The Face of God

Dearest Readers,

In the message that I will present you St. Raphael the Archangel calls us to contemplate the face of God so that we may receive His light and power and reveal it to everyone. He wants to remind us that the entire creation is waiting for the children of God to be revealed as St. Paul points out in chapter 8 of the letter to the Romans.

I hope that you may seek and find the face of God that is full of love and kindness so that you may be happy and make all your loved ones happy, and you may also help our humanity who is so thirsty for the love of God and yet so unable to seek it.

I greet and bless you in Christ. God may give you peace.

Stefania Caterina



Message of St. Raphael the Archangel of July 2, 2013


“Dearest brothers and sisters of the Earth! You are in a time of great confusion: there is confusion in the hearts, in the families and in the peoples. Your humanity is walking on a slippery and uncertain way. In spite of the many and repeated calls from Heaven, people do not convert to God, on the contrary they move away from Him more and more. Why is this? Because most people seek many things, but they do not seek God and do not want to contemplate the face of God.


The face of God is the only mirror in which man can see himself because man has been created in God’s image and likeness. Therefore, seeking the face of God means forgetting the image you have of yourselves, or the one that others have fitted on you, in order to find the image of your pure self as it came out of the Creator’s hands. You can achieve this only by standing face to face with God without hiding yourselves, cutting or adding anything to who you are. In God’s face you find your true identity and originality of your person. When God looks at you, He does it with love. Remember the episode of the rich young man who turned to Jesus; the Gospel writes, “Jesus looked at him and loved him.” (Mk 10:21) God’s gaze is always a loving gaze. Even when He reveals your misery, His gaze will not hurt nor humble you but show you what you are and what you could be; He does it because He wants to raise you to the dignity of children of God.

God’s face is a radiant face on which shines the light of truth. Therefore, those who live in darkness do not desire to approach the face of God. The man who does not love God will run away from the truth of His face. He does not want to be looked at by God and shuts his heart to His love. So did Lucifer, the deceiver and prince of lies: he rebelled against God and rejected His gaze. For this reason Lucifer can no longer see the face of God. He does not have access to the dimension of pure spirit; he cannot cross the Great Barrier of Heaven. After his terrible fall, Lucifer has encountered the face of God only once in the face of Jesus Christ. He stood face to face with Him to tempt Him in the desert; he insulted Him during the passion and believed to have overcome Him on the cross. But Jesus rose and Lucifer will only see Him again at the end of time, on the day when He stands again face to face with Jesus Christ to be judged by Him.

This is the biggest punishment for Lucifer: not being able to see the face of God; he who was initially a powerful angel of light, the one who was the closest to contemplate God’s face. In the same way, he who is not with God but follows Lucifer cannot see God’s face; mainly he cannot see it inside himself, as he does no longer see his own image and likeness of God, nor can he see it in others. The more man refuses to see God, the more he stops seeking Him, and the circle will close. Man becomes a prisoner of his own selfishness and puts himself under the gaze of evil: Lucifer knows how to puff up pride and ambition and he knows how to use a selfish man. Seek God and pray to avoid falling into the hands of the enemy!

God wants the humanity of the entire universe to be recapitulated in Christ. This is the programme of this time which is the last. This time precedes the glorious returning of Christ. A lot has been said to you about this. However, no-one can be recapitulated in Christ before seeing His face: those who do not want to see the face of Christ will not enter the new creation which will come at the end of times as promised by God. The face of Christ is the visible face of the invisible God (Col 1:15) and the mirror in which man sees his own reflection and finds himself.

Even the creation is waiting for the children of God to be revealed as the glorious apostle St. Paul reminds you in his letter (Rom 8:19-23). Thecreation needs to see the face of God; in its own way of course, since the creatures which are different from humans do not have the spirit but only the vital breath. It is still emanation of the Spirit of God, and therefore the creatures deserve respect; however, they do not have the image and likeness of God. Nevertheless, the creation seeks the face of God because it is the source of life.

Looking at the face of God is not just a nice phrase but a deep need of the entire creation. The creation can see the face of God only through God’s children. Look at what happens on Earth instead: the majority of the people no longer reflect the face of God but that of Satan. This corrupts the creation and generates disasters because nature rises up against man; nature does no longer recognize in man the face of God who is the source of life but a face that generates death.

What does God expect from His children? He expects them to fully reveal His face and His image so that, through them, He may touch the entire creation. This is the first great task and the first great testimony of the believers: to fully reveal the face of God. In the newcreation will dwell only people who constantly reflect the glory, the power and the beauty of the face of God. The whole creation will absorb that power and then reflect it on the people; it will be a continuous and mutual exchange of power and splendour.

The face of Christ is the incarnated face of God, not only for the humanity of the Earth but also for all other humanities of the universe. In his infinite goodness God wanted to incarnate His face in Christ in order to reveal it so that all the peoples would be able to see it. In the new creation Jesus will be in the midst of His people and everyone will see His face continually. Thebeauty and light of the Son of God will be reflected on humans and creatures and Jesus will continually offer the splendour of both His people and the entire creation to the Father; it will be the eternal sacrifice of praise.

It is God’s wish that all Christians of the Earth emanate His power; in this manner He will be able to heal your humanity. Unfortunately this is difficult on Earth: the face of God is neither loved nor searched by the majority of the people; on the contrary, He is continually disfigured as He was on the cross; by disfiguring the face of Christ also the face of God was disfigured. What great sin weighs on the humanity of the Earth! It has hit, offended, and bloodied the face of God until disfiguring it. And not only that, your humanity carries on doing so to the children of God, who are offended and despised as was Christ. Nevertheless, the suffering face of Jesus on the Cross was transfigured in the Resurrection into a shining face when He rose.  The face of the Crucified and the face of the Risen Christ are the two faces of God that are continuously revealed on Earth.

