Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The dimension of non-remembrance

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Yesterday we spoke about the disintegrating energy. The rebellion of a part of the angels led by Lucifer and a part of humanity, as well as the alliance between the mankind of Earth and Lucifer through our progenitors, caused the disintegrating energy to enter the whole universe, though at different levels according to the choice of the humanities. That is the corruption that we know very well here on Earth. Therefore, let us follow what the Trinitarian Spirit shows us, that is, in what state we are and what we need to do.

We will read a passage of the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” on page 47:


The dimension of non-remembrance

The entire humanity was sent away from the dimension above the Great Barrier and is waiting for the transformation of creation according to God’s will. The progenitors who had remained faithful and the angels were called by God to collaborate with Him in the transformation of creation. He gave them specific tasks which they performed with great responsibility and diligence. God rewarded them by leaving the original skill of their souls almost intact. He gave them the intelligence to understand the laws which govern creation. They began their mission which lasts to this day.


The undecided and unfaithful progenitors were banished to a temporary and indefinite dimension below the Great Barrier: the dimension of non-remembrance. Here the progenitors remained undecided and the rebellious lost memory of what they had been at the beginning. Both indecision and unfaithfulness had altered the state of original purity, thus they were no longer aware of their identity. The skills of their souls gradually weakened; in the undecided progenitors less, in others more. The progenitors of Earth regressed more than the others because of the alliance with Lucifer which made them immediately the most vulnerable humans in the universe.


After God had finished His work, humanity had to start its journey from the beginning in a creation that was very different from the original one. The humanities that had remained faithful to God set off from an advantaged position; they were joyful and focused on God experiencing constant spiritual and human progress. The humanities that had remained undecided began their path without enthusiasm and were determined to seek only their well-being. The unfaithful humanities had to carry the heavy load of original sin which caused their journey to be a very hard one. They set off from a very low level of knowledge; therefore, they would have to relearn what they had forgotten. Even the relationship with nature was compromised and became difficult: the rebellious humans to God had to suffer the consequences of their choice; they had to work hard to keep control over their instincts and nature, which had also been affected by the consequences of sin and were thus no more docile. What had happened to the undecided and the rebellious progenitors? They had distanced themselves from God; with slight differences among each other they had decided to live on their own trusting in their abilities. The progenitors of Earth trusted also in Lucifer and in his false promise to make them become like God.


When man distances himself from the Creator, he loses his identity, moves away from the source of life and has no recollection of being a child of God. That makes him feel lost and empty; thus, he seeks support and creates false securities going as far as creating idols to put in the place of the true God. However, that does not fill the emptiness either. God allowed that those men lost memory of what they once were because He knew that if they had remembered the feeling of guilt would have crushed them forever. God did not cancel their identity, nor deprive them of their dignity as children of God; yet, He did not allow that their souls remained the same as before as they would have been misused to satisfy their selfishness. That would have harmed even more not only themselves, but also their descendents and the entire universe. Their skills somehow “fell asleep”; they were sealed in them waiting for Jesus Christ, the Saviour, to open the seals. Jesus came among you and fulfilled His work, but the majority of your humanity refused Him and still does. Therefore, your skills will continue to remain inert. They will be awakened in those who believe in Jesus and who will have been able to deny themselves and follow Him. Despite all attempts of man to become powerful seeking even the help of Lucifer, the skills of your soul will not be completely awakened except in the children of God, the true ones, not those who claim to be such but are actually not .



The work of the Creator to reshape the universe was great but not final: God determined that one day the whole of creation would be brought back to its original splendour: not just man but all creatures would one day ascend above the Great Barrier in the dimension of pure spirit. The promised Saviour would open the way towards the NEW CREATION for those who wholeheartedly wanted to serve God.


Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour, sacrificed himself for all humankind. He paid the debt to the Divine Justice, restored the fate of the whole creation and freed it from the slavery of Lucifer. After the death and resurrection of Jesus, every man, whatever planet he belongs to, received the opportunity to live a new life, but with one condition: that he recognizes Jesus Christ as God and Saviour and agrees to be united to Him. Everything that God has created must return to God; but nothing can return other than through Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. So, the message of salvation will reach every corner of the universe so that everything that exists will be recapitulated in Christ.

In this message of the book we touch the depths of the abyss in which we have fallen; We also touch the great hope that gives us joy about what God has prepared for us: a universe, a creation more beautiful than in the beginning when no sin had yet been committed. Imagine what it would be like to lose memory; what a tragic situation for a human being to lose his senses; lose consciousness and the ability to perceive himself and what is around him. That is how man fell through original sin especially on Earth; he lost his identity. The skills of his soul have been put in a dormant state. The worst thing is that not even God could help him, why? Because man had become like a child who could not discern and could not use his skills. That is what happened to the people of Atlantis, as we shall see later, and I tell you that the Earth, as it is, has progressed a lot; not through the scientists of the Earth, but thanks to the saints. In view of the coming of Jesus Christ and through the holiness of so many children of God on Earth, the Earth has progressed and God will awaken the men of good will, that is, those who wish to be awakened.

We really have to think about the fact that not even God can help us. We can call on Him, “Give us graces, give us gifts, give us extraordinary things”, yet, He cannot give us any of them as we are dangerous and able to destroy ourselves and others. So, here lies our responsibility to elevate ourselves, to pray very much to Jesus that He may send the Holy Spirit into our hearts to gradually transform us; that we may desire the Holy Spirit instead of selfish things; that the desire to rejoin the laws of the pure Spirit may be in us. Look, all the words of the Gospel are the laws of the pure Spirit; how much do they go unnoticed, when we read them, as we reject all that is uncomfortable to us. It is not enough to be baptized: we have to live baptism and reach the mystical union with Christ.

The identity problem of the humans of Earth who lost the memory of the past is that they have false securities: they feel self-sufficient; some Christians even feel equal to their Master Jesus Christ: we have to humble ourselves and humbly ask Jesus the grace to awaken us, transform us and take us to the New Creation. We need to awaken our sense of responsibility for ourselves and for others.  We suffer the consequences of the fall of our progenitors, of the evil done by Satanists, of our indifference and superficiality; the whole world and universe suffer the consequences. Listen to what St. Paul’s says in chapter nine of the letter to the Corinthians, “What then is my reward?”, and he means for preaching the Gospel. “Just this: that in preaching the Gospel I may offer it free of charge, and so not make full use of the rights as preacher of the gospel. Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave of everyone, to win as many as possible. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.”


I give you my blessing that the Spirit of the Triune God may descend upon you and begin to awaken your life powerfully; that you may gradually become aware of what it means to be Christians, what it means to be children of God and what splendor a child of God manifests. I bless you, that you may understand what it means to give your life to God, give your life to Jesus Christ, to offer your life – as that is the only way to go beyond the borders of one’s disorientation; He will guide us beyond the limits of all knowledge and of all human wisdom. What moves outside of God in the universe will crush us and drag us behind. Only what comes from the source of life nurtures us, transforms us and enlivens us, until one day it will lead us to the resurrection, even of the body, and over the Great Barrier into the Kingdom of God. I bless all those who listen and those who will listen to you so that the abundant graces of this time may spread everywhere, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.