The Plan of Our Lady in Medjugorje

31 May 2013


Dear Readers,

We will share with you the message of Our Lady of 25 May 2013, in which Mary Most Holy speaks in depth about Her plan for Medjugorje as it was given to Her by God the Father. This plan is connected to all Her previous apparitions, particularly to the ones of Fatima. Our Lady affirmed: “The apparitions of Medjugorje are the natural continuation of the apparitions of Fatima.“ Our Lady wanted to complete in Medjugorje what She had begun in Fatima.

The common thread is the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ. In the message, the reason why the apparitions have lasted so long appears clearly. Our Lady says: “The apparitions of Medjugorje are My last apparitions on Earth; there will be no others.”

We welcome these words and keep them like a precious treasure. We invite you to do the same and make your decisions in view of the anniversary of the apparitions of Medjugorje on 25 June 2013.

We bless you and accompany you with our prayers.

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Message of Our Lady of 25 May 2013

“Dearest Children,

I would like to deepen with you the plan of God of which I have spoken many times in My apparitions, particularly in Medjugorje. It is a project born from eternity, from the time when original sin was committed (Gen 3). From that time, God has put in place His plan to recapitulate everything in Jesus Christ to save all humanity and lead it back to Himself.

God’s plan went through two distinct phases: first came the phase of preparation for the coming of My Son to Earth in which God prepared the people of Israel over a long time to welcome the Messiah and to announce Him to the whole world. God spoke to His people through the great prophets, announcing the coming of the work of the Redeemer. God went towards His people; He came down to the human condition and touched the whole creation. After the incarnation, death and resurrection of My Son, the second phase began, which is still ongoing. In this phase, all of creation will return to God through Jesus Christ. This is the reverse process compared to the first phase: the creation has to go towards God to be completely renewed. That will be the new creation, which will be liberated from corruption and death; it will be surrendered to Jesus Christ and washed in His Blood to be presented to the Father by Him in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The plan to recapitulate all things in Heaven and on Earth in Christ[1] is the same plan that I have announced in My apparitions on Earth. At all times and in all places, I have been sent by God to invite the people to know and love My Son, to participate in His Death and Resurrection in order to become true children of God through Him, new human beings destined to the new creation. This is the message that I have repeated to people of all times, with different words according to the different circumstances, but always addressing one specific purpose: to call humanity to conversion, prayer and repentance to help it to return to God. These heartfelt invitations have often fallen on deaf ears in many souls, but I have always respected your freedom.

God has continuously sent Me to you, especially in times when great dangers threatened your humanity. I have saved you from many disasters; I have liberated you from disease and infirmity; I have prepared the way towards a real change in your life and your mind. However, it is through My apparitions in Fatima that God has accelerated His plan: according to the will of God, I revealed to the visionaries the existence of other humanities in the universe. In Fatima, I appeared in the company of angels and the brothers and sisters of other humanities that remained faithful to God; the signs given to the people openly revealed the presence of those humanities.[2] My announcement about the existence of life in the universe was not utterly new; Jesus had spoken about this reality to His Apostles[3], but it was kept secret over the centuries. He sent Me, the Mother of His Son and your Mother, to Fatima to reaffırm the truth about the universe, that is, the existence of other humanities and that all of them are to be recapitulated in Christ to form one people of God. Such a revelation should not have remained secret: God wanted the existence of other brothers and sisters in the universe to be announced to the Earth by His Church. This announcement was to be followed by the coming of the faithful brothers and sisters of the universe sent by God to support the Church in her work of evangelisation of the whole universe. That would have brought a great leap forward not only for the Church but also for the entire humanity of the universe: you would have weakened Satan, preventing his action from becoming as powerful as it is today; you would have avoided devastating wars and many other evils. However, it did not happen. Many years have passed since I announced this truth, yet it has been hidden once again. Are you aware of the seriousness of all this?

You have repeatedly spoken about the third secret of Fatima by playing with the words. You have not understood that God will reveal, sooner or later, what He wants to reveal despite your hardness, as Jesus said: “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known” (Lk 12, 2). What belongs to God cannot be hidden by people despite their cunningness.

My apparitions in Fatima have been very beneficial to the souls who have welcomed Me, to the Church and to all humanity; however, they have not developed the huge power that God had foreseen for them, because of the failed announcement of the existence of life in the universe.

My announcement in Fatima was diminished by the action of Satan, who always interferes with the plans of God by using the tepidness of the people.

Nevertheless, God wants the truth about the universe to be revealed since it is also the truth about the work of creation, which Satan cannot bear. He cannot bear the existence of people faithful to God who can silence him with the power of their spirit. He tries everything to prevent you from knowing these brothers and sisters, and he fears your communion with them. By denying the existence of other human beings in the universe, Satan tries to diminish the greatness of the Almighty. God, however, wants you to know and love the brothers and sisters of the universe because you are all His children.

For this reason, God has sent Me one more time to you, and I have come to Medjugorje. The apparitions of Medjugorje are a special event in the history of salvation[4]: the duration is truly unprecedented. You owe this to My mercy for you since I asked and received from My Son the permission to remain amongst My people as long as possible. I will stay with you until the hearts of the Christians open up, at least partially, to understand the reality of the universe as it is in God; until the Church begins to move towards the proclamation of this truth. If this occurs, My apparitions will end. If this does not occur, My apparitions will also end because there will be nothing more for me to say than what I have told you throughout the centuries. The apparitions of Medjugorje are My last apparitions on Earth; there will be no others.

