Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants”

Abraham Leaves his Land


By Stefania Caterina und Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest brothers and sisters, the last time we spoke about the angels. The angels, the pure spirits who remained faithful to God, are the perfect instrument to touch our spirit and to send the impulses of the Holy Spirit deep inside us. We have spoken about this in the context of Abraham’s preparation; he is, as we know, the forefather of the new people. Thus, we will continue to follow Abraham’s steps and we will learn many things about the steps to take and how to receive the impulses of the Holy Spirit inside us.

From the book “Rewriting History – Volume II – The Universe and its Inhabitants”, page 123:

Abraham leaves his land

A new people needed a new land to live in, far away from the noise of the Chaldeans and their questionable morals. God asked Abraham to leave his land and go towards the place chosen by Him to be the cradle of a new offspring and a new civilization of the spirit.[1] Once again Abraham obeyed. Guided by his firm faith and supported by God’s help, he left the life he had always had for a totally new life, all to be written. He was already advanced in age but his spirit was ageless. When Abraham set off with his wife and part of his family, he did not know what the land of destination was. However, he knew that God Himself had chosen that land and would show it to him. That was enough to give him the courage; he knew that his God would never disappoint him.

So Abraham set out without having a specific destination but with a calm and hopeful heart. During his tiring journey his love for God grew, and he took the direction of Canaan and crossed it. Here God spoke to him again to tell him that the land he found himself on was the land He had chosen for him and his offspring.

When God chooses a man for His work, He asks him to make a change. God‘s call is primarily a call to welcome and live the newness of life because in God life is constantly renewed. Abraham was asked to leave his land and the securities his life had relied on until that day. The willingness to change is the very foundation of life which is in itself constantly evolving; therefore Jesus said that the new wine must be put into new wineskins.[2]

Man, however, fears change because he feels weak and incapable of controlling events. He would like to always keep unchanged what he knows and gives him a sense of security, even though it is a sometimes fragile security. Resisting to change causes man a lot of unnecessary hardship; it would be better for him to entrust himself to God and allow Him to free him from what he no longer needs.

God never acts in a brutal manner, nor does he oblige any one. On the contrary, He prepares man to change; He educates him deep inside, leads him to understand what needs to be transformed in him and arouses in his spirit a desire for newness. Then, He will wait for his decision respecting his choice and his freedom. Lucifer, on the contrary, demands that his followers be the way he wants them; he threatens and forces them with violence to change themselves; if they do not, they will pay it dearly sometimes even with their life. The novelty of God goes along with integrity because He does not transform man on a whim or to punish him but to make him a better and righteous person. Lucifer, in contrast, does not transform but deform man, and the change he demands from him is a step towards becoming worse and towards existential death. When God asks for a change, it is always for the better; when the devil demands it, it is for the worse. So, know how you have to behave!

What kind of change does God demand? It is the change of our thought, that is, the way we look at God, ourselves and our neighbour.  This thought distinguishes man from all other creatures and makes him a righteous being, a real child of God, because the thought is the highest heritage of God[3]. The thought is formed in the deepness of the human spirit where the Holy Spirit is present and communicates through His impulses God’s thought to man and thus what is good to do according to the laws of God. The Holy Spirit helps him understand what action to take in all circumstances enlightening all his steps and suggesting the decisions to take.

Man is made of spirit, soul and body[4]. The spirit is at the centre of the soul and sends to the soul what the Holy Spirit communicates to it. The soul possesses three powers: memory, intellect and will. When the spirit conveys the impulses coming from the Holy Spirit, the soul re-elaborates them with its intellect and sends them to the brain whose task it is to transform them into rational thoughts, words and actions. Thus we can say that man’s thought is born in the spirit, takes shape in the soul and manifests itself through the body. After these steps, which take place an infinite number of times within each of you, the thought can be defined as the thought “of the human being” in its entirety  and originality. In fact, within each one of you spirit, soul and body are original and unique; they do not resemble to those of anyone else. As a result, also the thought of each one of you is original and unique.

Thought cannot be static; it evolves in parallel to the growth of your spirit. Therefore, the more you are united to God, the more you receive powerful ever new inner impulses, which allow you to elaborate a profound and harmonious thought in tune with the divine thought. That leads you to look at your life and the reality that surrounds you with new eyes; that makes you wise according to God’s wisdom which is the true one.[5]

God wishes that every child of His might reach a higher level of thought, even more so if someone is called to a particular mission as it occurred to Abraham. Therefore, everyone is called to be ready to improve himself in every moment and to accept His guidance which always means a steady path ahead, step by step, towards the transformation of being and thinking. It is a challenge given by God; if you accept it with love, the challenge will become an opportunity for a happy life. Abraham accepted the challenge and set off.

