Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and Its Inhabitants” – Final thoughts

17 March 2015

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We have come to the end of the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”; I should say that we have come to the end of the revelations that have been given to us. God told us many things during the last years. We have printed nine books. He has shown us His project from different angles. We will finish with a reading that we have chosen because it takes us a step further. We will reflect on it after the reading and give you indications for the time before Easter; from now until Easter we will retreat into silence and prayer to understand what the Lord wants us to share with you. We will leave it to you to look deeper into the issues, on your own or in groups, by living together with all the Christians the path towards Easter which is the source and the peak of our spiritual path. In order to open up the new way we have chosen a part of the message of the Holy Spirit who wants to guide His people; I ask you to be ready to welcome in your spirit the impulses of the Holy Spirit who is going to speak to you.

Message of the Holy Spirit of 6 November, 2011: “The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Cor 5:17)[1]

“I great you, dearest children! I great you who believe in the One and Triune God, who have welcomed Jesus Christ and love Him. You are children of God, born from the Spirit and no more dominated by flesh and matter. I also great those who do not believe or find it difficult to believe; you too are children of God, but you still have to discover and understand Him to be happy. I great and bless the whole humanity of the Earth bearing great hardships, yet called to rise again in Christ, to be transformed and to enter the new creation.

I come to you because the Father sends me, in the name of Jesus, to accomplish what I am asked to do: to instruct you, to defend you and to guard the life in you, the life I convey to the whole universe.

The coming of Jesus has introduced humanity in last phase of its history because:

  • from Jesus Christ onwards humanity began to move towards the end of times which does not mean the coming of a catastrophe but the fulfilment of God’s plans. The end of times is the end of the old and the beginning of a new reality; it is the transformation of humanity and the whole creation into the image of the glorious Christ who has overcome all barriers including that of death.

Your belonging to Jesus Christ and the sincere offering to Him guarantee you a transformed life and the victory over evil, a certain path towards knowing God and the reality as it is in God. Jesus has opened a new space in front of each one, a proper angle of view, from which it is possible to see God’s action and participate in it; yet, not as slaves who carry out orders, but as children of God. By accepting to die and rise for you, Jesus has paid your debts before God; He has made you His brothers and sisters and children of God. Now you may stand face to face with God without fear, and you may bring into play your dignity and your greatness to carry out effectively the mission you have been entrusted with, that is, to support life in the universe along with the Creator. Yes, it is your life which supports the entire creation if you are able to immerse your existence in God recognizing yourselves as His creatures. The life of each one of you is irreplaceable in the plans of the Creator!

Jesus Christ was obedient to the Father until death. By becoming man, He accepted to make the limits of the creatures His own, except sin, which He took onto the cross and defeated with His resurrection.[2]

Through His sacrifice Jesus has taken your situation back to the level of the humanities who remained faithful from the beginning. If you welcome and love Jesus Christ and offer your life to Him, you too can get over your limits. You may reach the knowledge of God and the reality and the understanding of the laws of the Spirit who governs life. Even if the difference in knowledge between you and your faithful brothers and sisters of the universe is very big, both you and them have now the same opportunities, as you are all children of God with the same dignity before the Father. It requires though that you accept to belong to Jesus Christ and through Him to the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit. I assure you that if the whole humanity of the Earth repented, recognized and accepted Jesus Christ, handing itself over to Him, it could rapidly close the physical and spiritual gap which separates the faithful humanities from God.

Many of you wonder what to do to really belong to Christ. My answer to you is that you need to offer your life to Him. Only the offering of your life introduces you fully into the life of the Most Holy Trinity. I will explain you why: the offering of yourselves to Jesus allows you to entrust to Him the limits you have as creatures. Jesus takes them upon Himself and immerses them into His death and resurrection joining you closely to Himself to elevate your and His offering to God the Father who will welcome you together with Jesus and send Me to you. I will descend to sanctify your offering and to join you even closer to the Son. Then, from the Heart of Christ His life and His power, victorious over death, will flow in you. So, from victory to victory you will see the transformation of your whole being because the material man, which is the dominant part in you, will gradually give way to the spiritual man, who is already in you but needs to be awakened by the love and action of the One and Triune God.”

Perhaps you wonder what kind of programme there will be after Easter. If you immerse yourselves in the message you will understand the immense richness of the programme that involves each one of you: you are involved in your interpersonal relationships, guided to the Most Holy Trinity, to the new creation through Jesus Christ – in you all will change. I wish and believe that this programme will lead you to more profoundness; if you do not reach profoundness, you will not be transformed. Today I would like to say only this: enter into a deep relationship with Christ and follow Him towards resurrection in this time before Easter. It is neither a ritual nor a theory or a sermon: it is a vital process. Do what Jesus teaches you; participate in what the Christians live; yet, participating in a ritual is not enough; you need to meet Jesus who is alive and working in you. However, I will not dwell on this point any longer; I want to give you only some guidelines.

