“Converting to the Living God”

4 march 2016

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to apologise to you as we told you there would be an interview on channel Rete 4. Many of you have watched it – it went the way it went. However, we will continue to give you information and explanations online and through other means we have. We thank you for your prayers, your mails and your messages in which you express your encouragement for us to go ahead. We would like to highlight that several people who did not know us searched and found us on the web after the programme. They have encouraged us to continue our work and have thanked us for our testimony.

We will continue with our reflections. The subject of this evening is “Converting to the Living God”. During these days of Lent we often hear the words “observe the Law, obey to God[1], listen to His voice[2]. Listening to His voice is more than that. When we listen to a friend or a foe, the reactions may be different. When we speak about a friend our love for this friend involves his whole life. So, when we listen to the word of the Living God, His word envelops and penetrates us; the vibrations of the voice of God full of love change our life.

If we look at the history of salvation, God tried every way to get closer to man after original sin, but man escaped, hid, was scared of His voice and preferred the voice of the idols he could manipulate and that Satan who deceived him because for the wound he was carrying and the hardness of his heart refusing to change he distanced himself more and more from the voice of God. God revealed the Law through Moses[3] and that Law is impressed in the rock and in the books, in the rolls of parchment, but the voice of God was forgotten and did not resound inside the people who even forgot the liberating events of the people in Egypt. The word is forgotten or interpreted in the wrong way, in a selfish way; it is exploited for politics and personal interests or to hide behind it: this is what the prophets speak about, they speak about hypocrisy. Thus, a living voice was needed and God sent the prophets. During Israel’s whole path the prophets brought the living voice; they were men open to God who could hear the living voice and could read the Law according to the will of God. Then, thanks to God the Father, the Son came, the perfect image of God, who revealed us His face and spoke to us. The apostles heard His voice, not only when they were together with Him during His time on Earth, but also through their union with the Risen Christ. And after Pentecost that voice of God was alive within the apostles, and therefore they were able to speak, announce and give testimony.

We have reached the time in which God is planning to bring the whole humanity of the whole universe together. Therefore, you can imagine that some very powerful voices are needed. We have already heard about the seven great Archangels, the angels, the sublime instruments. Tonight we want to look closer at the voice of the faithful brothers and sisters to God in the universe of which we actually wanted to speak on channel Rete 4. Stefania will speak to you about it.

Stefania Caterina: Dear listeners, I will connect to the words of Father Tomislav: original sin unfortunately caused a great fracture between a part of humanity and God and therefore the rebellious humanities were no more able to listen to the word of God within them. Yet, the part of humanity that remained faithful and that did not commit original sin is a humanity that did not separate from God; there are many such humanities because there are several planets that remained faithful to God in the high universe. This is very important to understand because for the absence of original sin no separation from God occurred. These humanities have progressed; they walked their path with God and with the angels; they fulfilled their mission and continue to do so in communion with the angels. Thus, it is a humanity that has not lost its original mission of governing creation together with the angels in the name of God.

However, these humanities have not done only this: they have welcomed Jesus Christ. They have welcomed Him as God, as Saviour, the Son of God the Saviour, and serve Him faithfully. After the resurrection Jesus visited these humanities also in His body. He visited the planets and still continues to do so. Therefore, you may understand that these humanities not only hear the voice of God but see the person of Jesus Christ who is the visible image of the invisible God[4] as the Bible tells us. So, hearing the voice of God is normal for these humanities, it was meant to be normal for us too and will eventually occur in the new creation when we see God face to face, hear His voice and obey to His voice.

I have already told you that they are in communion with the angels and they carry out their missions together, but why? Because the angels act in a rather spiritual dimension while these humanities having also a body act also in the sensitive, material dimension.

The humanities faithful to God are spiritually very powerful and also technologically, scientifically as wll as physically because their bodies are capable of performances that are impossible for us to carry out. Thus, they are very powerful humanities, but at the same time they are very humble and do not behave like gods; they do not impose themselves. When they visit other humanities in the low universe – they do it often on their missions as you know – they behave like brothers and sisters even though they are on a much higher level in every respect. They visit the weak humanities and they rescue them, help them, they show them solidarity, share their meals with them, sit at their tables. You see that this is a humble behaviour.

Even though these humanities are very powerful, they need us. Humanity was created as ONE by God and has to return to be ONE. Sin has separated us; it has taken us to different planets in different dimensions, but the project of God is to recuperate the whole humanity, as Father Tomislav said, to reunite it; to make one single humanity out of many humanities, a single flock and a single Shepherd Jesus Christ. Consequently, we will not enter the new creation alone but in communion with all other brothers and sisters of the universe; of course those who will have accepted to enter, who will have accepted Jesus Christ and who will have endeavoured to follow the voice of the Living God.

