Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The Angels

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest brothers and sisters, this week we will speak twice about the issue of “The Angels”. Today we will speak about the seven great Archangels that the Church is celebrating precisely today. The next time, on October 2, we will speak about the angels, the guardian angels, which is a very important subject.

Today we will speak about the seven great Archangels and we are doing this again because they are part of the Central Nucleus acting as spiritual guides of the Central Nucleus and of each group of the Central Nucleus. I think that those who have read the book will understand well while the others will understand when we speak about the subject the next time.

We will read a passage from the book ”The Universe and its Inhabitants” on page 324:

The Angels


We have spoken about the angels before. They carry out their action in the spiritual field; they fulfil the tasks that do not require direct intervention on matter, nor the involvement of a body.


The presence of the angels has been extremely important since the beginning of creation, and God employed them many times in extraordinary missions such as the events linked to the exodus of the people of Israel and the annunciation to Mary. The missions carried out by the angels are countless, especially those of the seven great Archangels[1] who contemplate the face of God, receive orders from Him and rush like arrows of light to carry them out. They can access all dimensions of the universe including Hell as we have seen; they often go down there to report Lucifer God’s orders.


In this time the seven great Archangels and their angelic hosts have received the extraordinary mission of accompanying the people of God towards the new creation. The seven great Archangels are particularly involved with the Central Nucleus: they follow closely the seven groups it is composed of. Each group is entrusted to one great Archangel who is its guardian and priest.


Among the seven great Archangels St. Michael has been given a special role in this time. He has received the task from God to prepare the glorious coming of the Lord Jesus; he is the Precursor of the glorious return of Christ. Therefore, he is responsible before God for the fulfillment of the plan to reunite all things in Christ. His action is of utmost importance: he is drawing together the people of God from all over the universe to present them to Christ on the day of His return.


It is up to St. Michael to direct the extraordinary instrument, in the name of God, by informing them of God’s wishes. He particularly protects them from evil and guarantees for the faithfulness of each instrument before God.


St. Michael offers himself to God not only for the extraordinary instruments but for the whole people of God throughout the universe. He helps the souls of the deceased and sends his angels even to Purgatory to help and comfort the purifying souls. All angels, from the smallest to the biggest are under the command of St. Michael who is the head of all angelic hosts. Around him are the other six great Archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jehudiel, Sealtiel, Barachiel. They too obey to St. Michael. Nevertheless, there is no actual hierarchy among them: in the spiritual dimension, where the angels live, no hierarchies exist but the harmony of the sublime laws of the Spirit. The obedience of the pure spirits means primarily the full compliance to the laws of the Spirit which are acting within each of them. The angels know the voice of the Spirit; thus, their obedience to St. Michael is obedience to the Spirit of God acting in him. Consequently, any kind of jealousy and rebellion become impossible.


All angels are called to support the journey of the people of God in this time. Especially the guardian angels are intensifying their presence and action in favour of all those who wish to serve God sincerely and who are ready to transform their life to make it compliant with the laws of God. The angels are beside the truly faithful, they pray for them and protect them from evil; their action allows the action of the Holy Spirit to be more penetrating both in the individual and in the people of God.

The angels are also at the side of the three extraordinary instruments to help them in their mission.


It is extremely important in this time to be in communion with the holy Archangels. It is very important to be connected to the seven great Archangels who contemplate the face of God and reflect His face on all of us. Today humanity is confused; there is confusion because the rational human mind denies the existence of angels and pure spirits. When we deny their existence and treat them with coldness and indifference, we refuse them. People are confused as in their minds they have created their own ideas and interpretations about angels. These people will remain confused until they understand that the seven great Archangels adore the face of God and reflect His face. Therefore, those who do not unite to the seven great Archangels in this time and do not seek to contemplate the face of God through them will not remain in the light and will become confused. This time, which we are talking about as we go further in the book and particularly in the conclusion of the book, is a time that will be accelerated even more because it leads to the transformation of the entire universe including the Earth; yet, not only humans will be transformed but also matter and the animals. We are going towards the new creation;  we are going towards encountering the Glorious Christ; he who does not want to be prepared by these powerful angels, the seven great Archangels and their hosts, will not be ready. Firstly, he will not have the strength to let go of his ideas and beliefs, to leave behind all that prevents him from entering into the new creation and to encounter God face to face. Saint Michael’s task as the Precursor of/to the second coming of Christ is to draw together all of us; through the very face of St. Michael we will be able to measure and recognize ourselves. It will be him indicating us Christ and helping us bear the extremely high frequencies of the living God.