After the passage you have just heard other passages follow referring to Isaac, Jacob, Josef of Egypt and Moses. With Abraham a whole people set off. The history of salvation passed from individuals to a people. From Abraham a chosen people were born, Israel of God, where God manifested Himself in a particular way. The election of the people of Israel occurred in view of the coming of Jesus Christ. You know how history went: the heads of the Jewish religion together with political executors of the Roman Empire crucified and killed Jesus, but He resurrected; He manifested God the Father and formed a new people, that is, the Church that received the Trinitarian spirit.

We are now in a new phase for the new people. We are in the phase of the immediate preparation to the glorious manifestation of the Lord; we do not know how long it will last though. With His coming the humanity who chooses Jesus Christ will be led into the new creation.  It will not be possible to say yes and no but only yes or no. Those who want to be submitted to the laws of the pure Spirit through Jesus Christ will be led into the new creation. In parallel the people of Lucifer formed the Luciferians. You must have noticed the corrupt, selfish, merciless and destructive people. That people started to exist through the individuals consecrated to Lucifer who want to dominate the Earth and the universe as explained in this book; that people will reach the peak of their power with the Antichrist; but the Antichrist will have the power of Lucifer and in the end that power will be deflated and hurled into the cosmic nullity. Only one people will be left: the people of God, the universal Church. We find ourselves now in this time.

Why have we chosen this passage of the book?  We wanted to give you a view of the way to take; at the same time you should not wait passively for the evolution of humanity but let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit and the sublime instruments act in perfect harmony with the Holy Spirit in your soul. The difference between Lucifer and Jesus Christ is this: Lucifer is the destructor, he destroys and leads to existential death, and he uses violence on everyone; Jesus Christ uses violence against Himself humiliating Himself so that He may descend deep inside each one of us if we are men of good will. He guides and directs every one with His Holy Spirit towards God the Father to come into harmony with Him; from there arises the integrity of a person, of a people, that is, the integrity of a whole people who will enter the new creation. Through these reflections we will walk along this path; we will speak about the Church founded by Jesus Christ, about its situation today. In this time when the Synod of Bishops is taking place, we all offer ourselves; we offer our life so that God might be glorified in this meeting. We pray and we invite all of you to participate. We will speak about the infinite love of God for the Church; we will speak about the things that do not work well in the Church. We want to be a people like Abraham and his offspring, that is, a people who listens to the inner impulses and transmits them to the Church of God, to the people of God so that those who want to reach the new creation may continue their path and understand; the people who welcome this teaching from inside, that is, the teaching of the Holy Spirit given by Jesus Christ; because He opens those sealed places inside us, as the Apocalypse says; many times we have felt as if we were sealed.

The call is meant for all of you, for all of us, so that within each of us a new people might arise and thus from us all together a huge people might arise throughout the universe. The perspective of this people, as I said, is that we cannot be Christians who say yes and no but only yes. We will speak about the mystical union with Christ; a Christian cannot be different from Christ if he is mystically united with Him. He should be part of His Body. A Christian cannot be a dark person: he is a son of the light as the apostles confirm us; this is what we have received at the moment of our baptism. As adults we have to take possession of the heritage of being children of God. The next time we will speak about Jesus Christ. The themes about the patriarchs that you can find in the book are spiritual pearls. Here you can understand on the one hand the impulses and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and on the other hand the steps to take, how to respond, how to welcome Him, how to grow and be transformed. I will leave it to your responsibility if you want to read that chapter. We might come back to certain issues to take a deeper look into them, but let us now proceed directly to our time to understand the grace given for this time.

I bless you; that the Holy Spirit might dwell in you e you may be strongly touched by the impulses of the Holy Spirit, by the potent graces that the Trinitarian God bestows to His children, that is, to those who desire to know the true God and become similar to Him. I bless you; that you may take concrete steps on an individual level and for the formation of nuclei by uniting in small groups to exchange experiences, pray and reflect on these issues. I bless you; that the grace might descend on you, the grace Abraham received. He left his own land; you might move away from yourselves towards God who wants to meet you as He met the apostles and as He revealed Himself to the Saints; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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