Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – Adolf Hitler and the extermination of the Jews / Josif Stalin and Benito Mussolini / The apparitions of Our Lady at Ghiaie di Bonate

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I greet you. Today I want us to prepare all together for Christmas forming one force and being one spirit and one heart trying to offer our existence for Jesus Christ so that he might incarnate within us through Mary Most Holy.

Today we will speak about other events in relation to the 20th century following the line of incidents that we have already mentioned.  You will hear about some figures and events as well as the action of both grace and Lucifer; you will learn how we have responded and what the consequences were. I invite you to reflect on the events and to say yes to God, because you will not understand what God has decided to do if you do are not ready to listen and to welcome the grace.

We will read the passage on page 264.

While the humanity of the Earth refused the great gift of the Divine Mercy, Lucifer was preparing his “gifts” for humanity: Adolf Hitler Josif Stalin and Benito Mussolini, ambitious, merciless, corrupt and mean-spirited men, some of the worst humanity has ever seen.

Adolf Hitler and the extermination of the Jews

Cruel characters have often been the protagonists of your history, similar to the demons that have inspired and protected them at all times. However, the person I am going to speak about surpassed all of them. Rarely a man has been able to concentrate inside himself so much evil and contempt for God and his fellow men.

Adolf Hitler was a vile and depressed man obsessed by the desire of redemption and power and blinded by colossal ambitions. Such men are a feast for Lucifer and his demons; they manage to obtain whatever they want from them. Hitler belonged through his bloodline to one of the most powerful Illuminati families of Jewish origin. His father was born from an illegal relationship between his grandmother and a member of that family. Hitler was therefore Jewish; obviously that was never revealed officially. Because of Hitler’s belonging to the Illuminati and his thirst for power Lucifer chose him to accomplish his plans through him. People’s morbid ambitions are the door through which evil can penetrate and destroy.

Hitler’s rise to power began when he came into contact with the strongest Masonic and esoteric currents present in Austria and Germany. In that period he learnt about his true origins and met the members of his family who sensed the potential of their relative and decided to support him in his conquest of power. Lucifer was very pleased as he considered Hitler to be the right subject to unleash a new world war.

Hitler was informed about the New World Order, the kingdom of Lucifer and the medianic contacts with other planets of the universe. He underwent an initiation ritual in which he consecrated himself to Lucifer, vowed to serve him faithfully and to work with all his strength for the advent of his kingdom. Yet, all this was not enough and Lucifer requested one more terrible thing in order to grant him his protection: the annulment of the Jewish people; the absolute power in exchange for the destruction of the people of Israel. Hitler had to do what the Reptilian pharaohs had failed to accomplish. Lucifer would have taken revenge of the people from which Jesus Christ was born and who had disturbed his plans on Earth at all times. Lucifer’s requests went even further: once the extermination of the Jewish was finished he should have proceeded in the same way with the Christians; in this manner the work would have been completed. In case of failure, Hitler had to commit suicide. That was the blood pact between Lucifer and Adolf Hitler which immediately afterwards would have caused hell on Earth.

From there Nazism came forth and was financed by the Illuminati of that time; Hitler’s powerful family of Jewish origin did not hesitate to support the anti-Semitic campaign because who consecrates himself to Lucifer must sacrifice everything denying himself. Nazism was supported by an apparatus of power without equal behind which another equally powerful apparatus stood: the Masonic, Satanist and esoteric power that contributed decisively to the rise of Hitler.

The rest is history and you know it. You know the tragedy of the Holocaust and that of millions of people involved in the Second World War, a bloody conflict that did not make any sense, born from a pact between two mad men, Hitler and Lucifer.

A lot has been said and written about the tragedy of the Holocaust and about the extermination camps in which not only Jews died but many other categories of people considered useless among whom were quite a few priests. Why did such a horror take place? The things I have told you, help you understand better that man’s hatred towards other men could not reach such high points  if there were not the personified Evil behind it, Lucifer.

