“In the Most Holy Trinity – The living and true God” – Evangelising with the angels


By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The subject of today’s reflection is “Evangelising with the angels” which means more than invoking them for some needs but to evangelise with them. We have to enter into communion with them to be able to evangelise because they can accomplish for us what we are unable to do by ourselves. In order to reflect on this subject we need to start from the identity and the mission of angels and men in God. Therefore, we will first listen to the passage referring to them in the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”[1].

The passage we will read is on page 37.

The Angels

Nothing occurs in the material reality that has not occurred previously in the spiritual one. The spiritual events always precede the real ones; what happens in the spirit reflects on matter. This is the first law that acts in the universe. Therefore, blessed are those who know how to read the events of the spirit as they will never be confused.

From the moment of creation until today many spiritual events have occurred causing major repercussions on the sensible world. Some of these were of such magnitude as to mark a turning point in the life of all creation. Therefore, the universe has not always been the way it is today. In order to understand why, we must take a big step back.

God created first of all the spiritual dimension in which He placed the pure spirits, that is, the angels. God created them in His image and likeness; the angels’ image and likeness to God appears in form of light and power. They are, indeed, sublime beings, of great splendour and supreme power, capable of carrying out perfectly God’s orders.

God wanted the angels to be PRIESTS of the Most High; the ones who would have celebrated the Heavenly Liturgy contemplating the face of God, giving thanks to God and offering Him the whole creation so that it would increase in beauty and harmony. Given their great intelligence and knowledge of the laws of the universe they would have been able to accomplish God’s designs within creation through the tasks entrusted to them.

God informed the angels of His project to create man who would be also in His image and likeness. Man and angels would have lived together in communion sharing the same glory and the same destiny of being sublime creatures capable of governing the universe in the name of God. The angels would have had to carry out their mission by intervening mainly in their own spiritual dimension; man would have intervened in the dimensions that were also composed of matter. Angels and men, in communion with each other, would have carried out God’s designs by governing and guarding the whole creation in the name of God with the power, the intelligence and the knowledge that God would have granted them abundantly.

When Jesus came for the first time, the angels made contact with humanity in a special way. They placed themselves at its service participating in the priesthood of Jesus in favour of humanity. We can say that the great spiritual events were announced by the angels: the incarnation of the Son of God by the St. Gabriel the Archangel, the birth of God’s Son as well as the announcement of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the faithful humanities by St. Michael the Archangel. Here I would like to underline that St. Michael, along with the six great Archangels, announced to hell the great apparitions of Our Lady on Earth such as the ones in Fatima and Medjugorje; he announced the great Jubilee and God’s programme for the great Jubilee; he announced the entrance of the extraordinary and the sublime instruments of God in this time. We remember in particular the announcements of the start of the evangelisation of the middle universe in 2013 and now, as we know, the start of the evangelisation of the low universe, including the Earth, at the beginning of this year.

When we speak about an announcement made by the angels, we do not mean their words had no impact; on the contrary, the announcement carries the power of the Holy Spirit who undermines the evil forces; it clashes against the whole hell; the action through these events is getting stronger as well as the conflicts in the whole humanity and in the whole universe. In the first passage it reads: “Blessed are those who know how to read the events of the spirit as they will never be confused”. It means that the events will have an impact on the spirit of the whole humanity. The seven great Archangels, along with the holy angels, are the guardians of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit[2] within each one of us; the spirit of man needs to be purified and taken to such a level that it can cooperate and participate in the action of evangelisation that passes through the angels and the extraordinary instruments reaching every man of good will. This action is a huge event which is taking place now in the whole universe.

Page 192[3].

It is always the angels who pave the way and announce humanity the most important events before they take place. God never leaves the people alone before great events which are also great mysteries of the inscrutable divine wisdom. The angels are sent so that men and women understand what has happened or will happen. At times they are sent to single individuals in view of their mission as it occurred to Mary, when She was visited by the Archangel Gabriel. Other times they appear to several individuals together as it occurred to the shepherds. Again other times they appear to an entire people to help them in a particular undertaking as it occurred to the people of Israel during the flight from Egypt.

However, now the existence of the angels is doubted even by Christians. Added to this is the extreme rationality that guides your thinking. Disbelief and rationality are major obstacles for the manifestation of the angels who respect your freedom in the same way as does God. It is exactly your freedom that limits the action of the angels and this leads to very negative consequences for you: God does not allow the angels to act fully if you do not want them beside you, and so you deny yourself stupidly their great and precious help. The demons, however, act undisturbed on Earth making exactly use of the disbelief and rationality of the people: when you deny the existence of the devil in the name of reason, you renounce combating him and he makes a mockery of you; when you think you are clever, that is the moment you are deceived.  The angels respect your freedom and move away from you when you do not want to believe in their existence. On the contrary, the demons do not respect you at all; they wait for you to deny their existence to hit you deceitfully. Think about it carefully: would it not be more convenient for you to be surrounded by angels than by demons?

It is certainly better for us to be surrounded by angels, but what does it mean to be surrounded by angels? We have already said that the seven great Archangels guard the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. We said that the angels are at the service of the Almighty God, that they are God’s priests, that they offer all to God and that they subject all to God and bring us only what belongs to God according to the will of God. That requires that we change our attitude towards the angels radically. We cannot understand the events that occur in spirit if we have no relationship with the angels who carry out this service. We cannot evangelise the Earth and the whole universe if we do not enter the spirit in which the angels are. We are talking about the spirit that is in us and that has to be open for the Spirit of God; it is the angels who help us in a special way to keep our spirit open for the Spirit of God, and it is them who transmit to us the action of the Trinitarian Spirit.

