Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – Cain and Abel

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest friends, we will continue our reflections on the central theme of the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants”. So far we have explained what primary energy and disintegrating energy are; both pass through the creatures, specifically through the ones made in the image and likeness to God: the angels and the humans. So, the faithful men to God receive primary energy and are able to use it abundantly; however, the men consecrated to Lucifer, in part, use disintegrating energy; I say in part because God does not allow destruction; He allows the part that corrupts man. Therefore, on the one hand we have the people submitted to God, on the other hand we have the people submitted to Lucifer: some of them are consecrated to Lucifer, others are oppressed by the spirit of evil; this tension will increasingly emerge. As you know, after original sin tensions between man and woman emerged; they accused each other and avoided God; actually, they ran away from God. Today we will deal with Cain and Abel who mark the beginning of all tensions and wars; we will see in the book how that tension reached the highest point leading to the separation between the children of God and those of Lucifer. Let us listen.

We will read the passage about Cain and Abel on page 61:

Your progenitors had no choice; they had to offer Lucifer their firstborn children as they had promised and so they did. Lucifer filled these first children with charismas and soon they were able to surpass their mothers and fathers with their strength and knowledge but also with their cruelty and selfishness. Those first generations were greedy, rebellious and ferocious: they raged against those who opposed them including their parents. Lucifer exulted, savoring the thrill of being at the head of a people so similar to him. Yet, he did not take into account the plans of God.

As we said before, many of those who were designed for the planets faithful to God, at the time of their creation agreed to incarnate on Earth to help those poor brothers and sisters. So, among the first cruel generations, faithful men and women to God sprang up like flowers on Earth; they incessantly begged the Lord of the universe and often paid dearly for belonging to God: many of them were killed at the hands of their own blood brothers, who did not resemble them at all in spirit. When Lucifer realized what was happening, he tightened his grip even more on the humans of Earth: he began to terrify men by taking on the most horrible appearances or destroying them at the hands of his followers. The more and more frightened men continued to fear Lucifer without listening to the faithful brothers who lived in their midst.

Oh miserable men, if you learned once and for all to ask God for help, how much suffering you could avoid! Despite having lost the memory of their origin, your ancestors sensed, however, that there was someone above them; for God had given to every man His image that evoked His memory even though confused, which gave birth to longing for something more beautiful than their miserable life. Men and women faithful to God incarnated on your planet in those distant, hard early days. They made their testimony and spoke about what they knew in virtue of that intelligence which belongs to the children of God and leads them to know their Creator. But their testimony was not accepted. Your forefathers preferred to listen to the lying words of Lucifer and his corrupt and rebellious followers.

So you are doing even today; you continue to stone saints and prophets. Even today men and women faithful to God agree to live in the flesh among you; they renounce to the very different fate they would deserve in order to continue to bring their testimony, yet again, they are rejected. They are among you, but you do not see them; they speak, but you do not listen. Yet, they shine like stars before God, and the time will come when they will shine even before your eyes. Make sure you are not completely blind when that moment comes.

The number of people on Earth increased, and they grew more and more terrified. They began to turn to the followers of Lucifer, that is, the descendants of the firstborn who had been consecrated to demons; they had become powerful by virtue of the knowledge that Lucifer passed on to them. They became priests, doctors, sorcerers and mediators between the people and the demons. The people asked them to do something to appease the wrath of demons. So, the sacrificial rites began during which the priests sacrificed human victims choosing among those who Lucifer hated most: children, virgins, the friends of God.

This was the beginning of a long trail of blood that lasted until today and continues in the human sacrifices that still occur far more often than you think. The reason is always the same: get help from Lucifer and power. Even today, many powerful satanic priests are working incessantly even there where you least expect it. As worthy sons of their fathers, they continue to shed the blood of sacrificial victims; this blood cries and reaches heaven. One day, it will pour back to Lucifer and his followers, and they will be terrified. God does not forget the blood shed by the innocent: He will act in return at the appropriate time in His own way and according to His justice. The innocent blood wets the Earth; all your history is soaked with it. In every time an Abel fell under the blows of some Cain. Do not be afraid! God knows, sees and remembers. He will not let his children cry forever; He will snatch them out of the hands of the violent.

