The New People Celebrates Life – Faithful to the laws of God

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

After our Easter wishes we haven’t sent you any other messages. The Easter holiday with its message is itself very rich and incisive. We wanted to give you time to encounter the Risen Christ and deepen your relationship with Him.

Encountering the Risen Christ cannot remain an isolated incident or an experience that passes and remains as a memory in a person’s life. On the contrary, it is a vital experience that intensifies, involves us totally and becomes permanent; it brings the entire humanity towards the new creation if it welcomes Christ. So it was for the apostles and the true disciples of Jesus.


There are some cosmic events that talk to us and that we want to share with you as part of our testimony. After His resurrection the Risen Christ has habitually visited as the good Shepherd the humanities faithful to God of the high universe. Between Him and these humanities there is such a vital relationship that we cannot even imagine and that we may consider as a further step towards the reality described by St. John the apostle as thenew heavens and a new earth (Rev 21).

There are also other events that talk to us and encourage us. After the conversion of the middle universe as a result of the evangelizing mission performed by the faithful brothers to God, the Risen Christ has begun to visit the humanities who populate that universe. For the humanities of the middle universe wanting to follow Jesus meant a transformation which took place through His resurrection.

The evangelization of the universe continues. Through the people who are risen in Christ, God desires to evangelize also the low universe. The men of the high and middle universe are ready to do so. It is up to us on Earth, where Jesus has overcome death and corruption, to bear witness of the extraordinary power of the Risen Christ actingin us. The Son of God came to this Earth and became God with us to lead the whole universe into the new creation. The faithful brothers are waiting for the Earth to decide to cooperate with them in order to form a single family of God throughout the universe.

We would like to share with you one of our experiences. Every day we pray for you and we offer ourselves to God for those who want to receive His life. We immerse in God the good and the bad events of human history. Besides, we have long prayed for the victims of the Shoah so that they may be elevated into God’s light. We have turned to God our ‘why’ in the face of such a tragedy; the Holy Trinity gave us this response:

“There is a silent and inexorable law in the universe: it establishes a limit beyond which evil can no longer act. That limit is established by God. When evil tries to overstep that limit, it implodes because evil carries inside the germ of self-destruction. God allows the evil’s action out of respect for human freedom, to prompt humanity to reflect on how it is using its freedom and to correct itself. However, when the action of darkness breaks the limit set by the divine permission and tries to destroy the laws of life set by God, then the germ of destruction begins to work within evil and leads it rapidly to destroy itself. It destroys itself with the same force with which it wanted to destroy all good. Your history has seen many children of Lucifer in power; their strength seemed unbeatable, their arrogance knew no opponents. Then, all of a sudden they fell. They have always fallen; all of them have fallen.”

Do these words encourage you? Can they awaken in you the power of the resurrection so that the mechanisms of corruption are eliminated? Can they develop in you a life strong and able to tackle corruption around you? This should be our testimony of the Risen Christ and the mission of His disciples.

Why did God allow the tragedy of the Holocaust of His chosen people Israel? This is the response we have received from the Holy Trinity:

“The Holocaust was an unprecedented offence to God, a declaration of war against God by hell which is not forgotten in the eyes of the Lord … The Holocaust is a tragedy conceived by the humanity of the Earth because it is far away from God. Had the people of the Earth understood the calls of our Lady in Fatima, of Jesus in Poland through St. Faustina, had they humbled themselves before God and repented, they would not have experienced the horror of the Holocaust …

’Where was God?’ ask the people who are superficial and distant from the truth. I respond, ’Where was man?’ Where was mankind? Where were the Christians? What were they thinking when they were cheering Hitler, applauding his unreasonable speeches and approving his appalling laws? Where is man when God calls him, when He reaches out to save him and yet man always refuses Him, and when man curses God’s name? Answer truthfully. And you, where are you today in the face of the tragedies of your time?”


Where is our responsibility? Do we permit God to awaken our innermost through the signs of this time, through His Mother and the prophets who are talking to us even today? Do we permit the corrupt life inside us to carry on acting; or, do we want to accept the resurrection in order to eliminate the corruption that attacks everything? The witnesses of the Risen Christ should participate in the new creation because they have received the Spirit of the Risen Christ and the entire universe is waiting for their testimony.


To our questions about where God is or why He does not help us, the Lord in turn asks us where we are. He asks us if we want to accept or not the power of the resurrection in order to reach the solution of our problems. God is ready to deliver all the means we need if we desire so, if we desire to commit ourselves to live according to the eternal laws he has taught us.  To the people who justify themselves and thus remain subject to the laws of corruption God responds by indicating the path of victory. In fact, the Holy Trinity says,

“Nevertheless, even in the infernal darkness of the extermination camps God lit His lights: saint women and saint men gave their lives to God facing death to save others; they walked in the mud of the camps offering God their sufferings and prayers to expiate the sins of humanity.

Through them, the sufferings of many were shortened and the power of the torturers was weakened. St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein) are the best-known names, but in Heaven there are many shining lights which were lit under the sky of Auschwitz and all the other camps of horror. Precisely there where the children of Lucifer overrode the dignity of man the dignity and sanctity of God’s children was shining more than ever. God always silences evil with goodness.”


So, do we want to wait until humanity sinks deep again before we wake up? Would it not be better to silence evil with goodness forever? God has called us to govern the entire universe together with the Risen Christ.

We would like to ask you not to limit yourselves to some devotion but to celebrate life in the Risen Christ through your full response. This call is also meant for non-believers: you too are called to overcome corruption and take part in the celebration of life without end.

I accompany you with my blessing along with all those who participate in the royalty of the Risen Christ in the universe.

Tomislav Vlašić