“The orientation of the new people”


By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

As we have told you during the period of Lent, we will make two reflections a week, Tuesday and Friday, to intensify the preparation of the new people and insert it into the evangelization of the universe. Today’s subject is “The orientation of the new people”. We have already spoken about the role of the angels, the faithful brothers and sisters to God in the universe, the Central Nucleus and the particular participation of the people, the Christians, on the Earth. Today we want to look at the scenario unfolding in the universe and on the Earth, and we want to see where the new people stands in this scenario of the universe as well as in the Church of the Earth. For this reason we will read once again a passage of the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants” because, besides the light it has given us, it has also given us time to experience what it arising in the souls, in us, between us and in the universe. Let us listen.

We will read the passage on page 331.

The decisive choice of 2012

2012 was a special year. God determined to give the humanity of the Earth, and especially the Church, the last opportunity to decide for or against the mission to evangelize the universe.

God expected the Pope to finally make the announcement of the presence of life in the universe. He waited for the Christians to wake up.

Though, it is necessary to say that at the beginning of 2012 the position of the Church was quite different from before: after the arrival on scene of the three extraordinary instruments she inevitably became secondary.

It is important for you to understand this point: as long as God did not introduce the three extraordinary instruments, the Pope represented the key figure in the plan of the recapitulation of the universe in Christ. Other peoples of the universe would have gathered around him; the angels and the faithful humanities would have supported the action of the Pope and the Church of the Earth. That was actually the mandate of Jesus and His apostles: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you“(Mt 28:19-20).

God waited a long time for the Church to welcome her mission in favour of the universe. Unfortunately, we have seen how, from the beginning, the Church has not taken into consideration this aspect of evangelisation, limiting herself to acting only on Earth; on the contrary, the question of the universe was totally ignored. For this reason, God called the three extraordinary instruments into action: He could not allow that the humanities of the low universe continued to remain unaware of the truth. They, too, should reach salvation and knowledge about the true God; that can only occur through Jesus Christ.

Therefore, when the Church was yet again called to the universal mission in 2012, the scenery had deeply changed. In fact, if the Church of the Earth and the Pope had responded positively this time, they would have simply participated to the evangelisation of the universe in communion with the extraordinary instruments and the people that would have gathered around those instruments. The Church would be no longer at the head of the mission with the help of the faithful brothers and sisters, as in the beginning, but simple participant. The central figure was no longer the Pope but St. Michael the Archangel. However, even the simple participation of the Church would have been precious in the eyes of God; the humanity of the Earth would have earned great benefit from a positive decision of the Church. The action of evil would have been limited considerably.

God had planned that the mission of the evangelisation of the universe would begin anyway regardless of the response of the Church that was granted a year’s time. For the whole year 2012 the Holy Spirit worked incessantly within the Church and the individuals.

In the meantime, the faithful brothers and sisters of the universe were taking action. Already at the beginning of 2012 they reached the low universe and travelled to Alfa Centauri to determine the methods of intervention in case of a positive response of the Church of the Earth. They settled in the bases they have in the low universe as well as on the Earth. They were ready to intervene at any positive sign given by the Church. Once again everything was ready and only the response of the Church was needed. However, once again the Church gave no response. This time, in line with God’s programme, the plan of the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ suffered neither halts nor delays. God had been even too patient with the Church of the Earth.


The year 2013 and the Trinitarian action

At the end of 2012 the situation of the universe was the following:

  • The Church of the Earth had failed to welcome the invitation of God to announce the existence of life in the universe, neither had the heads of state done so; the major part of the humanity was therefore misinformed.
  • The more sensitive Christians of the Earth who had welcomed the extraordinary instruments had prayed and suffered in 2012. They had waited in vain for a turn of the official Church, and found themselves more and more isolated and marginalized, persecuted by the same Christians; nevertheless, many others awoke and decided to offer themselves to God for His plan;
  • The humanities of the low universe had not been reached by the announcement of salvation and were suffering in the grip of Lucifer;
  • The humanities of the middle universe had not been involved in the announcement of the salvation; they had been in contact with the faithful humanities of the high universe and were therefore not completely unaware of the facts; but a true evangelization of the middle universe had never begun;
  • Lucifer and the Confederation of the Light acted in the low universe; they were in touch with the allied Illuminati of the Earth and ready for any invasive and destructive action to bend the people’s resistance. Lucifer’s plan to take possession of the low universe was proceeding fast. The situation had reached a critical point.