God has sent Me to Medjugorje to take the people into the depth of the Christian life, to guide them on a path of faith through the messages given to the visionaries. According to the divine plan, the parish of Medjugorje, guided in a special way, should have become the first nucleus of a new people, and many other Christians would have joined them, spiritually united in the same path of healing and elevation. Gradually, I would have shown the whole reality of the universe, thus completing what I had begun in Fatima. The apparitions of Medjugorje truly are the natural continuation of those in Fatima. A new people would have renewed the Church and humanity.

What happened in Medjugorje? After the first enthusiasm that had been fed by the many signs allowed by God, the parishioners became increasingly cold. Regardless of My exhortations, the people did not want to enter the depth of prayer and the path of faith. Their attention was drawn to the large influx of pilgrims and, unfortunately, the profit that came with it. Human interests had surpassed those of God despite the faith and the good will of many. An additional difficulty has been the indecisiveness of the official Church, which has not expressed her opinion on the apparitions to this day. Once again Satan has infiltrated the plans of God[5], as he usually does when he finds open doors due to the superficiality of the believers.

After the modest results obtained in the parish of Medjugorje, with God’s permission, I also turned to other groups, such as prayer groups, new communities, priests, etc. However, I could not go beyond a certain level; I could not reveal the existence of life in the universe to these children either. I limited Myself to entrusting the visionaries of Medjugorje with the secrets that are much talked about and that will be revealed at the right time. Even in this way, I have not been able to reveal entirely what God wanted. Again, I have respected your freedom.

Medjugorje has born much good fruit in these years, and no one can deny it. It has been a breeze of novelty for the Christians of the Earth, but not even these apparitions could unfold their full power, and the truth about life in the universe remains obscured.

At this point, God decided to strongly speed up the plan of the recapitulation in Christ, as He could no longer allow the increasingly destructive action of Satan in the whole universe. Therefore, He began to prepare, in a special way, some brothers and sisters, chosen from different humanities of the universe including yours. In this manner, God created a strong and determined nucleus that was capable of uniting the people of God in the whole universe. He wanted it to be composed of individuals from different planets so that the communion and collaboration between the different humanities would already be working. The preparation was long and demanding, but God obtained from these brothers and sisters the response He expected.

This led to the birth of the Central Nucleus that you already know[6]. God put the Angels beside the brothers and sisters of the faithful humanities. God also brought into play the three extraordinary instruments of this time, who are the Angels, the Central Nucleus and the faithful brothers and sisters.[7] When these instruments came into action the final stage of the plan to unite the whole universe in Christ began.

You have been thoroughly informed about God’s plan through two members of the Central Nucleus who live on Earth[8] and whose task is to reveal the plan of God for these times, as it has been transmitted to them, to open up new horizons for you regarding the knowledge of God and creation. For this reason, they have been speaking to you for many years about many issues and about life in the universe. They work in close communion with the extraordinary instruments of God and are accompanied by them. They have to face very strong opposition to their work, but the plan of God will not stop anymore: the entire humanity of the universe will have to be recapitulated in Christ to form one people. God will increasingly reveal the presence of other brothers and sisters in the universe. He will no longer allow the interests of a few people to prevail. He will no longer allow slowness and hypocrisy. The humanity of the Earth, cold and hostile towards My Son and My Heart, can no longer condition the pathway of the whole universe!

Even the Church will have to make a choice: God expects her to announce the humanity of the Earth, without hesitation, the existence of other brothers and sisters in the universe, children of God of whom she is aware. If she does not do so, God will proceed otherwise.

Dear children, It is time that the graces bestowed upon Earth, but rejected by many, be revived by a new people! Not a single word that I have uttered in My apparitions, especially in Medjugorje, will be lost. Everything will be brought to completion through those who are of goodwill on Earth and in every corner of the universe. All must be fulfilled in you and in every human being.

The recapitulation in Christ will occur through Me as I am the Mother of humanity. So please, dear children, do not put obstacles before God! Do not refuse, out of fear or convenience, what God wants to reveal to you. You have nothing to fear of the novelty of God, for it will always open you to hope; it is never dangerous because the Lord only wants the good for you. Once again, I ask you to pray for the fulfilment of God’s plan to reunite everything in My Son Jesus. I need your prayers! I need the faith of sincere people who offer themselves to God.

Those who are humble, little and sincere do not fear the newness of God because they have nothing to lose. They are poor in spirit and entrust themselves to God. On the other hand, those who consider themselves important fear the work of God because of the possessions they do not want to give up: power, privileges, human knowledge, etc. However, My Son said that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the little ones, not to the arrogant. Never forget that, My dear children!

I am by your side in every trial, and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Eph 1, 8-12

[2] Already two years before the apparitions of Fatima, several phenomena took place. The most famous occurred during the apparition of 13 October, 1917: thousands of people, believers and non-believers, witnessed a phenomenon called “the miracle of the sun”: the sun began to spin round on itself becoming multi-coloured and growing in size as if it were falling down to the Earth.

[3] See the message of the Apostle St. Peter of 21 August 2012, published on this website, in the section Messages, on 7 February 2013, and the message of the Apostle St. Paul of 30 August 2012, published on 23 February 2013

[4] You may find more information about the apparitions of Medjugorje in the book “Our Lady is Alive in Medjugorje”, available in Italian, Croatian and English on,

[5] In Her messages, Our Lady repeatedly warned the faithful from Satan’s incessant action. Some examples: “Satan is very strong and with all his strength he wants to destroy the plans I have begun to realise with you …” (14 January, 1985); “Satan rages wickedly against this parish while you have become lazy in your prayers …” (17 January, 1985); “Satan has taken over a part of my plan and wants to make it his …” (1 August, 1985)

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[8] Our Lady refers to Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić. On different events, through this website, the books and video conferences they have spoken openly about their belonging to the Central Nucleus, their sacrifice according to the purposes of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and God’s plans connected with the extraordinary instruments of this time.