Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The Earth and the low universe – Two phases  / The Church of the Earth-

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Today we will begin with part four of the book, “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, with the title, “From the coming of Jesus Christ to the third millennium”. In fact, this first reflection we will be an introduction to part four and five of the book. It will be a summary of the history of the Church that is the sublime expression of the humanity of the Earth as Jesus Christ has impressed His life in the Church. In the history of the Church the action of the Lord Jesus was manifested but also the action of Lucifer.

Today’s reflection is the preface to the following reflections in which we will see, on the one hand,  the dynamic of Lucifer’s action particularly in the low universe and on Earth, and on the other hand the dynamic of the Lord’s grace. For this reason, the last time I told you that we have reached the point where we cannot remain indifferent anymore. God does not allow it. Let us listen to this passage.

We will read the passage on page 213:

The Earth and the low universe – Two phases

Far more tragic was and is the situation in the low universe where Lucifer exercises his power and influence. The humanities who live in this universe, except the one of Earth, have never known anything. From the beginning of history they forgot the promise of God to the progenitors to send the Saviour; some of them kept a vague memory, but as time went by they considered it a kind of legend. From the coming of Jesus Christ until today many changes have occurred in the universe. The first phase began at Pentecost and lasted until the Great Jubilee the Catholic that the Church proclaimed in the year 2000, which meant the beginning of the third millennium of your history according to the calendar of the Earth. This phase has witnessed the consolidation of the Church of the Earth and the spread of Christianity on your planet.

The second phase is still ongoing; it began in the year 2000 of the Earth and will end with the glorious coming of Christ and the entrance of the people of God in the new creation. In this phase God has given and will continue to give His action growing force. The whole universe is focussing on the event that will mark the end of times and the beginning of the new creation: the glorious return of Christ.

Thus, let us have a look at the key events of the first phase beginning from the Earth.

The Church of the Earth

From the coming of Christ the Earth was at the centre of attention especially the Church. I refer principally to the Catholic Church which represents the largest part of Christians; however, this discourse regards more generally the Church as people of God, present and active in the different confessions, who have formed along the history of Christianity.

The chronology of the most important events of life in the universe have followed the calendar of the Earth, more precisely, the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. This is very important: it means that the universe has adjusted to the time of the Earth, in the way it is calculated there both physically and spiritually; mainly, it has waited for a response to the grace by the Catholic Church and the Christians in general. Even Lucifer has connected to the calendar of the Earth with the purpose of counteracting the action of God.

In this first phase of the history of the universe after Christ the faithful humanities were waiting to enter in communion with the Church in order to begin together the universal mission Jesus had required. The humanities of the middle universe, however, remained isolated and indifferent to all. Finally, the rebellious humanities of the low universe turned their eyes to Earth; they were not attracted by Christianity but by the esoteric power present on your planet. This is due to the blood pact your progenitors made with Lucifer in which he promised his followers on Earth power over the whole universe. Therefore, several rebellious humanities have approached Earth to get in contact with the followers of Lucifer to share with them, someday, the power promised by the devil.

This first phase began with the great event of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Church on Pentecost and with the visit of the faithful brothers and sisters to the apostles. Afterwards the conversion of St. Paul occurred, who had been chosen to proclaim the gospel to the pagans and prepared specifically for the universal mission of the Church. His doctrine has set the basis of a broader vision of Christianity that should not be limited to the Earth but referring to the broader plan of the recapitulation of all things in heaven and on Earth in Christ (Eph 1:8-12)

As we have seen, the Church did not have the courage to welcome the faithful brothers and sisters, and even St. Paul found himself in many difficult situations. Jesus gave His Church time to mature along her path.

In the meantime the Church grew bigger and consolidated as well-organized structure. She became gradually more visible to the world and the powerful that were attracted by the extraordinary gifts and miracles that occurred among the first Christians. So, many adhered to the Church not only out of faith but also out of self-interest, hoping to achieve prestigious positions through the Christian religion. Thus, Lucifer began to act within the Church focusing on the ambitions of weak individuals.

The Church has gone a long way since then, a way of holiness but also of darkness. Lucifer, in fact, never stopped attacking her from outside and from inside. From outside the Church has suffered and continues to suffer persecutions by those who belong to the enemy. From inside, through massive infiltrations of corrupt persons who achieved powerful positions in the Church and who influenced the pathway of the people of God. For this reason disputes and divisions began that weakened the Church; therefore, a gradual and unstoppable process began through which the evil spirit, in its multiple forms, penetrated the Church reaching the current level that is really worrying.

All this forced the Lord to withdraw many of the extraordinary graces He had granted His Church to prevent that Lucifer and his followers would take advantage of them. The Church finally lost the power of miracles, healings and prophesy that were normal in the early Church and that had allowed the first Christians to witness Jesus Christ with great strength: “Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it” (Mk 16:20).

