Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and Its Inhabitants” – The evangelisation of the low universe

10 March 2015

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I hope you have read and meditated upon the message of St. Michael the Archangel. Today we want to speak about the evangelisation of the low universe and especially of the Earth. The Earth is located in the low universe; the whole low universe is rebellious to God. The Earth is not only rebellious to God but also allied with Lucifer by original sin which is unfortunately still spreading on Earth nowadays. Most of the people on Earth have not accepted Jesus Christ, the Saviour. Many have consecrated themselves to Satan. Some representatives of the Earth, the Illuminati, are part of the Confederation of the Light, which is an interplanetary organisation at the disposal of Lucifer; as St. Michael said, the evangelisation of the low universe will trigger resistance and violence against the plan of God. That is the strong side of Lucifer but the Trinitarian power will go beyond. Everyone will have to make a choice: either with God or with Lucifer. There will be no time for reparation. Once the low universe is evangelised only the Earth will be left; unfortunately evil is concentrated on Earth and will appear in all its power in the form of the Antichrist who is a trusted person of Lucifer.

St. Michael said: “This little rest will collide frontally with the forces of evil and the Earth will be the scenario of the largest battle of spirits of all times: the Spirit of God present in His children and the spirit of this world present in the children of darkness.”[1] This means that great trials are awaiting us. What we can see and perceive on Earth are only warning signs of what will occur. St. Michael did address only the official Church but every one of us, all those who think of themselves as believers, to accept the plan of God and to decide immediately in order to shorten the suffering that the Earth will endure. “If this is done, the suffering of the humanity on Earth will be shortened and you will receive all necessary help from me and all the instruments that I am leading. This is the last call that I send you after which it will be God’s turn to speak, and He will do what He intends to do.[2] So, after this introduction we shall read the last appeal of the Trinitarian Spirit contained also in the book and that we will explain.

The evangelisation of the low universe (p. 337)

We have arrived to the present days; you can see how many things have occurred in the universe since creation; how much God has done and how much more He will do! This story has made you understand that the humanity of the Earth is not and has never been the only one in the universe. It is not the best either, on the contrary! One thing is certain: God has always loved it. He has loved the men of the Earth with the tender love of a Father for the weakest of His children. For this reason He has been so patient: He has sent you His Son Jesus Christ; in His name He has given you the Holy Spirit. He has given you His Mother, Mary Most Holy, who loves you in an utterly special way, and She can understand you well because She is a child of your humanity. She has put the angels beside you to protect you; She has surrounded you with the prayers of the saints in Paradise; She has given you many brothers and sisters in the whole universe; She has given you extraordinary instruments in this time.

Principally, She has called you ever since to become part of Her people, an immense people that will gather from one end of the universe to the other around their Shepherd, Jesus Christ, to form one single flock; only one God and one people; a priestly, immaculate people that is offered to God and that will one day lift its voice to praise God, its Creator.

If you contemplate this reality, you will elevate yourselves above the Earth and its distress. Your humanity is gripped by the chain of material misery, the instinctive needs which hold too much space in the souls and tie them ever more. It is time to lift your eyes up! You are called, as all others are, to participate in the freedom and the glory of the children of God. You are not inferior to the faithful brothers of the universe; all of you have been created in the image and likeness of God and are brothers and sisters in Christ.

What are you lacking then? You are lacking selfless love towards God and fidelity to the Creator who has always been with you while you have not always been with Him. You have often played a dirty game by deceiving and not being loyal. Yet, know that God cannot be deceived; if you try you will hurt yourselves.

You lack the decision to belong only to God and to close the door in front of the enemy; the latter offers you only smoke, and with his smoke he will blind you. Open your eyes and your heart! God is waiting for you at the doorstep of His house to make a royal people out of you. So, make a decision before it is too late and the door of His house closes in front of you.

God always respects your freedom. However, one day God’s judgement will come and that will determine the end of times. Then, you will be held accountable of your freedom; it is a great gift God has given to you. Try therefore to employ it well (Mt 25:14-30).

As we are reading and commenting this book, we are in the Lenten season, the time of conversion, penance and prayer that leads to a risen life. God wants this people to be a risen and transformed people; He wants to take it to the new creation.

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit enlighten your way; may He enlighten your mind and your heart; may you decide to belong to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world with your whole being; may you enter the new creation together with all brothers and sisters in Christ in the whole universe; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Message of November 19, 2013, „Do not be afraid little flock …“(Lk 12:32)

[2] See footnote 1