“The new people”


By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The subject of today’s reflection is “The new people”. The last time we spoke about where the new people stand: they are the Christians who want to live in a new way, similar to the saints, but they want to live all together as saints.

The Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate”[1], which collects all revelations, has written a booklet “The Path of the New People”[2] which is available free of charge. The booklet introduces the new people; nevertheless, in our reflections we will look at different aspects of the new people, and we will try to help you.

St. Paul says that the Christians are new men, children of the Light. The novelty, that is, the life in the light is different from the corrupt life, that is, the life in the darkness. The history of salvation is a pilgrimage of the whole universe towards rediscovering God and the life in God. If we review Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Josef of Egypt, Moses and the history of the chosen people of Israel we may see that the history of salvation is a pilgrimage towards God. All prophets of the Old Testament were instruments who opened new horizons to the people especially in the hearts of the people, and at the same time to make them see far ahead, to see the future. And all was proceeding towards one point: the first coming of Jesus Christ on Earth. After His ascension and glory beside God, His followers, the Christians, walked their path to reach Him in His glory, mystically united to Him in the Holy Spirit, submitted to the Father to be introduced into the new creation. These are the fundamental truths of our faith.

So, the new people moves within this frame; hence we will try to reflect by looking at different aspects. The question comes up: what does the new people do? The answer is: it revives the spiritual pilgrimage to reach the place where our Lord is waiting for us. Here we will listen to the message of God the Father which you can also find in the book “Riscrivere la storia – Vol.I – Nel pensiero di Dio”, page 109-110[3].

Message of God the Father  of 24 February 2010

“Christianity, the discipleship of my Son Jesus that leads you to Me, does not bear fruit if it does not carry the newness of life. Along the centuries the Christian people did not make the newness of life visible; it manifested in the apostles and the great saints of history instead. And you know what great power emanated from their holiness; it was so great that it changed not only the life of the apostles but also of others. It is necessary for each member of the people to make his belonging to Me visible through a renewed life; then, My seal will shine on his forehead. You are destined to give testimony of the new life to the whole universe; this is the essence of your being Christians because My Son has given you My life that is in Him. It is also in you, and it is the source of your own life. Life recreates continuously in My bosom; it pours on my creatures and bears fruit uninterruptedly within those who welcome it. The life of the Holy Trinity is the continuous circling of the love of the three Persons that generate the force that is life, which in turn generates love, and this occurs continuously in the incessant Trinitarian vortex.

Christianity is not a religion, it is the transformation of life. The Christian is the new creature. When you sincerely give yourselves to My Son you will be directly introduced into the power of the Trinitarian vortex where you will be constantly regenerated.

You will not become super humans as a result, but new creatures who regenerate continuously. Do you understand the difference? How many of you would like to obtain power from Me to possess the world and to solve impossible situations! For this they turn to Satan and offer him themselves because in exchange they receive a little bit of human power, but they do not become new creatures. Only I can give you something more: I give you the uncorrupted and incorruptible life which elevates you above your limits and which leads you beyond death with the power of hope since life is the source of hope.

You will only become new creatures if you receive My life in you; all other attempts to change yourselves outside of Me are destined to fail. You may become super humans but not new men. The superman is still a man and as such he dies; the new man is son of God and even though he dies, he will rise again. Choose what you want to be!

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

St. John the Apostle says in the Revelations: “Then I saw ‘a new heaven and a new earth.’ Then he said, ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.’ He said to me: ‘It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.’“[4] God‘s revelations through St. John came long after the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles at Pentecost. God keeps creating continuously. As we are called to be new men we have to participate in the Trinitarian action of the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For this the Holy Spirit has been given to the Christians who have chosen Jesus Christ and were baptised in His name to follow His path and to reach the Father.

Remember that the year 2013 was the year in which the Trinitarian power increased. So, the new people must understand how to enter into and participate in the power in this time and what the purpose of this power is. The new creation is not something that will come about one day like a magic event: the new creation has begun in the moment of our baptism. Our creativity in the Holy Spirit transforms us in the moment a saint lets himself be transformed. Then the Trinitarian power acts powerfully through the people who desire to be continuously renewed. By participating in this Trinitarian power the new men begin to take part in the government of the universe with God. Then we will be in a continuous process of progress.

I would like to ask some questions for you to think about. Are the fundamental truths we are talking about central in the sermons of the Church’s priests? Do they teach you how to proceed on the path to get to the new creation; how to walk on the path of the spiritual life to participate in the Trinitarian action? Do they teach you how to grow to be the recapitulated in Jesus Christ so that Jesus Christ is alive and acting in you? Do they teach you how to live this, and that this is not a truth that we find in books but in the experience of life? Another question is: do you think that we Christians and the whole humanity are clinging to the Earth and the earthly things without looking up to the reality we have to reach and which has been revealed through Jesus Christ? Do you know what it means to be Christians clinging to the Earth? It means that belonging to a religion is enough for us; yet, God the Father tells us in His message that Christianity is not a religion but the transformation of life. The Christian is a witness of the newness of life and the victory. If we cling to the Earth, we are satisfied with belonging to a religion and to carry out rituals. We often do not say that we are Christians when we introduce ourselves; we speak about our western culture. However, festivals are folkloric and culture is an ideology. In this way we are without the living God and without Jesus Christ. Think about this! In this view Christianity appears fragile and subject to blows. Do you think that Christianity today is alive and creative in the way it was at Pentecost? Are we like the first Christians who participated in Pentecost with the apostles, or are we stagnant individuals in the middle of many religions and many cultures? It is right to love all and to give attention to all, but we have a duty to God to reveal the living God, the true God.

So, what is the new people? The new people wants to live the whole dynamic of this truth to be in a living relationship with The One and Triune God, the living and true God, and this makes the people change; the Christians become new people who attract others and who save others from the corruption and darkness of this time.

I would like to quote the words of God the Father: “Christianity is not a religion; it is the transformation of life. The Christian is the new creature. When you sincerely give yourselves to My Son you will be directly introduced into the power of the Trinitarian vortex where you will be constantly regenerated.” Being constantly regenerated means winning corruption and winning death. He adds: “You will only become new creatures if you receive My life in you; all other attempts to change yourselves outside of Me are destined to fail.”

Think about these words and prepare yourselves for the next reflection; may every reflection enlighten you more and awaken in you the life you have received with baptism and with the sacraments.

I bless you; may the Trinitarian power awaken you from your sleep. Along centuries, even millennia, Christianity has been transformed into a habit, into a message that is taken for granted, sometimes not entirely or only partially lived; the Lord may awaken you in these times so that you manifest the newness, the holiness, the life of the living Christ in you. I bless you; may you have the courage to immerse yourselves in the strong grace given in these times to go towards the new creation; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] The Italian name is “Fortezza dell’Immacolata”

[2] Published in Italy by Ed. Luci dell‘Esodo, not yet available in English.

[3] Published in Italy by Ed. Luci dell‘Esodo, not yet available in English.

[4] Rev 21:5-6