From the beginning, the Church fought a tremendous internal battle between light and darkness becoming the mirror of what occurs in the universe itself where light and darkness face each other incessantly. Thus, against the prophets and saints Jesus aroused in the Church Lucifer put forward evil and corrupt individuals who infiltrated the Church with the task of eliminating the saints and prophets. Many saints and prophets sent by Jesus to enrich the Church were eliminated in the name of Jesus by the corrupt part of the Church. All this weakened the people of God significantly; in addition, schisms, divisions, heresies, power struggles have taken place to this day in which freemasonry, Satanism and occult powers work more and more openly in the Church, at all levels, and not only in the Catholic Church. To all this was added the division between clergy and people, between the religious and the lay people which made the fraternal community fragile.

The whole people of God have suffered the heavy offensive by Lucifer along the history; in spite of all this, the faith of the little and the humble has always prevailed, increasing the holiness of the Church that has touched the highest peaks with her great saints who have lived and still live among you. The major part of them are unknown to the world but will one day shine brightly among the people of God: “But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God … they will shine forth, and will run like sparks through the stubble. They will govern nations and rule over peoples, and the Lord will reign over them forever” (Wis 3:1, 7-8).

The most delicate aspect of this battle between good and evil inside the Church regards priesthood. From the beginning, Lucifer pointed his morbid attention to the power of the priests who are instruments of God capable of transforming the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus. Lucifer immediately thought to corrupt the priests to get hold of the Sacred Host in which Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ are present. This meant for him to pierce and offend the Saviour once again and to have Him completely in his power. He hoped to get hold of the power Jesus had given to the priests and to use it for his own purposes. Sadly, in the history of the Church many priests allowed Lucifer to corrupt them in exchange for privileges and power. They made themselves available to Lucifer handing him over the Lord as once Judas Iscariot had done, the progenitor of the corrupt priests. This was terrible in the eyes of God and caused the Church and the Earth much evil.

Today the people of God are weak despite the unquestionable holiness of many Christians. The rational thought that has penetrated many believers and theology, the search for pleasure, the ruling selfishness and atheism have put the Christian vision of life more and more in a corner; many believers actually behave like non-believers. The Earth is surrounded by a haze blurring people’s lives and thoughts.

Nevertheless, the greatest harm the people of God suffered was being distanced from the original universal mission: the issue of life in the universe was guiltily swept under the carpet by the ecclesial hierarchies with the resulting consequence that no communion with the faithful humanities of the universe was established. As a result the Church was denied great help and prevented the Christians from elevating themselves to a spiritual dimension that was higher than that of the Earth. The repercussions on the humanity and history of your planet as well as the whole universe have been extremely serious.

The Church of the Earth, founded by Jesus Christ, has received the full revelation; she guards and passes on the testimony of the great events of salvation: the incarnation, death, resurrection and ascent to Heaven of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus is the perfect Compendium of the Law of God, which is one in the whole universe. The Church has received from her Lord the mandate to announce the Gospel and baptise all the peoples; she was prepared and instructed for this task by her Master. Therefore, she should not have pretended not to know about the existence of other human beings in the universe as she has unfortunately done so far.

The faithful humanities have waited in vain to enter into communion with the Church of the Earth to collaborate in spreading the Law of God throughout the universe. Because of the culpable silence of the Church God will have to act differently and He will. He will give unequivocal signs of the presence of many of His children in the universe; however, the Earth will have to wait. The blindness of the ecclesial hierarchies, the passiveness of the believers and the obstinacy of the non-believers caused the Earth to be inexorably left behind: it will be the last planet to recognize the signs that God will give inside the universe and for many it will be too late.

There are many important passages in this text that we may leave to your reflection. We would like to emphasize that these are not our words but the words of the Spirit of the One and Triune God. We pass them on to you aware of our duty of bearing witness to them. We have the task of explaining to you how the situation is. We believe that you are adult Christians. From an adult person we may expect the ability to discern, see and understand things to take the right attitude when events occur; events have already begun. The dynamic between the work of Jesus and that of Lucifer will become ever more evident. In this reading the holiness of many Christians is emphasized but also the failure of the Church. We are not here to criticize anybody but too recognize things and to respond by giving testimony of Jesus Christ: His first coming, the incarnation, the Passion, the death and resurrection and the ascension to Heaven; bearing witness to our faith we live awaiting the fulfilment of all the promises of the Lord.  Only in this way we will get out of our passiveness.

Along the history of the Church God waited for her response. Remember the year 2012 and our book “2012 – The Decisive Choice of Humanity”[1]. God is still waiting for the response of the Church of the Earth, the people of God, to give testimony but not only of school catechism: the testimony of the graces offered by God in this time to unite the whole universe in one family, in one universal Church, to accelerate the time towards the new creation that will come after the second coming of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we invite you, to take this seriously, to give your response to the Lord, not with a recital but with commitment, by offering your life to Him through Mary Most Holy. This is the way we will show you in this time and in the following reflections because God wants to avail of His people.

I bless you in the name of God; I bless you in the name of all saints, all righteous, in particular in the name of Mary Most Holy and Saint Joseph; in the name of all Archangels and angels; in the name of the universal Church in the whole universe; the Trinitarian power may be communicated to you; the graces God gave to the Church in the first Pentecost may manifest themselves again in your life, so that the whole people of the universe may slowly enter into the cosmic Pentecost and finally arrive at the point of being submitted to the laws of the pure Spirit that govern the whole universe; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1]  “2012 – La scelta decisiva dell’umanità”, Luci dell’Esodo, available in Italian.