The New People Celebrates Life – New invitation to all

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We continue to pray for you and we share all our experiences with you so that the face of God may shine upon all mankind.

We want to confirm what we have already testified before: the Triune and One God carries out His action day by day with increasing power. In His love God wants to save and raise the entire universe.

In the message that we are posting for you below God expresses Himself through His action. There are some fundamental elements:

– He loves everyone; He calls everyone to salvation. In His love the essence of His action is expressed;

– God puts a limit to evil; He does not allow it to triumph. He has rescued mankind in all ages, situations and moments in order to defeat evil;

– He provides us with all necessary tools. Particularly, He gives us a sublime instrument: His Mother. Who can convey the love of God like the Holy Mother who is immersed in God?

The people who are open to the action of God-Love perceive the divine impulses, celebrate life and sing with the psalmist:


“The Lord watches over you—
the Lord is your shade at your right hand;
the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.

The Lord will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.”

(Psalm 121:5-8)



We also celebrate life together with you and we bless you.


Tomislav Vlašić


Message of the Most Holy Trinity


“God is constantly at work for the good of the people. He cares for the fate of every single man and of the entire mankind. No-one, no matter how evil, is ever forgotten by God. Do you really think that God would take hard action against those who commit evil actions? No, rather they are the ones who fight against God. Jesus shed His blood also for these rebellious children and He continues to give His life for each and every one in the sacrifice of the altar.Jesus dies and rises in every Holy Mass celebrated on Earth for all of His children throughout the universe because God is the absolute love. As a Father who cares for of all of you He is obliged to limit the work of the evil ones and it would be a disaster for you if He did not do so. But even when He opposes evil, God is always respectful of your freedom and His justice is full of mercy. If it were not so, you would live in a dictatorship of a ruthless God, which is not the case.



God gives every man, no matter how evil, another chance. None of you would be what he is if God had not always given you another chance. Therefore, there is hope for every man; there is always hope for a change, if he so wishes.


God enlightens every one; His grace blows like a breeze beside every one and brings him the voice of God; His light illuminates every one. If someone said that God does not exist or that He does not make Himself felt, he would lie. The Holy Spirit always makes Himself felt in you if you have a little bit of good will. His work is to remind you that you are children of God and to guide you to the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, you are not always willing to accept the Holy Spirit and to listen to Him. Nevertheless, if you want to catch the beam of light that caresses you continually, the process of transformation of your entire being will begin, on the condition that you are sincere and firmly committed to change.


If so, you need to take another fundamental step: to offer yourselves to God and allow Him to act in you. If you offer your life to God and want to conform to His laws, Jesus Christ will begin His work of Redemption in you: first of all, He will purify you from evil and forgive you; then He will entrust you to His Mother, Mary Most Holy.


The entrustment to Mary is of vital importance: since every man is born from a mother in the flesh according to the order of nature, so every man’s spiritual rebirth occurs through a Mother according to the order of the Divine Grace. Understand this well: if you are not reborn in the womb of the One who brought forth the God-Man, you will not reach fullness; you will be weak on your path. If Jesus does not entrust you to the Virgin Mary, you may not reach the goal. However, your personal entrustment to Mary is also necessary: you have to do your part by leaving your life trustingly in Her hands. Your Holy Mother knows what you need; Her heart beats in harmony with that of Her Son, Jesus. Your Holy Mother is all pure and shows you the way to achieve purity; She is powerful and defends you from evil; and since She is a Mother, She embraces you when you suffer and understands you; She gently calls you back when do wrong without ever hurting you because She is the most tender of all mothers.


When she stood beneath the Cross, Mary Most Holy, the masterpiece of God, was given to you by Jesus as your Mother, so that She may accompany you on the path of holiness and return to God; She will not leave you until She has brought you to the safety of the arms of God. Do not leave Her either if you want your sanctification to be easier and faster.


The action of Jesus takes you to the Father. What does that mean? It means that Jesus lets you know the Father; He teaches you to love Him; He reveals you the Father’s love for you. When you understand and feel intensely the Father’s love in you, you are new creatures and nothing will be able to harm you anymore, not even death. In fact, You will be in the hands of the Father, and no one will ever be able to snatch you out of them, as Jesus Himself said (Jn 10:29).


Therefore, you understand that God does not prevent anyone from approaching the good; on the contrary, He seeks to draw everyone toward Himself. You have to act likewise if you are children of God: do not judge, do not condemn, pray for everyone even for the evil and for those who seem to be such. Pray for all those who oppose you and embitter your life, you will not regret it (Mt 5:43-48). God will send abundant blessings upon you so that you will thank Him for all eternity. The world begins to change in the moment when a man changes and begins to behave like a child of God. Do not forget that!


I also say to you who have committed evil, who cannot forgive yourselves or have not been forgiven by others: draw closer to God who loves you and always forgives you. Begin to live for Him and He will be at your side; He will make new human creatures out of you; He will make you His collaborators.

Finally, I say to those who are slaves of Lucifer: even for you there is a way out, but you have to seriously commit to radically transform your thinking and your life and repair the harm done. God will help but He cannot take your place; therefore, decide for God and the way will open up for you too.”