You who have followed this website and read the books have certainly understood that the whole humanity of the universe is called to be recapitulated in Christ in this time. The humanity of the Earth is also called as well as the representatives of the Churches, of the religions; the representatives of the nations, even the non-believers as we have seen in the introduction and as St. Michael said in one of his last messages: those who have consecrated themselves to Satan are called to repent. So, there is a plan for the whole universe and now the whole universe is on the way towards the recapitulation in Christ. Those who join this plan take part in the universal Church. We do not want to analyse or judge how certain people or the representatives of the churches and nations respond – in the time ahead of us we will turn to the little rest, the new people as it has been called in the messages of the Trinitarian Spirit and by St. Michael the Archangel; we want to turn our attention to you to help you grow and be transformed so that you manifest the face of God on Earth and in the universe.

You know that there is a lot of misinformation in regard to this programme and many wrong explanations. In this short extract of the message of the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ is the centre of our preaching. Our path is to be recapitulated in Christ, in His Spirit, and then to be submitted to the Father. When we meet the Father, we meet the laws of God which will govern the whole universe after the new creation. For this programme the sublime, extraordinary and ordinary instruments are given to you; you are given the graces that will become every day more abundant for those who are on the way. In order to belong to this new people it is very important to know that this new people is not a new hierarchical institution; it simply is yeast arousing from the love of the individuals for Jesus Christ, for the living God, and who want to live the mystical union with Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary in favour of all the children of God. If the Holy Spirit calls “children of God” even the non-believers and those who have difficulty in believing, even more so we are called to manifest the face of God to those who are close to us in the Church where we are living by manifesting the truth, which is that all those who wish to be transformed can be transformed. It has been said that the new people is not something new. St. Paul said to the Christians that they are new creatures[3]; the Holy Spirit in this message says that the old has gone. The new is here; the new that renews itself over and over again because it contains the creativity we have received at the beginning of creation and that we will rediscover even more powerfully in the new creation. That marks the end of static spirituality. A static life is motionless like stagnant water. We have told you that events are going to increase in the whole universe because since 2013 the action of God no longer follows the rhythm of the calendar of the Catholic Church on Earth but the rhythm of the mission of the extraordinary instruments, the faithful brothers to God, which began that year. Afterwards the humanities of the middle universe joined them.

You have understood that the new people in the whole universe live in different dimensions: the faithful brothers and sisters who are far more advanced than us, now also the brothers and sisters of the middle universe. We here on Earth bear witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ who died and rose again and will take the whole universe to its resurrection and transformation. We are not living in the clouds; we are living our daily life contemplating the glorious future. By contemplating the glorious future, we live our day with God, in the presence of God who is amongst us. We have to discover exactly this. So, to be able to receive the newness foreseen for each one of us, since we are all called to be transformed and remodelled in the whole universe, requires a true, profound spiritual path. When I say profound, I also mean simple, a very simple path; a path that the simple and the humble understand and are able to follow. It is simple because it is close to every man because God rescues all His children until the last; He will take Him on His hands, but he has to continue the path. Especially the little rest has to be available and ready to participate in the events that will take place on Earth in the time ahead of us; it has to understand the events and give its response to God. I tell you that this will not be possible if we remain closed in our idealism. It is necessary that a people of God is formed. I will repeat it: not like a new institution but like yeast; the yeast that can be seen in every true saint; you have your saints, ideals and models – study them. They have awakened people, led to newness and faced many situations.

As you have heard, the individual response is not enough in this time; therefore, the formation of nuclei is needed so that people come together, especially on the Earth in its present situation where at times everyone seems to be against everyone and where the tension and the struggle for survival make people explosive. It is underlined that the powerful side of the faithful humanities to God is their communion in God which we call Pentecost: to be together in the Holy Spirit. Then, all the nuclei, all individuals will be called to form one people and life must flow among the people. The more the people participate, the greater the grace that God will pour over that people will be; yet, not only on that people but also on the whole people of God on Earth and in the whole universe.

You see that these ways open up in front of us, and we will stay close to you and look deeper into them. After Easter we will show you the way. In these days we will listen to the Holy Spirit and to your souls and the needs of the people of God on Earth because God asks us to speak to you and to prepare you for the future events. I wish you to proceed well through Lent, the Holy Week and the Holy Triduum so that your passage may be glorious in Christ and you may understand that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of the world. We do not need the explanations of the features of God made by Philosophers, diplomats and those who have planned the future of the humanity of the Earth having one religion and one god of whom no-one knows who he is; Lucifer is probably behind him. Our task is to be united to Jesus Christ and to manifest His face and the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Trinitarian Spirit, who will act powerfully in the new Church in the whole universe. I wish you to be united to this new Church and to welcome all the graces that will descend upon you through that new people.

I bless you; I bless every day of your life until Easter. I bless you and your families, your nuclei, your groups of prayer; I bless all those you carry in your hearts and in your prayers. I bless you; may you be united to the universal Church; never separate yourselves from her so that you always receive the power of the Holy Spirit and manifest the power of the Holy Spirit to the brothers and sisters of the whole universe. Happy Easter, the Lord bless you in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] The full message is published on the website

[2]  Cfr. Phil 2:1-11

[3] 2 Cor 5:17

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