Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” -The low universe / The position of the Earth

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Today, with this reflection, we are ending the third part of the book. We have said that the faithful brothers have welcomed the work of redemption through Jesus Christ and introduced themselves to the Church after Pentecost offering to evangelize the whole universe in communion with the Church. The people of the Earth did not respond. The Lord ordered the faithful brothers to evangelize the low universe to bring the message that Jesus Christ had risen, defeated death and opened the way towards the new creation. The middle universe remained indifferent as usual. Fortunately, after two millennia, according to our calendar in 2013, it has been evangelized by the faithful brothers and sisters with the Trinitarian power, and almost the whole middle universe has converted and is now part of the universal Church.

What happened in the low universe where the Church is part of a people who made a pact with Satan, and what happened to their relationship with the rest of the low universe that is rebellious? We will hear the answers in this reading.

From the book, “The Universes and its Inhabitants”, on page 205:

The low universe

Far more tragic was and is our situation in the low universe where Lucifer exercises his power and influence. The humanities who live in this universe, except the one of Earth, have never known anything. From the beginning of history they forgot God’s promise made to the progenitors to send the Saviour; some of them kept a vague memory, but, as time went by, they considered it a kind of legend.

The low universe, which is dominated by rebellion against God and hatred, was fertile ground for the demons from the beginning. Therefore, Lucifer kept consolidating his power in this universe relying on the selfishness and corruption prevailing in it. He made alliances with several planets. Lucifer’s plan has always consisted in this: to enslave completely the low universe and to extend his power consequently to the other two universes throwing God from His throne and eliminating all the children of God.

This plan is mad and unfeasible. Lucifer knows it well because he is a pure spirit and knows the power of God; yet, he does not see reason. Evil is always accompanied by blindness which becomes madness because evil comes along with a loyal partner: despair. Whoever performs evil and lives absorbed in it will, sooner or later, reach despair which leads him to pursue his purposes even more obstinately and blindly. Lucifer knows that all his plans are designed to fail and that no one can defeat God, but he will not give up as he is pushed by the force of despair and rebellion against God. His followers are no different and think they will achieve great power through Lucifer; that is why they serve him faithfully ignoring or pretending to ignore that they are on the wrong side.

Blessed are those who make themselves small before God and recognize His almighty power and entrust themselves to His goodness! They will be victorious over evil and death: “To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat down with my Father on his throne” (Rev 3:21).

Jesus had given the Church of the Earth the task of bringing the news of salvation to all the peoples, not only to the Earth but to the whole universe beginning from the low universe where the Earth is located. An enormous mission that the Church would have accomplished with the help of the faithful brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, the Church had refused such a support and was thus no more able to fulfil this part of its mission. Jesus still decided to give time to the Church of the Earth and waited for its decision to welcome eventually the reality of the universe and become open for the communion with faithful humanities.

In the meantime, the universe knew nothing of the redemption accomplished by Jesus on Earth. The faithful brothers and sisters were not sent to the low universe, as they had been sent to the medium universe, to bring the news of salvation. Lucifer took advantage of this and deceived these humanities by telling the facts in his own way: he revealed them that the Saviour had been sent to Earth, but that he, Lucifer, had killed him. Therefore, everyone had to recognise his power and adore him as the only god.

This is what the peoples of the low universe still believe. Their condition is miserable: they are dominated by fierce hierarchies often allied to Lucifer; the people suffer with no hope. No planet can consider itself free, even if it has not made an alliance with the demons. Lucifer, in fact, dominates the minds of these people either acting directly or making use of extremely powerful mediums, who work with him and influence the governments of the different planets. Everything is under the influence of evil exactly as it used to be on Earth before the coming of Jesus Christ. That will not be so forever: even the low universe will get to know Jesus; even this universe will have to accept Him as the Son of God and Saviour. Everything will be recapitulated in Christ.

Why did Jesus not allow the faithful brothers and sisters to visit the low universe to bring them the announcement of salvation? First of all for justice because the humans of the low universe hate God and reject His goodness and His help. Furthermore, they despise the humanities of other planets, especially the one of Alfa Centauri, who is present in the same universe as them and has tried many times to approach them always being rejected. Finally, the Church of the Earth did not respect the will of God despite having received the grace and the power from Him to evangelize the whole universe. God has respected everyone’s choices.

Nevertheless, the Heart of Jesus loves everyone and was pierced for everyone. He will not allow much longer that these humanities remain without His love and His salvation. Jesus is the highest shepherd, and He will gather all His sheep to lead them to new pastures.

The position of the Earth

The situation of the Earth is different despite being in the low universe: on the one hand it is more favourable because Jesus incarnated on this planet; one the other hand more difficult as its progenitors, as well as having rebelled against God, signed a pact of blood with Lucifer offering him their firstborn and promising to adore him as god. The planets of the low universe do not know the true God and ally with the demons to achieve some advantages. However, on Earth people know the true God who revealed Himself in Jesus Christ; nonetheless, they still adore Lucifer; some do it consciously consecrating themselves to him; others do it unconsciously because they want to satisfy their desires, whatever the cost.