The Holocaust was an unprecedented offence to God, a declaration of war to God by Hell, and it has not been forgotten by the Lord. The Jewish people are guilty of refusing Jesus Christ; however, that is certainly not the reason why God allowed such a tragedy. God loves Israel’s people in which Jesus Christ incarnated and will never forget their tears. The Holocaust is a tragedy created by the humanity of the Earth because it is far away from God. If the humans of the Earth had understood Our Lady’s appeals in Fatima and those of Jesus in Poland through St. Faustina; if they had humbled themselves before God and repented, they would never have experienced the horror of the Holocaust.

God allowed that humanity witnessed this tragedy to awaken it and to lead it to conversion. What did the humanity of the Earth do instead? Either it denied the Holocaust or, even worse, it blamed God for it. “Where was God?” ask the superficial people who are far away from the truth. My response is: “Where was man?” Where was humanity, where were the Christians? What were they thinking when applauding Hitler in the squares and approving his ignoble laws? Where is man when God calls him, when He lends him a hand to save him, which is always refused, and when he curses the name of God? Answer sincerely. And you, where are you in front of the tragedies of your time?

Nevertheless, even in the midst of the infernal darkness of the extermination camps, God lit His lights: saint men and women offered their life to God facing death to save others; they walked in the mud of the Lager offering God their sufferings and prayers atoning the sins of mankind. Through them the suffering of many was shortened and the power of the torturers was weakened. St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein) are some well-known names but there are many bright lights in Paradise that were lit under the sky of Auschwitz and all other horror camps. Right there were the children of Lucifer overrode the dignity of man, the dignity and holiness of the children of God shone most brightly. God has always silenced evil with goodness.

Josif Stalin and Benito Mussolini

Lucifer not only protected and supported Hitler but also launched his offensive against God on several fronts. He chose two other men whom he promised great power in exchange of the usual conditions including the persecution of the Jews and Christians. Stalin and Mussolini were not very different from Hitler because the children of the darkness have always the same type of spirit. Both were ambitious, thirsty for glory and power and ready to do anything. Lucifer caught them easily and stipulated a blood pact with both of them substantially similar to that with Hitler.

As you know, history has brought to light the evil that these two figures committed and the blood trail they left behind; history has analysed the reasons for their rise and fall. However, the history you know rarely reflects the true history. Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were instructed and helped by the same who abandoned them afterwards: the Illuminati. Through these three figures, Lucifer and the Illuminati intended to achieve finally the New World Order they had been pursuing for centuries. Therefore, Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin received their strength from the same source: Lucifer and the Illuminati to whom they were accountable; they were pursuing the same goal: to create a superpower which would dominate the planet in the name of Lucifer. Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were fighting each other on the battle field but actually served the same master. Millions of people were forced to combat for nothing. Millions of people spent their life, and still do so, to defend and spread the nationalist, fascist or communist ideology whereas they were deceived: they worked only for Lucifer and the Illuminati.

History tells you the events and the battles of the Second World War: a catastrophe for the Earth. The Illuminati were very satisfied with it because the war had enriched them considerably and eliminated a mass of people useless to them. Lucifer was even more satisfied. The rise of Hitler was unstoppable; the regime’s propaganda was extensive and the war machine powerful. For a certain time Lucifer and the Illuminati believed to be very close to the accomplishment of their goals, but it did not turn out that way.

There is a silent and inexorable law in the universe that sets a limit beyond which evil cannot act. It is a limit set by God. When evil tries to exceed that limit, it implodes since evil carries within the germ of self-destruction. God allows the action of evil due to His respect towards man’s freedom, to induce humanity to reflect on how to use its freedom and to correct itself. However, when the action of darkness goes beyond the limit set by the divine permission and seeks to annul the laws of life established by God, then the germ of self-destruction begins to work within evil and leads it to annul itself rapidly. It destroys itself with the same violence it had used to destroy goodness. Your history witnessed many children of Lucifer in power; their force seemed unshakable; their arrogance could not be challenged by anyone. Then, all of sudden, they fell. They always fell; all of them have fallen.

War raged and the people were overwhelmed by violence and deprivation. The Lord decided to intervene again. Once more He sent His Mother because when the children suffer, they need their Mother.