The humanity of Earth did not show any interest in those men and women faithful to God who were born on Earth, on the contrary: the faithful people did not attract the attention of humanity at all as they seemed to be weaker than the followers of Lucifer. They lived humbly and without any personal interests while those consecrated to Lucifer were richer and more powerful.

The situation of the planet became increasingly more dramatic and the darkness all the more dense. The presence of only saint people was not enough anymore. God decided that men and women of other planets faithful to God should visit Earth. He wanted the terrestrial men to see what strength and beauty the children of God were gifted with. And so it came. At that distant dawn of your history, men and women of other planets came to visit you from dimensions unknown to the terrestrials. They introduced themselves to your ancestors as children of God faithful to Him. And such they were.

Through the figures of Cain and Abel we have two tribes: the tribe of the righteous and saint through the martyr Abel, and the tribe of the corrupt through Cain. We need to have a clear vision to understand how the history of salvation unfolds. According to which spirit man welcomes within himself, he may develop either into a saint and submit to the Spirit of God, or into an evil person subjected to the spirit of Lucifer, or even into a corrupt man if he is influenced by the evil spirit. These streams continue to exist and will become more and more visible through the saints and the righteous on the one hand and the corrupt on the other hand. We refer to the men who are corrupt in spirit and submitted to Lucifer and those who are swayed; yet, we also mean the biologically corrupted men such as the hybrids; yet, we must not judge them. God wants to recover all creatures. We do not want to enter the mystery, but God loves everyone and we know that; He will try to save even the weakest. Therefore, all tensions in our history originate from the choice between the Spirit of God and the spirit of Satan. All the wars that occur between us are the consequence of the battle of the spirits we carry within us either by deciding consciously or by becoming involved.

We have heard that God provided help by sending the saints of God, the faithful brothers, that is, the souls that expressed their faithful yes at the moment of conception; nevertheless, they were not able to cope with the evil on Earth where humanity had stipulated an alliance with Satan. You have heard that Lucifer influenced his followers by giving them gifts and puffing them up. God does not act in this manner. God develops within each human being the righteous life, that is, the life of the children of God. We have learnt from the Bible about the chosen people of Israel; yet, before the people of Israel another people were chosen by God and they were visited by the faithful brothers and sisters: those people were strengthened in soul and spirit and instructed on how to use primary energy. You know about the legendary continent of Atlantis of which no one knows where it sank.  According to the story that the Spirit of God told us, it was a continent whose people were instructed and strengthened by the faithful brothers and sisters. Then, God needed to test those people, too. In the meantime Lucifer had sent the Reptilians on Earth who presented themselves in the shape of reptiles and dragons. They terrified the people and influenced them so much that they handed out their secrets; the consequence was a terrible explosion that disintegrated the whole continent. Not the slightest trace was left of that continent. Thus, God is careful to give no charismas or particular gifts in order to prevent evil. He wants to educate His children to be submitted to Him in harmony with the faithful brothers to God, to be submitted to the Archangels and Angels in harmony and to continue their path keeping their spirit upright.

Precisely because of the weakness of mankind God sent the faithful brothers and sisters there where the righteous saints, who had incarnated on Earth according to their choice and with the permission of God, could not cope. Thus, we need to understand that we are living in a very important moment of history: in this time God is revealing the existence of the faithful brothers and sisters to God while the powerful people on Earth manage to deny and veil this reality because the official Church is silent in this matter. According to the experiences we have made and revealed to you this book confirms that the humanity of Earth will not come out of these troubles through the Church and the people of God unless they open up to the faithful brothers and sisters to God; through them the power of the harmonious life with God will descend on us so that we will be able to use primary energy; yet, not in the way man would use it to defeat and destroy but to preserve our life.

The coming of the hybrid men on Earth frightens us and we ask: why did God allow it? God allowed it simply because He respected the freedom of man. If man were not free, he would not be a human being anymore; if man does not choose his fate by himself, God will not force him. At the same time, God’s goodness has used everything that has happened in the history of humanity to educate the righteous and His children and to promote life on Earth in view of the coming of Jesus Christ. All the righteous and all the faithful brothers and sisters in communion with the righteous, the innocent and the innocent victims have paved the way for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The next time we will speak about the patriarchs of the chosen people of Israel. Everything happened in preparation for The Righteous: the Son of God who has revealed the life of God. Here we come to the birth of Jesus and the manifestation of the Mother of God. The two streams of people were born, on the one hand, from the seed of the woman promised in Genesis, the Virgin Mary, from whom was born our Lord Jesus Christ, and on the on the other hand, the tribe of the serpent. We will look at this as we go on explaining all that has happened in recent history, over the past century until the present day.

