructive and selfish attitude with which they limit themselves. So God can not increase knowledge within them, because they would make a bad use of it, thus, making corruption and destruction increase.

3. Why does the reality of the universe become obscured?

The powerful of the Earth systematically conceal information about the presence of other humanities in the universe; they do not take into account the testimonies of those who have seen and heard. They prefer to show what suits them, using novels or science fiction movies to distract the population and deflect attention from the real phenomena. So they create a lot of confusion in humanity.

Why is the presence of the humanities faithful to God kept silenced? Yet these brothers on several occasions made themselves visible even to the powerful of the Earth and to the leaders of religions, in order to expand the knowledge of the universe and to help the humanity of Earth in distress; this is not lack of evidence about all this. On the contrary, in most cases, the media presents extraterrestrials as evil, threatening, degraded, deformed; so they arouse in people distrust, fear, hostility toward possible life forms in the universe. Why?

How are the angels presented? When their existence is not denied, they are presented under a false identity. Their true identity is that of pure spirits who live in perfect communion with the One and Triune God and serve Him faithfully. Their authentic manifestation, which is at the same time service to man and creation, consists in revealng the light and the life of God. Some people or certain movements that do not recognize Jesus Christ, describe the angels as unspecified entity, fine figurines that can be presented and moved here and there at will,   according to the will of man. This way they deceive themselves and others!

Christians, why do you also obscur the reality of the universe?  Jesus wanted Christians to be the light of the world (Mt 5, 13). Often, however, due to their inconsistency and superficiality, many of them revealed their darkness and corruption, just like those who reject God. For this type of Christians, Jesus Christ is not living and active, but abstract, absent from the universe, as if He were not existing. Instead, Jesus took upon Himself human nature and brought it to God. He took upon Himself all the tragedies of humanity, conquering death and corruption by His death and resurrection. He sits at the right hand of the Father and leads the whole universe toward the new creation. “Then God from His throne said:” Now I make all things new. Then He said to me: “Write this, for what I say is true and worthy of belief.” And He added: “It is done! I am the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. To the thirsty I will freely give the water of life “(Rev. 21: 5-6).

People, why do not desire life, light,  knowledge? Why do you not want to progress? On the contrary, you obscure yourselves and the universe!

4. The common thread of every event in the universe is Jesus Christ. He unlocks the mystery of life and brings the whole universe in the true light. He who participates actively in His action opens up inwardly and blossoms, coming to the full realization. The whole universe together with man participates in this, and raise a hymn of praise to the Almighty God (Rev 5).

In bringing you our experience, we have never wished to focus on certain phenomena. We have presented to you the Trinitarian Life and the One Who opens the seals of all mysteries, Jesus Christ our Lord. As St. Paul says: “Now with unveiled faces we all contemplate the Lord’s glory, a glory ever greater, that transforms us to be like Him. This is accomplished by the Spirit of the Lord “(2 Cor 3, 18).  We have never imposed an experience on you; we  brought you a witnessing, aware of the responsibility that we have taken before God and before all of you.  We prayed and offered our lives for you so  you can be interiorly awakend, able to discern the signs of the times and choose Jesus Christ, who will guide you through all the events of the universe.

In the message given to Stefania Caterina August 30, 2012, St. Paul speaks to Christians with these words: Those who represent the Church, in front of the signs given from heaven, cannot behave like those who do not believe …The man of faith is not a naive person that accepts everything with his eyes closed: the man of faith knows how to discern. His descernment, however, is never born from the fear of what is rationally inexplicable; on te contrry, it is born from the unconditional openess to the action of God, to Whom nothing is impossible. The man of faith possesses  prudence which is the gift of the Holy Spirit, and that has nothing to do with  human fear, the result of compromises and human ambitions.” How much potential and how much light are placed in our souls! How greatly can we progress and how much knowledge of Christ which we can pour into the universe! (2 Corinthians 2: 14-16) What great responsibility we have!

In the next reflection we will make a step forward in our progress. However, let us prepare this step within ourselves by expressing a hymn of thanksgiving to God; if we express it in faith, it will have the power to dispel the darkness of our hearts and pour out  much light in the universe.

“O God, how immense is your richness,

how great is your science and your wisdom!

No one could really know your decisions,

nor understand the ways chosen by You

toward salvation.

Who could have ever known your thought,  O Lord?

And who  has ever been able to give you some advice?

Was there ever anyone

who gave you something

as to be repaid?

Everything comes from you, everything exists because of you

and everything tends toward you.

To you raises, O God,

our hymn of praise forever.

Amen “(Rom 11: 33-36)

I accompany you with my prayer and the offering of my life to God. I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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