The apparitions of Our Lady at Ghiaie di Bonate

From 13 to 31 May, 1944, Our Lady appeared to the little seven-year-old Adelaide Roncalli in a small village of the province of Bergamo, Ghiaie di Bonate. She appeared with St. Joseph as the Queen of the families. Those were the times when the families were hit by grave mourning caused by the war; The Mother of God came to show the way to get out of that tragedy and to bring the love of God back into the families and to the nations exhausted by the conflict. She asked for what she has always asked for: prayer and penance.

There were several similarities to the apparitions of Fatima: Our Lady appeared on May 13 for the first time; like at the time of Fatima the Earth was going through a disastrous war; equally, in Ghiaie di Bonate the so-called miracle of the sun took place. The sun began to spin round on itself casting multicoloured light; the phenomenon was observed even from a great distance. What occurred in Ghiaie di Bonate and the messages Our Lady wanted to give, as well as through the secret revealed to the little visionary, were not any different from the ones expressed in Fatima. The Mother of God wanted to recall the Church to her universal mission warning her from the dangers behind a lukewarm faith and too many human interests. The signs given were as clear as those of Fatima; however, there is almost no remembrance of those apparitions even though they were important. Why? Because the official Church never recognised them.

Little Adelaide suffered persecutions and harassments of all kinds on the part of those who were supposed to protect and help her; she was forced to deny the apparitions. Despite the talk with Pope Pius XII, Adelaide was never believed. In 1948 the Bishop of Bergamo denied the supernatural character of the apparitions in a decree declaring that the cult to Our Lade of Ghiaie di Bonate was forbidden. That decree is still in force today.

What more can the Lord do for this humanity to make it believe in His love? He came to Earth and was not welcomed except by a few; He has sent his Mother, but she has not been welcomed except by a few. He has established the Church to manifest His life, but the representatives of the Church have manifested themselves many times. What remains to be done to the Lord to make His vineyard fruitful? Many faithful humanities exist in the universe who serve God with immense love; the contrary of what you do. What will occur to you, representatives of the Church, if you do not convert and do penance for your many sins? The vineyard will be taken away from you and given to others.

Despite the behaviour of the official Church, many humble and sincere people believed in the apparitions of Our Lady; they prayed and offered sacrifices. The war finally ended.

God observed with His eyes the events of the Second World War; yet, He wants to enlighten us so that we too can look at those events through the eyes of God with His light; He asks us a question: “And you, where are you in front of the tragedies of your time?” We may be asleep. The time of the Antichrist is coming. The instruments of Lucifer act differently, they act secretly. God asks the believers to respond, to respond to what we will be showing you. As we will go ahead, we will show you how God acts, which instruments and graces are involved and how God will face the Antichrist. God will bring the human history to completion when time ends; He will go down to the bottom. Our understanding of the following readings will depend on the response we will give during these days.

I would like to underline two aspects: help the victims of World War II, all the victims. Many died in horrible ways, in hatred, stained by hatred; they need our prayers, our offerings and the baptism in spirit in the manner it has been explained to you. Have the courage to put yourselves at the service of the people who are waiting for your help. The other point I would like to highlight has already been said repeatedly in this time in which God is withdrawing the graces form those who do not collaborate, in order to be given to those who want to collaborate. This is the meaning of what God said: “Many faithful humanities exist in the universe who serve God with immense love; the contrary of what you do. What will occur to you, representatives of the Church, if you do not convert and do penance for your many sins? The vineyard will be taken away from you and given to others.” All of us are addressed. Let us take the opportunity of this time in which grace visits us; let us collaborate otherwise the grace will be given to others, even the grace of Ghiaie di Bonate given to the humanity of the Earth will be given to the humanity of another planet of the universe. Nothing will be lost; yet, afterwards no one shall ever say that God is bad, that God is not fair.  Everyone must look into himself and give his response.

I bless you; God may give you His light and understanding; He may give you the courage and strength to respond and to fully receive the grace. God bless you and give you the courage to be light in the time of darkness; may the light within you defeat the darkness; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.