In the beginning of 2013 God decided to definitely give way to the final phase of His plan to recapitulate the whole universe in Christ.

He began by strongly enhancing His action: from that moment on the three Divine Persons would act in unison and in an increasingly penetrating manner to pave the way for the extraordinary instruments and the people who were gathering around the extraordinary instruments.

So began the time of the powerful Trinitarian action aiming at the fulfilment of the greatest work of God the humanity would ever have seen, comparable only to that of creation and redemption. That is how God started the work of the new creation.

As members of the Central Nucleus, it is our task to give testimony of the fact that the middle universe has been evangelised and that the whole population has welcomed Jesus Christ. Now these brothers and sisters participate in the mission assisting the faithful brothers and sisters to God. As you know, the phase of the evangelisation of the low universe started in the beginning of this year. All extraordinary instruments began to carry out actively their special tasks with their special graces for a profound evangelisation about which we will talk during Lent.

Now it is very important for the people of God to find its specific place in this situation. The evangelisation is continuing in the low universe and will reach also the Earth, in the end, through the faithful brothers and the angels. Why? Because God estimates that the Earth will not get out of the tunnel it is in, nor will the Church. So, He calls people who are ready to respond and be part of the evangelisation of the Earth which is automatically also part of the evangelisation of the whole universe.

The text says that the Pope is not a central figure anymore. This is a delicate point but we have to make it clear. It is said clearly that from now on the central point of reference is St. Michael the Archangel who gathers the whole people of the universe to take them to the recapitulation in Christ, and through the recapitulation in Christ to the new creation. That is to say, St. Michael and the extraordinary instruments carry out a true mission of God’s mercy in favour of the Earth, the low universe and the whole universe in order to take the humanity into a higher dimension so that it reaches the purpose it was created for.

Stefania Caterina: I would like to add only a few words in regard to the evangelization of the low universe in the way it has been explained to us. First of all the situation here is very different from the one in the middle universe because there masses of people have converted, and the humanities are not rebellious to God. They are rather undecided and fragile humanities than bad. They have received the announcement well, and they have understood it; as a result they have converted. The low universe shows very different situations because the humanities are rebellious and the distances between them are very large; thus, there has been little contact between the planets, or the contacts were made of wars among them.

The faithful brothers and sisters are proceeding in this manner: they have begun to visit the farthest planets, the smallest, the ones that remained most isolated in these millennia and are in a state of fear and tension. They have no power, no great technology, nor are they much considered by Lucifer; therefore, they are rather abandoned and the brothers and sisters have begun there. Their evangelisation consists in visiting these peoples, bring their testimony and, if they are welcomed, they stay with them for some time and share their life as Jesus said: “When you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is offered to you”[1] etc. So, they follow these stages and, in the meantime, they obviously help the population, exactly as Jesus said, they heal the ill[2] and help them on all levels of their life.

In regard to what Father Tomislav has said before that St. Michael is the central figure, you need to understand that in the history of the faithful humanities this has always been so because the faithful humanities have always collaborated with the angels as we, too, should have done from the beginning. Thus St. Michael has always been the central figure and therefore it not something new in the universe; it is new for us on Earth.

Father Tomislav: I would like to explain this one more time because St. Michael is a pure spirit; together with the great Archangels he stands before the face of God; he emanates and manifests the Light of God. He guided the people of Israel in the history of salvation and paved the way. You know very well that the Archangels and the angels paved the way for the people of God; you know well that they opened the way for St. Peter[3] when he was in prison several times, and also, when the angel paved the way for the pagans[4] to be welcomed, etc.

This is very important because today the Church of the Earth is rational and has put the angels aside. When we speak about the angels nowadays, there is great confusion on the Earth. We men on Earth need real light coming from these instruments; without them we cannot even carry out the mission to govern with God. So, this is the Church descending from the throne of God: the angels and the brothers and sisters truly faithful to God from the beginning. This tells us that all of us, all the children of God, will be elevated to that dimension in order to live in real communion with the angels and cooperate with God in governing the whole universe.