It is said in the book and we have spoken many times and on several occasions about the action of God through the holy angels. The angels, the pure spirits, and man created in the image and likeness of God are the main collaborators of God.  Thus, God made use of the angels, the Archangels, St. Michael in particular, for great works in the history of salvation; in this time the seven great Archangels along with their hosts have received ever growing power as they have to push aside Lucifer and his hosts.

It is very important to say this too: Today, as we celebrate the memorial of Christ on Earth, His passion and His resurrection in honour of the seven great Archangels, it is important to know that this Liturgy we celebrate on Earth is the participation in the Liturgy of the seven great Archangels who stand before the face of God, who contemplate the face of God and reflect that face to us so that we may be enlightened and elevated. At the end of time only the Liturgy celebrated by the Archangels and angels will remain. All of us must in a way go beyond the Great Barrier into the light to contemplate the face of God and reflect the face of God. Think about how important it is to live in communion with the angels and Archangels.

In a passage of the book the Trinitarian Spirit asks humanity a question: Is it better for you to stay in the company of angels or to stay with demons? Careful: it is easy to stay with demons by simply being selfish or incorrect. They arrive immediately and cling to us. We can only be with the angels and the Archangels if we are determined to be correct, purified by Christ’s blood and His word and able to defeat our egoism; that will lift us. When we love the holy angels, seek them and wish to reach the point where they are; when we really want to be mystically united with God, they will turn up immediately to help us.


However, we are also important for them if we participate to their liturgy. It is said that a Christian should live the Liturgy all day, 24 hours a day, namely, to live like Jesus did. His life should be lived Liturgy. Our whole day should be in communion with the heavenly Liturgy; what power would descend in our hearts and what change would take place in our lives! The greatest problem of Christians is that they think that the terrestrial Liturgy is separated from the heavenly Liturgy. This has weakened the Church and the Christians.

We are living in the time when the whole power of God pushes us to the universal communion to lift us more and more up to the level of the laws of pure Spirit where matter too will be transformed. Here lies the enormous importance of venerating the seven great Archangels; yet, not by saying some prayers with superficial devotion, but by wishing to live what they live, that is, to look at the face of God, as they do, and live what we can take in from them and reflect it on others.

There is one more important thing in this text: there is no hierarchy among the seven great Archangels. All of them hear the voice of God and the voice of the Holy Spirit and each of them adores God in harmony with each other; there is neither envy nor fight among them. It has been said and written and I repeat: without the help of the seven great Archangels and the extraordinary instruments mentioned in the book, humanity will not overcome this crisis; the crisis will intensify more and more because we are living in the time of battle between the spirits. The spirits of evil are behind the men who make wars. Therefore, we can win only by being in communion with the universal Church. In a way, through the extraordinary instruments, namely, the instruments that live according to the laws of pure Spirit, the Heavenly Church comes down in our midst. I ask you to accept this grace. It is meant for you and through you for others.

I bless you together with the seven great Archangels; the spirit of evil may distance itself from you; the spirit of envy, jealousy, confusion, every spirit of corruption, in short, the spirit of this world may move away from you; the light emanating from the seven great Archangels may enter into you, the darkness may go away from you, and you may live as children of light and reveal the face of God and the face of the Heavenly Church to the whole humanity. I bless you that you may wake up in your heart and offer yourselves along with the angels for the hotbeds of war this week. The powerful men of Earth are fighting and causing destruction and pain; this is the logic of the world. I ask you and all Christians to offer yourselves and to unite with the pure spirits, the extraordinary instruments and the seven great Archangels so that the power of the Spirit may chase evil to hell, heal the wounds and win badness with goodness, by doing the good. And the power of the Holy Spirit may descend on you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Beyond the Great Barrier, Chapter 3, Publisher Luci dell’Esodo