Jesus Christ has revealed the true God; we will speak about this more deeply. By saying this, I do not intend to offend persons of other religions nor atheists. Among atheists and the people of other religions there have been many righteous and saint people; they will know the true God, if not here then in the afterlife. This means that here our commitment as Christians is needed. What is out commitment? You know what has been said about the righteous above: “Yet, they shine like stars before God, and the time will come when they will shine even before your eyes. Make sure you are not completely blind when that moment comes.” You know also that St. Paul said, “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. We know that the whole creation has been groaning in labour pains until now”[1]; he means that creation is waiting for the children of God to reach the glorified life in Christ and to govern with God and all creatures.

We are in the historical moment in which God pushes all the righteous and all saints of the entire universe to enter more and more into communion. All positive forces in the universe are now pushed to unite in Christ, in the Spirit of Christ, because only through the Spirit of Christ they will be led to God; when they will be submitted to God the new creation will come about. I would like to call upon all of you, in particular you Christians, to give your response to the question: who is Jesus for you? In the Gospel of today’s liturgy St. Peter[2] says, “The Christ of God”. By choosing God as the Saviour of the world, the one who revealed the face of God, and submitting to His guidance we reveal the face of God.  All the pleasant and laudable dialogues that we hear between men, remain on a human level if we do not submit to Jesus Christ and show His face to others. I said before that even in other religions there are many children of God who said yes to God at the moment of conception. How can they know God if they do not see Him on our faces? They should see Him not only on the face of some individuals or some saints but on the faces of the whole people of God! I will ask you a question: do the people of God show the face of God to others? Remember what Jesus said in a message to Stefania Caterina, “You, Protestants, Anglicans, Catholics, who are you representing with your theologies and your discussions? God or yourselves?” [3]

I would like to invite all of you who are listening to look at the situation of terrorism.  Get active: baptise, consecrate all victims and all the people of good will. You cannot distinguish but the Archangels can. The instruments that God has prepared for this time act in spirit and summon in spirit many souls so that they may participate in the celebrations of the Mass and your prayers. Those souls want to see in you the face of Christ who reveals the face of the Father and the gift of the Holy Spirit. [4]

I would like to call upon all Christians not to be passive and terrified by terrorism. You will weaken terrorism with the peace of God, with love. Give hope and trust to the children of God of all religions. Many moved away from the true God because they have been given a false image of God, a caricature of the God professed by Christians. We are also responsible for the brothers and sisters who have incarnated in the low universe whereas they could have lived in the high universe. They need to receive the message of Jesus Christ; the extraordinary instruments will carry out this task that God has foreseen for this time, and they will do it soon. However, our task as people of God on Earth is to give testimony of the living Christ within us: Christ the Redeemer, the Risen Christ, Christ seated at the right hand of the Father who guides history. No one will be able to stop Him from leading the children of God to the new creation.

I bless you; your souls may receive the gift of the Holy Spirit; tonight in particular you may receive the gift of compassion, true devotion and true openness to God. I bless you; the Holy Spirit may awaken your spirit to choose the true God so that you may reveal Him and the power of the Holy Spirit. Gone are the days of the wars of the Crusaders. Ours is a battle with the love of God, with the peace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the mandate that the Apostles received without swords. I bless you because from now on together with all of you, who listen every time, we shall offer ourselves every day. Next week I wish that we offer ourselves together for the innocent victims of terrorism, yet, not only of this time, but for all the victims since the time of Cain who were killed by many types of terrorism. We shall offer ourselves for all the righteous killed by terrorism so that they may be consecrated and brought back to God. I call on you to bless all the terrorists that are not all bad; some have gone mad, some are confused or rebellious but God loves all of them and wants to save them all. We will win evil with goodness. The power of the Holy Spirit may act within all of you who have chosen to offer yourselves together with us. You form a new people, a people who want to live Christ as St. Paul said; in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Rom 8-19,22

[2] Lk 9:8-22

[3] See Jesus’ message of September 8, 2011, “The Future of my People”,

[4] See “Beyond the Great Barrier”, page 208, “The priesthood on Earth”