There is another particular aspect: the liturgy celebrated by the Church on Earth is the participation to the liturgy celebrated by St. Michael together with the Archangels and the saints in Heaven. This occurs thanks to the grace of mercy that attracts humanity in order to elevate it and pull it out of the tunnel because God knows that the humanity of the Earth is on the edge of the abyss.

Now my question is: which is the place of the new people in this scenario? First of all, the point of reference is St. Michael and the extraordinary instruments because they are able to elevate this people, and to elevate us when we are united with them and all those who are in Heaven. Then this process makes that all those in Paradise, that is, in the new creation, will be simply one people along with the extraordinary and ordinary instruments.

Stefania Caterina: This is an important point because the extraordinary instruments are not something special or privileged – they are part of the people; in this time they are called to carry out a particular task which is to pave the way for all those who will follow; the people of God is made of many different levels, and therefore it is necessary that someone paves the way. In the same way as every army has its storm troops, God has His storm troops in His army which are also part of the people of God, and in the end of times there will be no more this or that people but only one people, which means that the extraordinary instruments will be part of the people as will St. Michael and the angels and the faithful brothers and sisters: we will all be one thing.

Father Tomislav: Another aspect is the question about where the people of the Earth are located within the Church:  I will try to respond. First of all, there is no truth of faith that prohibits believing in the existence of men in the universe. There are the fundamental truths of our faith which are compulsory: the recapitulation of the universe in Christ, the glorious coming of Christ, the new creation of the whole universe and the Earth. So, what should the attitude of the new people be? It should be the attitude of the saints. Each saint is awakened by the Holy Spirit in him; he sets off ready to consecrate himself and to give himself totally over to God. In this manner St. Anthony the Great set off and St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare, etc. They did not wait for any approval or decree and just “were holy”; do you understand what I mean? These people who are aware of the grace given by God, aware of the fact that it leads us to encountering the glorious Christ and to the new creation, pull up their sleeves and want to be a holy, responsible people committed to work, but why? Because they want all faithful who are of good will, all believers of the Church and all religions, all believers of good will to find the way opened by the grace that comes from God. In this manner, they take on the responsibility in favour of the whole Church; yet, not like a sect that isolates them, but like yeast that leavens and brings holiness. The people choose to serve Jesus Christ without compromises in faith, in the way the apostles begun off after the experience of Pentecost.

Stefania Caterina: It is important to understand that holiness is not a privilege for few; it is a call to every one of us. And in regard to this also Our Lady of Medjugorje has been clear: holiness is meant for everyone; she has called us to holiness, in fact holiness is the ultimate goal of every Christian being. If we do not become saints, if we do not live like saints, it does not make sense to be Christians either. We have to reveal the holiness that is in us; we are not saints because we do great works but because we are in the image and likeness of the One who is threefold Holy, and we are called to manifest His holiness. Therefore, the people is the whole of the saints. That was clear to the first apostles, the first Christians. They greeted each other saying, “the saints of this or that church”. We are called to this. I think that we have to stop thinking of the saints as an unreachable, sometimes even strange or fanatical category of people, as we have been taught for years, through history and education. No, holiness is the path every one of us can go by offering our life to Jesus, because it is Jesus who allows us to be holy. It is Him who, through His holiness, lives in us if we offer Him our life; then He elevates us through the Holy Spirit to the holiness of God.

Father Tomislav: We do not distance ourselves from anybody, only from the spirit of evil; we do not oppose anybody but the spirit of evil; we do not criticise anybody, but we want to see clearly which one is the way of goodness and which is the way of evil. We do not want to use any violence, neither moral nor spiritual, no type of violence; nor do we want to criticise others. We want to focus on being children of God in the way the Gospel and the whole Scripture teach us. This is very important for all of us: to represent the positivity of God who loves all.

Today dialogue is an issue, but you know that real dialogue can only take place when diversity is respected. Our originality as Christian is that for us Jesus Christ is the Lord of the whole universe, that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour, that Jesus Christ is the perfect image of God; that Jesus Christ will be the judge of the universe and all human beings including the atheists. After death all will reflect themselves in that perfect image they could have met and known while on Earth. According to their choice they will orientate themselves in the end. This is very important.

