Mary, Gate of Heaven

Dear readers,

In the message that I present you Our Lady reveals many details of Her life and Her mission. She calls us to live a simple life and to live it in union with Her at the service of God and our neighbour. It is a call to transformation in order to enter the new creation. On this path, Our Lady is the morning star and the gate of heaven. By contemplating Her we will understand the events of these times and the path we should take in order to reach the recapitulation in Christ.

The content of the message is strong and demanding. We are confident that the message will be inspiring for your prayers.

We hope you can experience the sweetness of our Mother and Queen even when you go through trials and sufferings in the hard earthly existence. I am close to you with my prayer and my love.

The Lord may give you peace.

Stefania Caterina

Message of Our Lady of August 15, 2013



My dear children,


I bless you today with great joy! This day marks the triumph of the new humanity. Through me a way to Heaven has opened up: I have paved the way for the new humanity towards the new creation.

Children, I did not die! When I was taken up into Heaven, I was not in a state of death but of profound ecstasy.[1] In this ecstasy I was taken into Heaven, rejoicing in the glory of the Almighty. I was in deep ecstasy and my whole being made of spirit, soul and body, rose accompanied by angels who opened the way for me, just as they will open the way for all of you when you enter the new creation. Surrounded by the seven major Archangels and by myriads and myriads of angels, I was taken up into Heaven.


There is nothing either subjective or emotional in ecstasy: it is a pure gift of God. True ecstasy is never unconsciousness; on the contrary, it is true knowledge of the heavenly things. It is such great knowledge that it stuns the human creatures. If visionaries did not fall into ecstasy when they see heavenly things, they would become physically upset: they would not be able to handle the extremely high frequencies passing through them, when they see and hear.


I will give you an example to help you understand: during my appearances on Earth, the visionaries fall into ecstasy; when I am physically present, suddenly they find themselves in contact with a different dimension, which is superior to that in which they normally live. It is the dimension of pure spirit, in which the physical and natural laws are completely different and could cause the human body to suffer serious consequences. In the state of ecstasy, however, all the physical and natural laws are suspended so that the person is able to live that experience. You can understand now, how necessary it was for me to fall into ecstasy, as I rose straight to Heaven with my body by passing beyond the Great Barrier of Heaven entering finally the dimension of pure spirit. My ecstasy was so deep as to be mistaken for a state of death, but I was not dead, I was indeed able to understand and participate in the action of God.


Many theological discussions have arisen about my Assumption into Heaven. Many people have considered that I should inevitably have experienced death, since my Son, who is God, died on the cross. If the God-Man had been subject to death, why should His mother, who was a human creature, not have died? This would be obvious if Jesus had not risen and ascended into Heaven. However, by his resurrection and ascension into Heaven, my Son has paved the way towards the new creation and I was the first new human creature to enter with my body the dimension of pure spirit beyond the Great Barrier of Heaven.


Do not forget that I am Immaculate from the moment of conception. What does this mean? You have been told that in the moment when God creates you, you are confronted with Lucifer and you have to choose between God and him; between the Supreme Good and Evil. For me it was not like that; in that moment, God asked me if I wanted to accept my mission as Mother of the Saviour. The privilege of being the Mother of God involved several aspects: full participation in the priesthood of Jesus, co-participation in His sacrifice as the Redeemer, also the willingness to be the Mother of humanity and to support the people of God on their way to the new creation. I had no hesitation in answering yes. I was completely turned to God, absorbed by His light and surrounded by His holiness. Since then I have been inseparably linked to Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, united forever to His life and His destiny of suffering and glory. I welcomed Jesus in my spirit long before He was in my womb. My “yes” in the moment of conception preceded my “yes” to the Archangel Gabriel: in the moment of the Annunciation the memory of my first “yes” burst out once more.