Even the creation is suffering from seeing that the face of God is crucified and afflicted in the children of God. The creation rejoices when it sees His face rising. I invite you to reveal more and more the power of the face of God even when you are crucified, so that your face, too, may rise as radiant as Jesus’ face did. The creatures around you will notice it. They will take part in your suffering and absorb a great deal of it: in a way, they will sacrifice themselves even though they may not be aware of it. This is a great mystery of the power of God: He allows that an animal or a plant may feel the suffering of a person and make it its own, at least in part. So the creatures push away from you part of your suffering. Often they are real shields that turn away from you the hatred of evil and protect you. Think about this when you look at your dog or your cat, when you walk in the woods and when you look at the beauty of nature. Offer to God the suffering of the creatures and implore protection for them so that you may be protected as well. Ask God to forgive mankind on Earth for the cruelty it uses against creatures and environment. Always remember that the humans and the creation form together the marvelous work of God: together they will enter the new creation.


Revealing God’s face to the entire creation is a mission that you must not neglect. You are not asked to become fanatics as it frequently happens on Earth towards animals or environment. You are asked to have a just and balanced understanding of your responsibility as children of God towards creation. Man was called to govern the creation; this means that God has entrusted the creatures to you so that you guard them and make them live by immersing them in the glory of God. You are called to this task; therefore, the place where you live and the creatures around you should reflect your beauty as children of God and feel your continuous blessing.

I will tell you one more time: those who do not seek the face of God cannot receive the Spirit of God nor can they master it. The Spirit of God cannot be possessed by anyone, much less by those who despise God. The Spirit of the Lord is free; it cannot be trapped, exploited or trampled. Could perhaps the Holy Spirit obey man? If the Spirit obeyed man, He would no longer be God. If God obeyed man, it would be a disaster for humanity! However, there is no limit to man’s pride; often he tries to possess God in order to obtain what he most desires. The Holy Spirit, however, does not obey the people but blows where it wills. He descends where the Father and the Son send Him and where He himself wants to descend. No one can give orders to the Holy Spirit on behalf of any system, of any endowment or any formula. Be well aware of this so that you might not sin as Lucifer sinned.



The brothers of the universe faithful to God perfectly reveal the face of God, even though they are penalized by the sin of the rest of humanity; that prevents them from achieving even more sublime levels. Out of Divine Justice, the limit that a part of humanity imposed on itself also affects the faithful humanities. However, the spiritual levels of these humanities are far superior to yours so that their mere presence reveals God’s face. That is why the nature of their planets is different, and why even devices stop working, when these sons of God land on other planets, because of the great power they display. For this reason, Lucifer deeply fears these brothers, not only for their spiritual level and incorruptibility but also for their power, which is capable of thwarting his strength and that of his followers.

Lucifer fears that the coming of the faithful brothers may alter the laws that are the foundation of his kingdom. Lucifer’s kingdom has its own laws with which he enslaves man and nature. Especially on Earth, but also on other planets of the low universe, Lucifer tries to overturn the Divine order imposing laws that are contrary to the life of God: deception, fear, injustice, violence, servility, trickery, dishonesty, etc.; you can see how these laws operate perfectly in your political, economic, social and even religious systems. If the faithful brothers were to come to Earth, the kingdom of darkness would be shaken.

Even prayer is contemplation of the face of God. I will ask you: do you contemplate the face of God when you pray? Are you able to absorb His power in order to be similar to Him and to pass divine power to others? If your answer is no, it means that your prayer is a sterile exercise. Perhaps no-one has ever explained that to you.For many of you contemplating the face of God is a romantic phrase which is detached from daily life. Nevertheless, Jesus said that the pure in heart will see God (Mt 5: 8). I tell you that this can occur not only in Paradise but also on Earth. In fact, it is true that you do not see God physically, however, that does not mean that you may not see Him in your spirit. God is well present in the spirit of the man who seeks Him;the spirit of man can and must contemplate the face of God; however, his spirit must be pure.

The new creation will not descend magically from heaven. It is the kingdom of God that is growing inside you; a seed that develops and leads you to contemplate more and more the beauty and the power of the face of God. The new creation grows together with you; it is prepared by the faith of the people of God, by men and women who want to welcome the divine life and be transformed, from glory to glory (2 Cor 3:18), in the image that shines on the face of Jesus.


In the light of all this, I call all of you to stand before the face of God. I ask mainly parents and educators to make sure that children and young people may see the reflection of the image of God in you so that they receive the right orientation in life. Imprintthe power of divine love in them, teach them to seek the face of God, which will save them from the confusion of the world and protect them from sin.

I call on the Pope, all the shepherds and all those who hold positions of responsibility in the Church to contemplate and reveal the face of God to the people, not the face of an organization called the Church. Reveal the merciful face of God but also His power, which does not derive from your culture or from your beautiful sermons but from an intimate and filial relationship with God and from prayer even though often neglected. Stand before the face of God and let Him look at you; let Him examine you deeply: you will understand what you need to correct in you. Then you will be able to help the faithful and be credible; may it never happen that you see the speck in your brother’s eye before you see the plank in your own eye (Mt 7: 4-5).

The confusion on Earth will increase proportionately to the growing distance humanity is taking from God. Now more than ever Christians are called to look at God face to face in order to receive the light of his face and reflect it on a world increasingly shut in darkness. I will pray for you.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”