Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The cold war and the State of Israel / The birth of the European Union (EU)

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We know many historical events in the way they have been written down and handed down to us, but many events also take place in front of our eyes and we can follow them. Unfortunately, there are deep mysteries that we cannot understand, nor do we understand the causes underneath the events. In regard to the mysterious events people might remain indifferent or ask for the help of some spirits like those who are consecrated to Lucifer do. What about the Christians? If they do not apply for the intervention of the Holy Spirit, they will remain in the dark. Even Jesus withdrew to give place to the Holy Spirit. Now is the time to pray to the Holy Spirit, to wish for His presence alive and active within us so that we may understand the events of these times.

We will read the passage on page 270.

The cold war and the State of Israel

History tells that Hitler and Mussolini were defeated by the so-called Allied Forces. Many of those who fought against Hitler and Mussolini really believed that they were liberating humanity of a great evil. Actually, when the Illuminati understood that it was impossible to achieve the much coveted New World Order, they abandoned Hitler and Mussolini to their fate and turned their attention towards the Anglo-American forces. Stalin was placed against them to keep the spirit of war alive on the planet: Stalin hated the English and the Americans and was wholeheartedly reciprocated by them. If necessary, the Illuminati would easily have unleashed a third world war just to achieve the New World Order.

At that time, though, too much money was needed to finance a new war and it was better to wait and see how the post-war situation would develop. The Illuminati decided therefore to rearrange Europe creating two blocks, one in the East and one in the West. They let the fire of hatred smoulder among the two blocks in the form of a strange conflict. The West and the Soviet Union began to fight each other, but this time not with arms but with spies: that was the beginning of the so-called cold war. All that is cold comes from hatred; consequently, the cold war was a real war with many more dead than you might think.

Lucifer and his demons incessantly fanned the flames of hatred and expected more and more daring initiatives from the Illuminati. Europe and America were at war with the Soviet Union and its satellite countries even though it was a cold war. What about the rest of the world? How could they make the flames of hatred flare up also in other parts of the world, for example, among the Arab countries; and how could finally the much hated Jewish people be destroyed –  a real obsession of Lucifer?

The solution was found after much supplication to the demons, through satanic rituals, human sacrifices and intensive esoteric actions: to create the State of Israel in Palestine by driving out the Palestinian people. An ingenious ploy: an unsolvable and lasting conflict would have flared up and the Jewish people would have been hated forever. The Holy Land detested by Lucifer would stop to be the land of Jesus and become the land of hatred and the tinderbox of the world. This is exactly what happened.

On 14 May, 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel was proclaimed and immediately recognised by the global superpowers, the USA and the USSR. Soon afterwards the dreadful Arab-Israeli conflict broke out. Since then Israel has had no peace and Palestine is enveloped in an endless spiral of hate which has involved the whole Middle East and constantly threatens to inflame the whole world. The consequences are in front of your eyes.

A few years after World War II had ended the global situation was certainly not calm: Europe was divided and the cold war was meandering between the two superpowers; the Arab-Israeli conflict was increasing. The third world war threatened to break out at any moment. However, God, who is watching over His children, gave a few men the inspiration for a project that could have changed the course to the world’s history.

The birth of the European Union (EU)

When we talk about the European Union, many think of Europe as is under your eyes: a more or less concealed  economic and financial power, which holds the fate of the European peoples and that of others because the European Union influences the whole world. However, in the beginning it was not so. From 1950 on some Catholic political figures who were profoundly inspired by their faith in Christ presented a project that was designed to change the fate of Europe. They were the founding fathers of the European Union whose roots are Christian, with all due respect to those who would like to deny it.

Robert Schuman, Alcide De Gasperi, Jean Monnet, Joseph Bech and Konrad Adenauer believed in the project of a united Europe, eventually freed from the ancient  bitterness and fear, able to serve humanity and lead it to a true fraternal Christianity. Those men were able to go beyond themselves and the barriers of hate mutually stretching out their hand to each other, leaving behind enmities between their peoples and surmounting personal reasons to reach a Europe that would be the home of all peoples. Those were the ideals of the fraternity in Christ, the only one that could extinguish Lucifer’s hatred. Those were the origins of the EU, which was established with the treaty of the European Economic Community (EEC) on 25 March, 1957, the day in which the Catholic Church remembers the Annunciation of the Lord. The Treaty was signed in Rome, the city so dear to the Illuminati but also to the Lord. Few know that the blue European flag with the twelve stars placed in a circle sprung out of the painter’s Marian devotion and is thus homage to Mary Most Holy. The stars are the ones mentioned in the Revelations: “A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head“ (Rev 12:1). The blue colour is the colour of Mary, the colour of the sky.