Already in the moment of conception God let me know that I would not be alone: in fact, Jesus had to be born and grow up in a family, and this family would be a model, not only for other families but for the entire Church. God would place a just and faithful man beside me, a solid and concrete help to cope with my mission. I accepted with joy the presence of Joseph in my life and that of my Son. In my eyes, Joseph was just, holy and a true and great worshiper of the Son of God. After me, he was the first to welcome little newborn Jesus in his arms, he was worthy of doing so. After Jesus, Joseph was the joy of my heart, my support and dearest friend. We were not attached to each other in a human way; there was nothing sentimental in our union: there was the pure love of God that united us in purity and faithfulness to the divine plan. Joseph was not immaculate like me, but he respected me and was able to participate fully in my immaculateness; he was a symbol of virginity and purity. He was able to maintain the divine silence and in that silence he understood everything.

His early death was one of the great sorrows of my earthly life and I offered it to God. However, the spirit of Joseph was always by my side; I could feel the loving presence during the dark days of the Passion; he walked with me along the Way of the Cross; he was with me under the cross; it could not have been otherwise: he greatly loved Jesus and he spent his entire life on Earth for Him. Joseph was young and his life was short. My heart aches when I see how much his figure has been neglected, almost ignored and distorted over the centuries; and yet, you owe him a lot!

From the moment I accepted my mission Lucifer could not come near me nor tempt me in any way. For the duration of my earthly life I was not even slightly touched by evil. I observed and understood the terrible action of Lucifer; I went through many trials, and I have experienced suffering but no temptation nor sin. That is why Lucifer hates me so much! My immaculateness was a pure grace that God had given me in view of my mission, unique and unrepeatable in the history of salvation and in the history of mankind.

For you it is not like that: even if you said “yes” at the moment of conception, you are still tempted and attacked by Lucifer during your earthly life. Even the humanities of the universe faithful to God, who did not commit the original sin, experience the tempting action of the devil. However, he tries in vain because these brothers are powerful in spirit, and there is no corruption in them as in the people of the Earth. God allows that you are tempted so that your faith may grow and the “yes” you said at the beginning of your existence may be strengthened.


My immaculateness is an utterly special privilege, which is bound to my divine motherhood; nevertheless, all of you are called to immaculateness. All your spiritual path must tend to the progressive purification from sin and corruption until you reach the state of immaculateness through which you become partakers of the divine grace and worthy of belonging to the new humanity. The entire human race in the universe will have to reach this state of purity in order to enter the new creation: the new creature will be immaculate and so the new humanity.


I am the Immaculate, the new creature par excellence. That is why I was taken up to Heaven to participate in the glory of the Creator, before whom I intercede for you all, and to pave the way towards the new creation just as Jesus opened it to me. Jesus opened a new path, that of the Spirit for all of you; however, it was necessary that a human creature pure and faithful be the first after Jesus to cross the Great Barrier in spirit, soul and body on behalf of all humanity. God willed that I should be that human creature because I was the Immaculate, the Mother of God and humanity. I have opened the way out of love and with love; with my obedience and docility I healed in advance your many infidelities, especially those of the people of God. If I had not accepted my motherhood towards you and my passage to Heaven, it would be much more difficult for you to walk the path of Jesus: I was and I will be your guarantee before God that, one day, you will be with me beyond the Great Barrier.


When I rose to Heaven, I crossed the Great Barrier made of light. There, the light and the almighty power of my Son, who welcomed me in His arms, enveloped me. In the moment when I crossed the Great Barrier of light, I became Queen. I rose to Heaven as an immaculate creature and I entered the dimension of pure spirit as Queen. The same will occur to the people of God: they will rise as the new people and cross the Great Barrier of light; they will become a royal people and govern forever with their God.


Dear children, I have told you these things in order to help you understand better my presence and my role in your life. I expect from you that you walk the path of transformation. Everything starts from God’s thoughts and from allowing Him to shape us according to His thoughts. Allow God to shape your thoughts and your way of seeing and feeling. That will make you new creatures. Children, you do not become new creatures when you achieve the power of supermen, or when you are beautiful, dynamic or stylish; you become new creatures when you start seeing things in a new way.