When we speak about the saints and their choice, you know that they did not set off towards holiness with an approval or a decree; they were not applauded, on the contrary, they were persecuted and misunderstood. This is what happens to those who want to pave the way and open new horizons for others. Who is closed in his shell does not see further, is disturbed by those who go further and pave the way. Our faith opens us up to the fullness.

Stefania Caterina: We wonder: why is there a holy people? Why does God need a holy people? In fact, God does not need anyone, He is self-sufficient; nevertheless, God wants His creatures to collaborate in salvation. So, in the way the extraordinary instruments pave the way for the people who want to be holy, in the same way the holy people have to pave the way for many men and women of good will who actually exist but are hidden behind their fears, behind their weaknesses, and who need to be liberated. God sends us to liberate the prisoners, and for this a holy people is needed because it is not enough to proclaim a truth,  people need to see that someone lives that truth, that there is a people living according to different laws.

Father Tomislav: Here we are touching a very important point: we said that we are living in the time of the Antichrist. The fact that neither the Antichrist nor the False Prophet have manifested yet, does not mean they are not acting. Nevertheless, these are the times of the Antichrist[5], we can all perceive it in the pressure of the satanic spirit present in the world. The new people are called to light the Light, to increase the Light so that all the many children who are getting lost in the confusion find a path of light. Then, the Light will weaken the darkness and, consequently, the prince of darkness will have to leap out and play his last card; the last card he will bet on is the Antichrist, but why? Because Lucifer cannot do certain things without the creatures, without man. Therefore, he will have to invest part of his power in a man who will be powerful and do miracles, who will impose himself, as he is defined in Jesus’ message of 2012. Then the end of Lucifer’s kingdom will begin. How? Lucifer will deflate and loose strength because he too is a creature that cannot regenerate; God, however, regenerates continuously. As a result, his followers and the Antichrist cannot regenerate; all things and all who follow him will be subject to decay. The new people must promote and attract all that went lost and wants to rise up. So, you see how important the role of the new people is; in this time the new people must set off and take responsibility in favour of the Church, in favour of the humanity of the Earth and of the universe.

Stefania Caterina: Referring to what Father Tomislav said, today you may notice that a lot is said about God as the Father of all; it is true that there is a God who is the Father of all. However, for us He is first and foremost the Father of Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ we are true children of God because only in Jesus Christ we can overcome that great barrier of original sin which has divided us from God. So, if the Antichrist is the one who denies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, you understand that today we are on the path of the Antichrist. Now for many Jesus is just the head of a religion, the founder of the religion, but for us Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The problem is not recognising that God exists; the problem is recognising that Jesus Christ is God! This is something profoundly different. And we are giving testimony of this truth; if we do not give testimony, we are not Christians.

Father Tomislav: In conclusion, these words may help you encourage the light inside you because the Holy Spirit wishes to kindle the light in each one of you. It is very important to be aware of the fact that this new people is part of the people of the whole universe; so let us try to recognise that also on the Earth there are children of God who believe and put it into practice; the more these children of God are awakened the more they will search each other and build relationships. Their response, also individually, will cause the evangelisation of the low universe to be accelerated as well as the coming of the faithful brothers to rescue and assist the new people in their mission on the Earth.  Thus, this Lent is important for us because all of you who feel touched by these words and believe shall feel united. We take you continuously before the throne of God and pray for you and all your needs. Please, pray for us, and together let us pray for all those who are awakening on the Earth and in the universe.

And I bless you; may the Holy Spirit give you testimony of the truth of which we speak; may He give you sings; may He give you true impulses; may He give you wisdom to discern and strength to decide to live in holiness the Christian life in communion with all the faithful brothers and sisters in the whole universe; may He give you the responsibility for the rest of humanity who has not got to know Jesus Christ for different reasons so that they receive the light and the grace to reach Him; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Lk 10:8

[2] Matt 10:8

[3] Acts 12:7-11

[4] Acts 12

[5] See the message of “The Antichrist will have to manifest himself” of 6 August, 2012, published on 1 February, 2013, on the website http://towardsthenewcreation.com