Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The choice of each human being

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

We will read a passage of the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” at page 49:

The choice of each human being

For reasons of justice, God determined that all human beings were put to the test as were their forefathers. He decided to test every man at the time of creation: each one would have to choose who to serve between God and Lucifer. He had to do it at the time of creation, as He did with the progenitors, so that all the children of man, just like their progenitors, received the possibility to decide. Depending on that decision, every man would have been destined to be either part of the faithful, the undecided or the rebellious humanity. And so it was and still is. From then until now, every man is tested by God at the moment of conception and must decide. However, before God he remains free, and through the experiences of life he may reconsider his initial decision. [1]

At the moment when a human being is created, he is put face to face with God and Lucifer. What a great and unfathomable mystery your creation is, and how many nuances there are in every one’s choice! Some have no doubts and joyfully choose to serve God, others remain uncertain and unsteady, others again refuse God and choose Lucifer regardless of the consequences that this choice will involve. The yes or no you have expressed at the moment of conception affects your life significantly but does not bind you: you may grow the decision to say yes even though previously you chose to say no; you can redeem yourself during your earthly life if you give yourself over to God through Jesus Christ. With God at your side everything is possible! Equally, you may choose Lucifer even if at the moment of conception you chose God. You are free! Life is a talent that God has entrusted to you and you may invest as you wish; however, be aware that every choice involves consequences.

By putting man to the test, God used great mercy towards humanity. In fact, even though original sin continued to burden the undecided and rebellious humanities as a sad heritage, many humans decided at the moment of conception to serve God and not Lucifer, but not only this. Many of those who chose God accepted to belong to rebellious humanities, even though not destined to be there, for the sake of bringing some light among so much darkness and also to prepare the coming of the Saviour.

So the Earth, like other planets were inhabited by spiritually great men and women submitted to God, who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the (more) sinful brothers. Men and women who were heroic in their holiness, persecuted by the evil spirit that prevailed among the unfaithful humanities, prophets and precursors of salvation who would come to humanity in Jesus Christ. Even today, great men and women continue to be embodied in the midst of you: they retrace the footsteps of Jesus Christ and offer themselves for the good of others. They embody even on those planets that have not yet received the message of salvation; even there without knowing Jesus Christ they are guided by the Holy Spirit. Their offering prepares the way for the announcement of Christ to reach each planet. Men and women of great holiness have at all times prepared the coming of Christ on Earth and continue to prepare His second glorious coming at the end of times.

Those who have read the book know that we are skipping pages. It is not possible to comment on every page of the book. We have chosen the key topics regarding the turning point of humanity. Today we have chosen the issue “The choice made by each human being at the moment of conception” that leads us to this day and moment in which we feel that we want to reconsider our choice. We choose these key topics since we would like to get over the first and second part of the book relatively quickly; we believe it is right to reach the part about our time as we need to be ready for the events to come and act with responsibility in all that we will experience.

The creation of the human being is a mystery. For the humanity of Earth it is an even greater mystery as it has no memory and its skills are dormant as we have heard in the previous reflection; God wants to wake man up gradually as he moves forward in history, if he collaborates with God to become a new creature. For the man who moved away from God everything that he cannot control rationally and scientifically is mysterious.  The person who possesses the Spirit of God is able to penetrate even the mystery of God; for that person the mystery of God is transformed into light, and he will know things as they are in God; he will recognize himself in God as well as his origins and the purpose of his life. Interestingly, the faithful men to God in the high universe have a perfect memory of their origins and they know perfectly all the laws of the pure Spirit as they are submitted to the pure Spirit.

Our choice at the moment of conception takes place on a spiritual level and cannot be conceived on a rational level; yet, we also know that a grain of wheat, a seed, is a mystery; the biological memory of the plants is a mystery; they are all mysteries and we have to accept that, especially the mystery of man’s creation, because man is created in the image and likeness of God and he is not allowed to control or suppress this reality. It would be a disaster. Man is able to develop progressively according to his desire to return to a life in harmony with the laws of the pure Spirit.