God prevented Europe from suffering a new bloodshed; yet, Lucifer and the Illuminati did not stand idly by. The project of the European Union was gradually modified, distorted and then incorporated into the project of the New World Order that plans the creation of few central governments ruling entire continents in order to facilitate global control. From the Christian fraternity the founding fathers dreamed of, they passed to the Masonic brotherhood up to the current European Union that has become a union of interests which are subject to the power that actually dominates the Earth: that of the Illuminati. All this occurred despite the good will and dedication of many who have worked – and still do – to revive the ideals of the founders of united Europe. However, God did not allow the devil and his friends to destroy the initial project completely: the European Union has granted peace to whole generations up to now; many good results have even been achieved in many fields. So far God has not allowed, nor will He ever allow the destruction of centuries of history and holiness with which the European continent is interwoven.

Today’s Europe has lost its identity and has denied its Christian roots. Entire peoples who used to be devout are now almost atheists. This is not only the consequence of the incessant action of Evil, but also of the weakening of the Christians who have let themselves be carried away by the reached material well-being which made their faith tepid. Tossed about by false ideas and fashions, taken hostage by unscrupulous politicians and financiers, they have become little more than extras on the scene of the European history, and the enemy came to steal the seed sown by God. Due to the declining faith in Jesus Christ the way has opened for Lucifer’s action. Wake up, Christians! Many things in the world depend on your faith.

Europe has already been besieged by a serious economic crisis created artfully to enrich the usual and to destroy the sovereignty and the freedom of the peoples; it is the theatre of intense underground clashes between European and American Masonic lodges for predominance in business and interests. The Illuminati let them do, happy to be holding the reins of the chariot and aware that everything that destroys humanity will enrich them. Lucifer is pleased about the cunningness of his faithful allies and keeps rewarding them with all kinds of riches, the fruit of injustice and robbery. Like their ancestors, at the head of ancient empires, crossed European territory devastating and looting, in the same way today’s Illuminati deprive the European people of their riches and their dignity. For how much longer? Until God puts an end to their power.

There is an appeal to the Christians in this book: “Wake up, Christians! Many things in the world depend on your faith.” From this text we have understood that Lucifer’s followers invoke him to receive knowledge, they sacrifice themselves for him, even human beings, to obtain results. What about the Christians? The Christians pray for the intervention of God. In this time of preparation for Christmas, the daily liturgy presents some of God’s interventions: Samson[1], John the Baptist, in the end the Son of God incarnated on Earth; we know that He sacrificed Himself; yet, do we draw from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ by being united to Him asking for His Spirit? “Wake up, Christians!” Just today we have heard in the liturgy of the Mass[2] that the whole community prayed while Zechariah was at the temple. Zechariah had a vision; but let us go one step back: the Jewish people sensed the presence of the immense God. After the death of Jesus the Holy Spirit descended in the midst of the apostles united with Mary Most Holy and the disciples. Can we not ask for the intervention of God in our time? Let us look at what happens in practice: what do you pray for when you pray and when you go to Church? For yourselves? The pleasant preaching, ceremony and gestures  of the priest seem to be enough for you; however, you should unite with the Sacrifice of Christ offering yourselves as living victims on the altar so that your priest be strongly enlightened by the Holy Spirit and bring about a turn in your parish. Or, you might go to Rome and see the Pope in St. Peter’s Square; however, seeing the Pope and having deep emotions from seeing him and listening to his words is not enough either. Go and offer your life on the altar so that God might intervene through the Pope, and the Pope might indicate the way with Jesus Christ, the only Redeemer, in this time of deceiving and futile dialogues. That would change the world; from St. Peter’s Square would flow a river of people holding the power of the Holy Spirit and changing the world. Let us wake up!

Zechariah and Elisabeth were two righteous persons; yet, that was not enough. Zechariah had to wake up. To all those who consider themselves righteous and come back unchanged after visiting the parish I say: it is not enough. Wake up before Christmas so that God may intervene in your life and in the life of all the peoples of the world!

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit descend on you, awaken you, give you the grace to participate truly in the Sacrifice of Christ, rise again with Him in the Eucharist, receive the light to find solutions to you problems and to receive the strength to follow the steps of Jesus in order to change the world. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Judg 13:2-7; 24-25a

[2] Lk 1:5-25