“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” (Mt 3:1-2)

Dearest Readers,

The message that I present you reminds us once again of the reality of this time and our responsibility before God and our brothers. For many of you these are not new issues, because for a long time we have been taught about God’s action in this time. However, St. John the Baptist warns us that time is short and that the kingdom of God is drawing near. Therefore, we have to be ready for what the Lord has prepared for each of us and for the entire humanity. I hope you may be able to understand the urgency and the importance of our sincere conversion and response to God.

The Lord may give you peace, Stefania Caterina.

Message of Saint John the Baptist of September 12, 2013

“Dearest brothers and sisters of the Earth, I great you! I speak to you today on behalf of God, the Almighty, in order to draw your attention to some fundamental aspects of this time.


As you know, I was the precursor of the coming of Jesus Christ on Earth: I paved Him the way among Israel’s people, the elected people, who were awaiting the coming of the Messias, the Saviour. Therefore, I called the children of Israel to conversion because only that way they would be able to understand the grandiose event awaiting them: the Son of God had to become man in their midst for the salvation of all mankind present in the universe. You know what happened: Jesus Christ was born, died on the cross, rose again and ascended into heaven.

Jesus will come again at the end of the time, glorious and powerful, to judge mankind and reap the fruits of His vineyard, i.e., of His people, who has arisen in the entire universe. Everyone will see Him, and the entire human race will be summoned to appear before the Son of Man; every man and all humanity will be judged by Jesus Christ. Even the dead will rise again for judgement. He, who is found worthy, will enter with Jesus the new creation, and he who is not worthy will remain below the great barrier, in the company of Lucifer and his demons. In this manner, good will forever be separated from evil, the children of light from those of darkness.

The Lord will hence come back in the splendour of His glory. I tell you that the time is drawing near. I am not the precursor of the glorious coming of Jesus as I was for His coming on Earth.  It will be the task of the glorious Archangel Saint Michael: it was he, who engaged in and won the first great battle against Lucifer at the beginning of creation; it is up to him to support the last great battle against Lucifer at the head of the angels and the people of God.

St. Michael is acting with great power in the whole universe; he is supported by the three extraordinary instruments of this time: the angels, the Central Nucleus and the brothers of the universe faithful to God. He is calling together the children of God from every corner of the universe so that they may be reunited with God as soon as possible. At the end of this action, St. Michael will submit the people to God and renew his full submission to Him, so will the three extraordinary instruments. All action will cease and everything will be put in the hands of God, who will make the last and final judgment. He will lead the people deemed worthy into the new creation, and along with the people He will submit himself to the Father in the Holy Spirit. It will be the beginning of an entirely new creation, i.e. the long awaited kingdom of God. “Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father” (Mt 13:43).

Today the Lord has entrusted me with these words for you, people of the Earth, so that you gain awareness about the time you are living in and the responsibility you have as children of God. Primarily, I turn to the Christians and then to all men and women of good will. I will present you a few points, about which you should reflect and hence take your decisions. Know that God never forces you; he judges you able of choosing between good and evil because He created you in His image and likeness. However, as Father He wants to warn you from dangers and show you the main path, which leads you to goodness and happiness. His orders are not constraints but safe indications for a healthy and dignified life. Nevertheless, you are free to accept them or not. In the same way, the words I am saying to you in the name of God are not orders but heartfelt advice; they are not even judgments of conviction but brotherly exhortations for your happiness. Here are the steps.


1) The first thing God asks from you in this time is your conversion. Conversion is not an extraordinary and rare event reserved for the great saints, but concerns every man of good will and is the first duty of Christians. It is nothing else than an internal process in which man stands before God without hypocrisy; he recognizes his weakness and sinfulness and repents of the wrongs he has committed. Then he requests God’s intervention so that his life may change. Through this request, the person accepts that God thoroughly transforms him until he becomes a new human creature. That is how man hands himself over to God to find himself in God. This is what St. Paul says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Rom 12:2).