There are many ways of adoring Lucifer even without being aware of it. For this reason, I said that the people of Earth adore Lucifer because the major part of them follow the law of their selfishness which sets them into the orbit of the evil. The selfish do not search God, nor do they care about His laws, since they follow another law which is exactly the one of selfishness. Without knowing, many are used by Lucifer who laughs seeing how easily people abandon the true God to obtain some small advantages. Lucifer has worked a lot on Earth: he lured the people with false promises, seduced them with corrupt thoughts, deceived them with false models, buried them under heaps of lies; people let themselves be seduced without asking many questions. The majority of your humanity has fallen into Lucifer’s nets. This is the reason why the situation on the Earth is particularly serious.

If Jesus had not chosen the Earth to incarnate, this planet would have been a horrid desert both spiritually and physically. However, in view of the coming of the Saviour the nature of the planet was preserved and is still very beautiful, despite the attacks it suffers regularly by man. If the Saviour had incarnated somewhere else, the Earth would not have witnessed the holiness convey by those who believed in the true God among the people of Israel and the Christian people. The people of God has restrained the work of the evil along the centuries whereas on the other planets of the low universe there are no great obstacles for Evil.

The coming of Christ also marked Alfa Centauri’s spiritual approach to Earth; Earth and Alfa Centauri should have collaborated tightly to evangelize the universe. Alfa Centauri had prepared itself specifically to be one day of help to Earth. After Jesus had accomplished His work of redemption, this humanity was ready to enter into communion with the Church of the Earth to assist it in its mission providing all the means it had to travel the universe. For this reason the humanity of Alfa Centauri is located in the low universe even though it is faithful to God and has not committed original sin. Unfortunately, the Church of the Earth was not equally ready for the mission in the universe.

The humanity of Earth is unable to travel in the universe due to the scarce scientific knowledge and the technological backwardness. Therefore, it cannot get in contact with other humanities of the low universe unless they visit Earth. This has occurred and still occurs nowadays since some planets of the low universe are able to travel considerable distances. While the faithful humanities have repeatedly visited Earth without making themselves visible to protect the planet and to meet chosen individuals by God, the humanities of the rebellious planets came to Earth to meet corrupt individuals and make dangerous alliances with them. The people of the Earth have never accepted the help of the faithful brothers but chose rebellious allies like them aiming at receiving the things they loved most: supremacy, profit, sophisticated arms. God allowed this in His justice: humanity has decided deliberately and God has left it free to follow His instinct that leads it always towards evil.

Evil limits the human being; it is the greatest limit. It blurs the inner intelligence that is the source of all knowledge, corrupts and alters the vital processes which are regulated by divine laws. When people choose evil, they choose to limit themselves. However, those who give themselves entirely to God immerse themselves in the almighty power of God which knows no limits; God can then awaken intelligence in them and carry them beyond what is human and rationale. Even if there remains a physical limit, which will be overcome only at the end of times, man is free in spirit to move within the high and noble things that make him really knowledgeable. He/she will know reality as it is in God and according to God’s thought. [1][1] This will determine real progress of man and mankind. The Earth is still far away from all this despite the grace it has received from God.

As we are coming to the end of the third part of the book, “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, I would like to underline two points. The first is that the Church of the Earth failed to give its response in order to collaborate with the faithful humanities to God. The faithful humanities continue to help us but discreetly and invisibly. “The humanities of the rebellious planets came to Earth to meet corrupt individuals and make dangerous alliances with them”, is the issue we will read and think about in the following pages of the book. The second is that we cannot remain indifferent anymore: an interplanetary battle is taking place; the Earth is also involved in it. If we do not understand that, we cannot understand what is actually taking place in all the crises we are facing on Earth. It we put ourselves in the hands of God, we will be able to understand what is going on because there are many signs of this battle on Earth, which will be explained to you in our next meetings.

In conclusion:

 “Evil limits the human being; it is the greatest limit. It blurs the inner intelligence that is the source of all knowledge, corrupts and alters the vital processes which are regulated by divine laws. When people choose evil, they choose to limit themselves. However, those who give themselves entirely to God immerse themselves in the almighty power of God which knows no limits; God can then awake intelligence in them and carry them beyond what is human and rationale.”

Only if we give ourselves to God by choosing God inside us, horizons will open up in front of us. The text ends with these words: the person “… will know reality as it is in God and according to God’s thought”, there will be no more confusion, and, “This will determine real progress of man and mankind”.

In the next sections we will read, we will see that we cannot remain indifferent anymore: we have to decide: either we are with Lucifer and his collaborators or with God. I wish we could all think about this point in these days and take a decision so that God may guide us in this time and we become instruments of light for the Earth struggling with problems, conflicts and wars.

I bless you with the light of God and with the awareness of faith that when you are immersed in God you are immersed in the almighty power of God; may you proceed in such an abandonment to faith, and may God fill your spirit with His Spirit and awaken in you the divine creativity to enable you to improve and at the same time help the children of God to improve and combat evil. I bless you and accompany you in these days with my prayer. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] We have developed the theme of the thought of God in the book “Riscrivere la storia – Vol. I Nel pensiero di Dio) Publisher Luci dell’Esodo.