As a mother, I pray for you and I offer myself to God for you. I ask you not to fill your head with too many questions and too many projects! Remember that you are creatures and that without God you can do nothing (John 15: 5). During my life on Earth, I never thought about what would happen to me; I knew that everything was in God’s hands and that was enough for me. Be as confident as children. If you rely on God, you will be where you need to be, and you will do the right thing. God needs you to carry out His plans, and He wants to achieve them as soon as possible. I also ask you to live a very simple life: have simple thoughts and do not analyse things too much, be simple in speech, do everything with simplicity.

During my apparitions in Fatima, the angel taught you this very deep prayer:

“O my God,

I believe,

I adore,

I hope and I love You …”[2]


This prayer may be the programme of your life: believe, adore, hope and love; offer yourselves to God for those who do not believe, adore, hope and love. This is the programme of life of all my children who desire to belong to me. Believe, adore, hope and love; that is all you have to do.


If you live like that, you will belong to the Lord, My Son, and the Holy Spirit will act in you continuously and transform you. Then you too will be ready to go beyond the Great Barrier of light: you will be able to cross it when you become light. There is only one way to become light: follow my Son who is the “Light of the world” (Jn 8: 12); to observe His laws, to desire what He desires, to be filled with His love and His life and to follow His example.

Dear children, all this is so simple, but for the humanity of the Earth it is so difficult! I ask you to live like that, at least you, who want to serve God and have been called to this. Love Christ like no-one else loves him.Say, like Peter: Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you” (Jn 21:17)! If you are united to my Heart you will love Jesus more than anyone else because nobody loves Him like me, who am His mother but also His servant and His disciple.

Make sure that the people recognize in you true friends of Christ and His Mother as well as friends of the saints. Today I bless you from Heaven; from this dimension of absolute purity. You call me “Gate of Heaven”, which I really am, because I have opened the passage towards the fullness of joy; towards the glorious future that awaits the people of God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”





Part 1

– The Credo…

– Glory to the Father…

– Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly.

I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ,

present in all the Tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages,

sacrileges and indifferences whereby He is offended.

And through the infinite merits of His most Sacred Heart

and the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

I beg of You the conversion of poor sinners. Amen (3 times)


O my Mother,
Mother of goodness, love and mercy,
I love you with all my heart and I offer myself to you.
Save me through your goodness, your love and of your mercy!
I want to belong to you.
I love you very much and I ask you to protect me.
From the bottom of my heart, o Mother of goodness,
I ask you to give me your kindness so that I may deserve Heaven.
I beg you in the name of your immense love:
allow me to be able to love every man
as you loved Jesus.
I ask you for the grace
to be pulsating with love for you.
I entrust myselfcompletelyto you

and want you to be beside me at every step;
for you are full of grace,
and I do not want to ever forget that.
But if one day I should lose my grace,
I beg you to give it to me once more. Amen. (3 times)

– Holy Trinity… (3 times)

Part 2

-Our Father in Heaven…

Repeat the following invocation 10 times:

– O my God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You.

I ask pardon for those who do not believe,

do not adore, do not hope and do not love You.


Glory to the Father…

– O my Jesus, forgive us our sins,
save us from the fires of hell,
lead all souls to Heaven,
especially those in most need of Thy mercy.

– Holy Trinity…

The whole second part will be recited three times.

At the end

– The “Eternal Rest”


[1]Etymologically, the word ecstasy means “get out of oneself.” In Christian mysticism, ecstasy is a state in which man comes out of himself and is immersed in the reality of God through grace.


[2]In our spiritual path of souls who offer themselves to God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady taught us to pray the “Rosary of the Sacrificed Love in Peace”, found at the end of the message. Our Lady explained that this rosary connects the Fatima apparitions to those of Medjugorje. In the rosary, in fact, the prayer that the angel revealed to the seers in Fatima are recited several times, and the prayer to the Mother of goodness, love and mercy, which Our Lady herself revealed in Medjugorje.

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