Without conversion, there will be neither transformation nor understanding. In fact, man can understand the things of God only if he is turned to God and not to himself or to any of the idols your world is filled with: power, money, career, etc. If you want to understand the action of God in this time and participate in it, you will have to change your life: you will have to step out of the corrupt and destructive mentality dominating the Earth and decide to live as children of God, who reject hypocrisy, deceit, greed, unhealthy attachment and affective disorder. Are you ready to do this? If your answer is negative, you can avoid reading the other points because this message will not be helpful for you. If your answer is affirmative, there are more steps awaiting you.

Without conversion, there will not be solid faith either. The conversion is the first step in faith: the person intuitively feels the existence of God and faces Him. He recognizes the presence of the divine in himself and around him and decides to believe and to trust in God. All this is the work of the Holy Spirit that awakens the spirit of man and directs him to Jesus. Jesus becomes present in the human spirit and waits for the person’s decision to accept Him: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and have dinner together, me with him and he with me” (Rev. 3:20). Man must accept the active presence of God in him; otherwise, his faith will be weak and reduced to a series of religious practices, which have no impact on his existence.

You are living in a particular time, in which the power of God unfolds and is at work in the universe, but also awakens the wrath of Lucifer, who recognizes that the time of judgment and final face-to-face with Jesus Christ is coming close. Now more than ever, you need an intimate and profound knowledge of God, through which you can distinguish between good and bad. If you do not repent, i.e., if you do not allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and transform you, you will not know how to orientate yourselves, and you will always be dependent on the judgment of others. Therefore, convert and allow God to transform you!


2) The second step is as important as the first: you are asked to give your life to God. This is the first fruit of sincere conversion. Without devotion to God, you cannot make progress on the path of salvation. You will end up hiding in religiosity, deluding yourselves that you understand everything and will be saved by virtue of your good religious practices, which are useful but not enough, if you do not you offer yourselves to God. What does it mean to offer oneself to God? It means to allow God to act in your life in order to straighten and correct all that is not as it should be in you. It means to open the door of your soul and accept to live with Him and to see things as He sees them, not as you see them. It means dying to your selfishness. All this is well summed up in the words of the Lord: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me” (Lk 9:23). Jesus offered Himself to the Father for all of you; you are also required to offer yourselves to Jesus, so that you may become instruments of salvation in His hands. Are you willing to do so?


Offering oneself does not necessarily mean to die in a violent manner or of disease; it just means to make oneself available to the Lord’s will, without hypocrisy, compromises or hesitations. God will protect you from all evil, and if you have to suffer because of the harshness of life on Earth, you will receive help and comfort from God, and you will get over every trial.

On Earth, you have received a sublime means of support, that is, the offering of your life to God by joining Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; in that moment, if you are sincere and willing, you will be elevated to the Father together with Jesus, and your alliance with God through Jesus Christ will be renewed. Therefore, through Jesus you will participate fully in the life of the Holy Trinity and be inwardly strengthened and renewed. Offering ones life to God is the greatest prayer man can raise to God. Remember the words of St. Paul: Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship” (Rom 12:1).

God has given you another gift: the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother and Mother of all humans in the universe, as well as St. Joseph. Rely on them to be led to Jesus Christ, and you will not go wrong. The consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph is an excellent means to enter the life of God. Do not deprive yourself of such a help!


3) The third step is integrity. To convert and believe in God means to decide to live intact before God. The man of integrity does not get down to compromises with the Truth, and the Truth is Jesus Christ. Accept the Gospel and then compare your conduct with what the Lord has shown you. If you see something in you that is not in line with the teaching of Jesus, convert your conduct and repair your mistakes by asking God for the light and the strength to do it and by allowing Him to act in you to transform you. As you can see, conversion is a constant attitude of the believer because every day you are asked to change something in you and stand humbly before God. Hence, an ever new stage of the journey unfolds before you; so, God transforms you day by day, moment by moment, as long as you are willing to convert continuously.