At the time of our conception, two things are essential for our development. The first is that we know our identity. When we are in God, we become enlightened and progressively go ahead while faith gives us security and serenity. We can develop our integrity if we are faithful to God. We obtain another fundamental element at the time of conception which is our mission. Why a mission? Because we are created in the image and likeness of God and as the Three Persons of the Most Blessed Trinity live and offer themselves for each other, the same applies to us: we are designed to generate the life of God in others: that is the mission of man. We are called to govern the universe according to the laws of the pure Spirit in collaboration with God. Then, the mission goes hand in hand    with our identity. Therefore, our choice at the moment of conception is either a decision for the Creator, the Saviour and the Sanctifier or for the destroyer; it will lead us towards positivism and the fullness of life or towards deception, corruption and destruction which are always caused by Lucifer.

In the passage of the book you have heard that the mission of the saints and the righteous begins at the moment of conception. Many souls who could have been on one of the planets of the high universe were embodied in the low universe; they are missionaries and bringers of light. That is very important when you look at the history of mankind; there you may see the patriarchs, the chosen people, the saint and the righteous along the history who have chosen God and are preparing the final choice of humanity in the entire universe; the final choice that leads the destroyers who have chosen Satan to proceed on the way they have chosen. The children of God will be taken there where they have chosen to be children of God and enter the New Creation. Thus, all what happened along the history was first the preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ, and afterwards the preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ when everything will be recapitulated in Christ, that is, all that wants to enter the New Creation.

St. Paul says that the whole creation is groaning and waiting for the children of God to be revealed.[2] This is the mission of the Mystical Body of Christ and at this point we have to understand the profound meaning of the Church, of the communion in Christ, of the communion in the Holy Spirit and of becoming only one body: the Mystical Body of Christ.

I would like to end this day by saying that it is important that each of us makes his choice. In the same way as each one was called to decide in the beginning at the moment of creation, now as adult every one can make a new choice, and if it is a responsible decision to be a just and holy person, it will determine his life and the lives of so many others. Look at what is happening on Earth today. They are trying to find solutions to the problems, but the problems cannot be solved in the way the selfish man thinks. The problems will be solved, and they could actually be resolved quickly, if humanity chose to be just and holy. So what kind of conclusion can we draw today? The conclusion is: I can be righteous and help others to be righteous; I can be holy and help others to be holy; I can work with the Redeemer and save others with Him; I can hasten the times so that the end may come quickly. I can also create a group of people around me who decide to be righteous and who want to move out of this confusion, political and economical, unconditionally in order to give Jesus Christ the possibility to intervene in us and through us. Therefore, today it is up to each of us to decide and prepare the decision of others.

I want to remind you that every day thousands of souls and people offer their lives for you listeners. This will also be a decision for or against God. I want to remind you that the universal Church has expanded: now the high and the middle universe are united in Christ along with all the angels and saints. Be aware that they are ready to evangelize the lower universe. It is the extraordinary power of the Triune God that comes to help us, but at the same time it will be overwhelming for Satan, however, it will also be overwhelming for all those who are undecided. So, this is the time to take responsible decisions in order to accelerate the times and bring about a turning point for humanity.

I bless you in this evening, that the whole power of the Holy Spirit, the whole power of God may go through you, enlighten where you have doubts, give you the strength to decide for the good, touch your spirit and your soul where you are weak and fragile. The blood of Christ may wash away your sins, heal the wounds of life and open in you the way towards the Creator. The power of the holiness of all saints and righteous along the history of salvation and of all martyrs may help you, and God’s hand may be present in your daily life and in your struggle to survive; God may be among you to give you signs of His presence and to send the saints, the angels and the extraordinary instruments to pass on to you the touch of the Holy Spirit that awakens your life. I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See “Beyond the Great Barrier”, Chapter 13; the message of the Holy Spirit of February 3, 2012, with the title “You have wonderfully made me”, published on

[2] Romans 8:19-22