You have certainly noticed the features of the angels: sublime intelligence, force, fidelity and swiftness in carrying out orders; it is all in our favour. If we put ourselves at the disposal of God so that He may enable us, with the help of the angels, to manifest the Lord Jesus Christ, the angels will rescue and help us as fast as arrows; they will give us all we need, be at our side and prevent the demons from attacking us. They form a shield, an aura, around us that is crystal clear, immaculate, so that the demons are unable to cross it and are pushed back by the Holy Archangels and angels.

How will our participation in the evangelisation of the Earth and the universe with the angels take place? We have to find our identity in God. Why have we been created and what is our mission? In the first reading we have heard that man is created as priest, man and woman, to subject all to the laws of the pure Spirit, to subject all to God, to offer all to God so that God may rule over all things and all creatures; man is called to participate in the evangelisation together with the angels because man is made of matter, soul and spirit; man is different from the angels who are pure spirits; they can interfere where man cannot and harmony is necessary between men and angels. We have to enter into the same spirit as the angels.

At this point we refer to the golden rule of the Gospel that the Queen of Peace underlines: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”[4]. The angels serve God not man’s selfishness; they do not feed the egocentrism of the humanity of the Earth. There are many types of egoism and egocentrism in spiritual life. And so we are unable to know the true face of the angels; it is spoken about entities, about energies, aliens and angels are confused – there is great confusion – not to mention the inner processes into which people project themselves to overcome certain limits in order to achieve certain charismas and visions. It is the angels who help us. Out of my experience I can tell one profound, beautiful aspect of the Archangels: they allow no curiosity; they teach us not to have any. The mysteries belong to God; the immensity of God’s action cannot be measured by human standards; it cannot be squeezed into the projects of man; therefore, we look at the example of Mary Most Holy who is a simple, humble servant of God. The Archangels teach us exactly this kind of contemplation, which does not mean to become cloistered to live withdrawn from the world, but to keep an attitude of abandonment to God who is infinitely greater than us; this attitude of simple openness allows God to transmit His Spirit to each spirit while the holy angels watch over this process in us. Hence, every spirit, every man, receives impulses and knowledge at the right time, in the right way, and man becomes able to analyse and understand the events. There is no need for speculation and imagination to speak about extraordinary things; instead, we have to live every day and every moment in fullness allowing God to lead each one on us and all His works with His wisdom.

The angels’ action is related to our identity and mission, but they are not indifferent to our life on the Earth; on the contrary, they are present to accompany and help us carry out swiftly and well the functions in their dimension,  and to  clear the way and fasten the processes in us. We will give you an example: we know and St. Michael has confirmed to us that he is particularly present and active in the Vatican, in St. Peter’s Basilica, the centre of Christianity, where we can see many things that are not working well in the administration of the Church. Instead of criticising let us entrust St. Michael and his angelic hosts with task to act there praising them before God, blessing them, praying them to intervene there so that every man of good will may receive the Light and true impulses. Someone who goes against Jesus Christ shall be marginalised and subjected to the power of a great Archangel. When we speak about demons, the Antichrist and Lucifer, we are frightened as human beings; yet, St. Michael and his angels are much more intelligent, much more advanced and powerful than Lucifer and his followers. Why not entrust this action to St. Michael?

Criticising means acting in a negative way. We do not mean that we should not see good and evil; actually, we are obliged to see evil and good in order to follow good and combat evil. But we have to do it in God’s way, with the Spirit of God, in a constructive manner as the saints do. Look at how humanity is anguished these days for being always on the brink of a world war and confronted with terror. Instead of criticising the powerful of the Earth, would it not be better to subject them every day to the power of St. Michael, his Archangels and angels to prevent evil and act in favour of those who are of good will? Would it not be better to subject also the terrorists to the power of St. Michael the Archangel or the holy angels? They receive the power through our wishes, through our prayers to them to prevent evil and give the souls the impulse to change attitude. Why do you parents not entrust your children every day to the holy angels? It must not be a superficial entrustment, though; it must come out of the decision to evangelise the universe. Then, instead of the fear of losing them, through you the force, the intelligence and the goodness of God will be transmitted to your children. And you will help them greatly even at school.

This means that we are all called to invoke the holy angels every day, in our daily life and especially when we are engaged in the action of evangelisation. Never start without the angels. At the same time we must trust the angels who will watch over us. The more we are in communion with the holy angels and our communion with them grows, the more we will have the strength, the intelligence and the swiftness in carrying out our service. We will be accompanied by the holy angels in every moment, and we will not lack anything. Even in your material daily life you will be able to experience how the angels help you solve situations that you do not know how to solve.

Tonight I entrust you to the Holy Archangels; the Holy Archangels may manifest their presence to you and you may commit yourselves to invoke them, to stay with them, to think with them, to wish with them, to allow them to help you and to let go of all the negative things inside you; to be positive and constructive so that your life be a living gospel. I bless all of you, and I bless all that is entrusted to you so that through you and with you the powerful action of the holy angels may be passed on to the whole people of God and the whole people of the universe; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Many passages of the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants” are reported in the reflections between October 2014 and March 2015 on our website http://towardsthenewcreation.com

[2] Sapienza, Intelletto, Consiglio, Fortezza, Scienza, Pietà, Timore di Dio

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