People of integrity leave no room for hypocrisy in them because they love God who is Truth. Reject hypocrisy and act like those who know they are constantly under the gaze of God. The hypocrite offends the gaze of God and deceives himself. When you take an attitude, which looks correct outwardly but is not in tune with your inner attitude, you are hypocrites; you think one thing and do another. Hypocrisy is a grave sin in the eyes of God; unfortunately, it is very common among Christians, who want to appear righteous before the people but do not care about appearing righteous before God’s eyes. They want to appear obedient to the Gospel, but in their hearts they have feelings of hatred, jealousy and rivalry, which corrupt them. Hence, they preach righteousness while committing injustice; they make great acts of charity but cannot stand their neighbour and do not forgive suffered wrongs; they quote the Holy Scripture but live the opposite of what is written. Hypocrite people are worms which corrode the Christian people from within. Do not forget that Jesus strongly condemned the hypocrisy of the Pharisees.

People of integrity do not know cunningness and do not trust human science. Get rid of cunningness and false knowledge! Both stem from a lack of faith in God, which leads you to trust only your own means, your abilities and knowledge you have achieved from the external world. Be careful because by doing so, you will be enveloped by the spirit of the world; it thrives on astuteness, deceit and superficial science, which does not arise from the desire of truth but from curiosity and the desire to dominate. You can see how the world celebrates cunning people, who are imbued with arrogance and false knowledge. The world considers them to be good examples and falls into the vortex of Lucifer, who dominates the Earth through the cunning and the arrogant, who ignore and despise the law of God. You are what you are before God; do not try to improve by yourself; you will not be able to. Instead, allow God to transform you. Once again, I tell you: convert!


4) The fourth step is the communion with the brothers and sisters. He who wants to belong to Christ cannot prescind from loving his brother: Jesus loves the Father and every man as his brother; the Christian is therefore bound to love God and to love every person as his brother. Jesus said to his apostles, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another (Jn 13:34-35).

Over the centuries, the Christians of the Earth have committed serious offences against the commandment of love. This has weakened their testimony before the world. The Christians were not always credible, because they were divided among themselves; they hated and fought each other, and they still are divided from one another. I am not referring to the division between Catholics, Orthodox or Protestants because they are the result of a more profound and subtle division: I refer to that between brother and brother. I will give an example about the Catholics: they are divided among themselves within the parish, in the same prayer group and even in the same convent. It is not any better in Orthodox or Protestant Churches. This lack of love and peace does not allow the Christians to stand against the spirit of the world as one powerful body. For this reason, the Christian’s testimony is not fully effective, and they are not able to stop hatred and wars: because they carry hatred and war in their heart. With what voice can they turn to the world then?

Those who want to enter the new creation must live in communion: not a set of individuals will enter the new creation, but a people, who will be united by the bond of brotherly love. Therefore, I call you to fraternal communion, which is the essential condition to be recapitulated in Christ, i.e., to be part of the new people, who is forming in the universe and on Earth. Remove from your heart every trace of bitterness, all condemnation, every slander against your neighbour. Be kind and compassionate to all, forgive and leave the suffered injustice and the wounds of the soul in the hands of God. Turn the page and be always ready to restart fraternal dialogue; do not allow Lucifer to sow discord between you and your brothers.

Do you think this is difficult? It is, if you plan to do it by yourself. Yet, you are not alone because God is at work in you: when you choose to love, to forgive, to help the brothers, it is the same Jesus who loves, forgives and helps in you. You participate in His healing power by giving yourself over to Him like the apostle Peter, who offered his boat, from which Jesus spoke to the crowds. You are like Peter’s boat: you move away from the Earth, that is, from the mentality of the world in order to allow Jesus to speak to your neighbour. Then the miracles in your life begin to happen: relationships are healed and the world heals around you. No man, no matter how skilled and powerful, can heal humanity; only Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, can accomplish it. Jesus seeks humble and sincere collaborators in order to touch the entire creation with His love. Look inside you, swiftly seek love and reconciliation with your neighbour; do it before it is too late!