What do these humanities communicate us? In my personal experience these humanities have always transmitted me faith in the One and Triune God, and the awareness that we are one thing in God and that there are no distances; even though we are physically very distant from each other, in spirit there are really no distances. They confirm it all the time: the distance is only physical; that distance can be overcome by God in a moment. The problem is not the physical distance. The problem is that the humanity of the Earth does not accept the communion with other living beings in the universe; it fears them. These humans always communicate great harmony; it is evident that they are humanities who live in harmony with the laws of God, and this harmony makes them look beautiful, almost perfect in their body. There are no ill, deformed, handicapped ones. This harmony they have and that appears in their person is the harmony they have inside them because the way they speak, the way they communicate is always peaceful; it is always soft and harmonious; they never impose anything to anyone, nor do they ever judge or criticise; they sincerely want the whole humanity to elevate itself more and more, and they put themselves at the disposal of the brothers and sisters according to the will of God to help those who are weak. Our history has witnessed many of their interventions even though they were not noticeable because God did not allow it; yet, especially in the beginning of our history they helped us enormously. They have helped us also to defeat many illnesses; they helped us also in a certain way to evolve and also by strengthening our spirit. All they do, they do it beginning from the spirit, and they are physically powerful because they are powerful in spirit. It is the spirit that governs our whole body and our whole life, even the physical one.

Thus, these humanities are on a journey of faith as we are. They tend towards perfection but their great desire is that the other humanities too reach that perfection and may become children of God because they introduce themselves as children of God and they really are. They have great love for Our Lady; they recognise Her as the their Mother and venerate Her as Queen. They are grateful to Her for giving us Jesus, for Her obedience to God which made Her so great and so perfect.

You may have noticed that despite the many talks about the existence or non-existence of the so-called “aliens”  the faithful humanities to God are never mentioned. It is preferred to speak about green men with long noses, as also the Pope says, but no-one speaks about the children of God who are in universe. They try to instil fear of what could happen, of invasions, wars. Now, it is true that there are difficult situations in the low universe; it is true that there are humanities like us that are certainly not friendly towards us and have expansionist intentions but denying the existence of the faithful brothers and sisters means to give an untrue image of the situation and especially to give no hope.

So what I would like to say today is that God is at work and along with Him the angels and His faithful children are at work. Be careful to distinguish clearly between the children of God and the children of man: the children of God are those who have decided to be children of God because they have welcomed Jesus Christ, and there are those who are creatures but do not know God anymore, do not desire Him, do not accept Jesus Christ, and  they serve an abstract God, a God who eventually becomes an idol.

As a result, our testimony is that the faithful humanities do exist. They are children of God who will get in touch with us sooner or later. God will allow their manifestation; it is only a matter of time. God needs to settle certain issues before their manifestation occurs; yet, it will occur and that day will be a happy day for those who believed, and we are waiting for it with hope and love. Thank you.

Padre Tomislav: As I have already said, we are all destined to hear the voice of God, we are all destined to meet the glorious Christ and we will live with Him. Now the question is: how should we proceed? There are two important points: we have to get before God and recognise that He is the Only God[5], as the Scripture says, the True God who is interested in us, who knows our whole being, who knows us better than we know ourselves and wants to take care of us, elevate and transform us.

Psalm 139 says: “You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. . . . For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”This wish to discover God, the God of love, God the Father, God the Saviour, opens us so that we desire Him. The psalmist prays: “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my thoughts. See if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” From this attitude springs prayer and the search for God which leads us to conversion. The more one is ready to see God with his heart, the more he will feel His presence and even more so His voice. I do not mean the physical voice but the perception of the vibration of the infinite love of God that penetrates us deep inside as the Scripture says: it penetrates our whole being.

Jesus said in chapter 10 of John: “My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one will snatch them out of my hand. What my Father has given me is greater than all else, and no one can snatch it out of the Father’s hand.” Exactly this leads us to open up fully; may the love of God through the Son who saves us penetrate us; may His voice bring the vibration that contains all the rules of our life in the spiritual dimension, and which surround also our body, our whole being, our mind, our will and awaken our memory.

And I bless you; may you begin the journey towards encountering the Living God and be the true, living voice of the Living God for others so that the universe may receive the announcement of the word of God, so that it gets to hear the voice of God. I bless all those who wish that all fears disappear; may you have in mind that God is love and that He wants to elevate us and take us into the new creation; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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[2] Jer 7:23-28

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