Progressing to Be the Light of the Universe – Part 3

By Tomislav Vlašić

Does God instruct us?

21 May 2013

Dear Readers,

We are enveloped in mystery. Sometimes people do not understand themselves, their past and the future. They withdraw into themselves and cannot enter into a deep relationship with others.  Many things appear mysterious to them and they are hardly able to discover the true meaning. The universe in its extension remains far from their understanding.

Does God instruct us or does He keep us in the dark about matters? This is our question. Sometimes we do not express it openly and then stop caring about it, thinking that God does not communicate the truth to us. That is not so!

  1. God instructs us: He is perfect Light and He communicates Himself to us. He communicates His laws and His thoughts to us:These are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God” (1Cor 2.10 NIV).

In order to understand that God instructs us, I suggest you read and meditate the chapter “We are not mere spectators of reality,” in the book by Stefania Caterina “Rewriting History – Vol. I – In the Mind of God”, Chap. 5, pp. 91-94.[1] There you will find many open windows that allow you to see and understand the reality surrounding us. God wants to guide us to the whole truth (Jn 16,13). The passage added below, explains the right attitude and many concrete steps to take:

We are not mere spectators of reality

The mind of Christ guides you to mystical union with Him, which can only be realised through the offering of your life. When you offer yourselves to Jesus through Mary Most Holy, you allow the Lord to take the first place in your life and to lead you to fullness, to the realisation of your personality according to the plans of God and to your originality, which you can truly discover only in God. Jesus Christ is the Shepherd of humanity, the One who leads each of you to the source of life. By offering yourselves to Jesus, you are able to put aside the selfishness and fear that make you hold your life under control through human programs and desires, which cause the disappointing or tragic results that you know.

If you live united with the Lord, His Spirit rests in you and He communicates His thoughts to you, which provide you with the true knowledge of reality as it is in God, because it is God who thinks in you.

I am speaking of reality in its different aspects: the reality that is present in you and around you in all the manifold material and spiritual dimensions it is composed of. Know that reality is not just the one you are able to perceive now in the space and time in which you are living, but it is also the one present in all material and spiritual dimensions that exist in the universe. Reality is all that has been created, that moves in the universe and that is constantly evolving. Spirits, men, creatures, space, time, matter, etc. All of this forms reality, regardless of how it is perceived, where it is and where it is lived. Reality is reality, nothing can be added or taken away, nor can it be interpreted. Even God is reality although He is God.

The mind of Christ leads you to penetrate this manifold reality to understand it in its essence and to read its sometimes mysterious aspects. Therefore, you are no longer simple spectators of reality or the events that take place in it and you experience; with Christ’s mind acting in you, you are able to observe and learn all that surrounds you in a completely new and amazing way because it is God Himself who thinks and observes through you. Thus, you begin to look at reality with new eyes, with the eyes of God, because you have become one with God through Jesus Christ, who is God.

Knowing reality in this manner also means leaving an impact on it. When you penetrate reality with the mind of Christ, it manifests itself before you for what it is. You are able to discern between light and darkness. Every event is forced to manifest itself before you for what it is, because nothing and no one can hide or lie in front of the mind of Christ. Each reality must manifest itself in its many components, in its own peculiarity, even in its most intimate aspects and secrets. This is true for people and for their behaviour, as well as for creatures and situations around you.

When you come to this knowledge of reality, you will also be given revelation. Understand this: God can reveal to anyone what He wants – He can even turn a stone into a prophet – but the person may risk not fully understanding the given revelation. Many mystics and prophets did not fully understand what was revealed to them. They accepted it in faith, they suffered, they were persecuted and sanctified, but they did not really understand. God allowed this in view of the edification of the people. However, the time is coming when everyone will have to enter the true knowledge, stand face to face with God so that He, if He so wishes, may reveal to everyone what He wants in a continuous and fruitful dialogue.  

Every person will be asked not only to receive revelation and to embody it in his life, but also to penetrate it with the mind of Christ in order to understand it thoroughly. This will increase the knowledge and pave the way for new revelations in a crescendo of love between God and man. The revelation thus transformed into knowledge will make every man a witness of God before the people. Therefore, he will not be limited to transmit a message that he does not understand, but he will testify what he has lived and experienced in his relationship with God for the benefit of the entire community. All this may begin even today within you, if you donate your life to Jesus, through Mary Most Holy, if you allow yourself to live in union with Him. The testimony of the true followers of Christ, who live in Him and for Him, is revelation transformed into knowledge, because Christ’s mind allows them to understand each revelation in detail and to live it.

The knowledge of which I speak to you is both a gift and an achievement, because it comes from the goodness of God but also from man’s efforts to die to himself and to his own selfishness. It is so hard to give up one’s own thought patterns, to renounce one’s convictions and human interpretations of events, which distort reality, that many give up or refuse to do it. This is not only true for men but also applies to the pure spirits. Let us look at what happened at the beginning: even Lucifer has warped reality with the arrogance of his beliefs and interpretations, causing immense damage to the whole creation. Only God can penetrate reality and show it for what it is. If you remain faithful to God and welcome His thoughts in you, you will be able to know and love His commands and His laws and to know God. As it is written, you will see God as He is. Only then will you understand reality.

Seeing reality for what it is often gives you pain. It is not always pleasant to see how things should be according to God, compared to how they really are according to human beings. 

Penetrating people, situations, events, with the eyes of Christ can be so painful that it becomes overwhelming. However, it is necessary for the dark forces and human behaviour to be revealed before your eyes, for in Christ the thoughts of the hearts are revealed. Thus, the forces of darkness are so weakened that they no longer have a chance to hide.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.“

(St. Raphael the Archangel in the conversation of July 2007)

  1. Let us allow God to instruct us so that we may instruct others in turn, and thus have an impact on reality. In other words, we allow Him to transform us so that we may help others to convert. Are we ready to set out on this path, and what is important to us?

Let us walk with God as children with their father. God the Father generates us and gives us intact life. We can walk with Him to the degree that we love Him. Jesus says: “He who really loves me, knows my commandments and puts them into practice. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, I will love him also and make myself known to him.” Then He adds: “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them“ (Jn 14, 21-23 NIV).

Let us be committed to this project: loving the Beloved, praying and trying every day to know Him better. Thus, we will progress in understanding and in the light, and we will reflect the light on the universe.

Let us continue to pray together:

O God,

You are Love, Goodness and Light.

You are everything my heart seeks

and, when it does not find You,

it remains empty and closed.

I become despondent, disappointed,

disinterested in searching you.

I create false images of You within myself;

I ignore you, I adore false gods.

My disappointment becomes deadly.

Visit me, O God,

save me!

May Your Spirit heal my deadly wounds

and communicate to me Your love,

Your goodness and your light.

Awaken my life,

and I will become

the new creature. Amen

 I pray with you and for you. I bless you in the name of God, with His love, His kindness and His light.

[1] Extract translated from the book by Stefania Caterina with the title “Riscrivere la storia – Vol. I – Nel pensiero di Dio”, Luci dell’Esodo, 2010. The book is available in Italian.