5) The communion of the people on Earth is not enough. The communion must embrace all humans who live on other planets in the universe. This is a very delicate issue for you, people of the Earth, especially for the Christians; yet, none of you will be able to avoid this reality. So far God has patiently waited to show you openly this aspect of the creation, even though He has given you many signs. This happened because this reality has been hidden from the people of the Earth by the guilty silence and the lies of the powerful and many religious leaders, including the Christian.

This is the time when life in the universe must be fully manifested to the humanity of the Earth because it is an irreplaceable piece of the great mosaic of creation. So, what are you asked to do? Certainly not to prove the existence of life in the universe or to convince others of this fact; this will be done by the Lord, who possesses the wisdom and the means to do so at the right time. You are simply asked not to close your heart and mind to this truth but to receive it as a gift from God. Leave aside what you do not understand, and stay in a humble attitude of listening whilst asking God for the grace to understand. It is always God’s grace that leads you to understand the mystery, not your rationality or your culture or your beliefs, including religious ones. We speak of a cosmic reality that God desires to reveal from within the spirit of the individual, after that the external signs will come. That cannot take place if people reject the very idea, that there are other human beings in the universe, other sons of God like you.

The communion with the brothers of the universe is essential for you because not just you will enter the new creation. All the flock of God, both on Earth and in the universe, will be reunited in Christ, who is the shepherd of all humanity, who loves all with the same love, who has saved all men with His sacrifice. Why do you think you are the only ones in the universe? Is it because you think you are the best? Repent for your pride! You are not at all the best, and one day you will understand. Instead, pray the Lord that He may make you love your brothers and sisters wherever they are in the universe, and that you may be able to welcome them one day just like true children of God ought to do.

I turn to you Christians, especially to the priests and the consecrated: be careful not to behave like the priests of Israel, who did not accept Jesus as the Son of God, going as far as considering Him to be a blasphemer. They they were not able at all to change their beliefs, which were based on their interpretation of the law and the reality of God. No conviction, no matter how deeply rooted in you, can be a standard for discernment: the things of God can only be understood in the light of the Holy Spirit; you have to humbly ask for the Holy Spirit to come. You are not allowed to judge and condemn on the basis of what you think or on the basis of your doctrine. God is greater than your doctrine. If God does not reveal a certain reality right away, it is because He has very good reasons not to do so; nevertheless, no one can deny the existence of such a reality; at the right time God will reveal it; it will happen when you are able to bear its weight (Jn 16:12).


The Holy Trinity was revealed only in Jesus Christ and never before. The rejection of this reality has condemned Jesus Christ to death. Would it not have been better to ask humbly for God’s help, rather than remain hard in their personal beliefs and eventually crucify the Truth? Do you want to do the same? How often are you still trying to crucify the Truth? Repent and humble yourselves before God! Only then, you will be able to understand and judge.


6) Furthermore, you are called to enter in communion with the three great extraordinary instruments of this time. I will repeat to you who they are: the angels, the Central Nucleus and the faithful brothers to God. The communion with them will allow you to walk faster and safer. In this respect too, you are asked to be open to this reality even beyond what you can understand. Pray in communion with these instruments and trust in God. At the right time, the action of these instruments will also be fully revealed, but if you do not accept them now, it may be too late for you, and you may not be able to understand any more. Be careful! God’s patience is great, but it is not good to take advantage of it.


In conclusion, I repeat to you the key words of this time, which are obligatory steps and the main way for you to fully participate in the action of God:


  • conversion,
  • offering yourselves to God,
  • consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph,
  • integrity,
  • communion with the entire humanity of the universe,
  • communion with the extraordinary instruments of God.

I urge you not to delay your decision to belong to God. Do not wait to be perfect in order to believe; believe and you will be perfect. Your perfection before God is not what people think: perfection before God means true faith and sincere humility.

I repeat that the kingdom of God is drawing near. Pray very much and be vigilant. The evil is strongly present but cannot do anything against those who have offered themselves to God.

I pray for you and bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.

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