“The integrity of the people of God”


By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

In the last conferences we spoke about the new people. We explained the place where the new people stands within the Church, the people of God; it stands in the same place as all saints and all prophets along history who lived the unconditioned grace of the Word of God. The last time we told you that the people of God had the task to revive the historical pilgrimage towards God in order to reach God; it is the inner pilgrimage that takes us to God.

Today we will speak about the integrity of the people of God, the integrity of faith and life. Today we will again refer to a message of Jesus that you can find in the first volume of “Rewriting History – In the Thought of God”[1] on page 105-106. Listen.

Message of Jesus of 21 February 2010

“Know how to be persons of integrity! First of all in faith: you cannot believe “every other day”, nor reach out to Me after having tried all other options that seem anyway always better to you than what I offer. You are persons of integrity in faith when your trust in Me is constant and simple as that of a child who puts its hand into its father’s hand and lets itself be guided with docility being certain that nothing evil may happen to it. When you are intimately certain that God is with you and guides you, that with His help you will manage to take the right way and that all is possible to God, then your faith is upright.

Once you have reached the integrity of faith, you will also reach the integrity of life. The one and the other are intimately connected. The integrity of life is a broad concept that touches many aspects of your existence and which is not limited, as some might think, to moral standards or sexuality. The integrity of life is based on the integrity of the relationship with God, from which all other relationships originate and receive their dignity. Therefore it is inseparable from the integrity of faith. When your relationship with God is sincere, moved by burning love for Him, lacking any ambition or interests, you are full of the love of God who passes on His thought to you so that you live according to His laws.

If you offer yourselves to Me, you enter into the Trinitarian life and the love of God will rest in your spirit; it is like an inexhaustible source at the centre of your being. From this source two rivers will flow: a river of love for yourselves and another river of love for your neighbour. If you keep an upright relationship with God, you will live in a balanced way and love your neighbour like yourselves. Be careful! I said “like yourselves” not “more than yourselves” or “less than yourselves”. This means that the man who loves God and loves himself and the others with the love of God is always balanced and does not experience fanaticism and forcing. The real tragedy is that you are unable to love yourselves because you do not love God. For this reason you can neither love nor be loved; you lack the love of God; the inner source that is in you is buried under the hard sand of your desert.

What I am saying is not only meant for some individuals but for all Christians who are called to reach integrity as Church, that is, as a people. Unfortunately, I see that among the Christians the serpent has crept in through human interests, the desire to gain power and greed for money, which have weakened their testimony and undermined the integrity of their faith and their life. The greed to possess all and everything, even God, has shocked many brothers and sisters and pushed them to despise the Christian message. Know that if you want to follow me, you cannot possess anything on Earth except the life of God that is ALL. My life never ends; it does not pass as your whims pass, your little human aspirations. Therefore, convert and live with integrity before God, yourselves and humanity.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

I think that all of you who listen have received a treasure through the words we have conveyed to you. Many of you have read the message over and over again. Yet, when we live together, when we pray together, when we offer ourselves together, all is different and the words achieve a deeper meaning. I will try to get you closer to this message through a reflection. A few weeks ago a woman called me that I had not seen for a long time. She told me briefly the difficulties of her life and asked me, “Give me three words you told me the last time that remained impressed in me and gave me life”. I answered, “Let us pray for the words to be revived in you”. Then I prayed for her and her needs on the telephone and finally I asked her, “Do you remember the words now?” “Yes, I do: peaceful trust in God, humble abandonment to God”. I said, “Then, continue to ask God to keep these words alive in you. I will pray for you.”

I would like to speak about this issue: without the love of God man does not love himself. What happens, if he does not love himself? He will stumble along, get ill, destroy himself, die and that is the end. This is the process of an illness, of all illnesses: self-destruction. You see how many people do not love themselves; they are always at war with someone because they are not living the person they are in God. There is a continuous war within ther soul which from there takes over the whole being. If man does not love himself with the love God has given to him, he will not love his neighbour; so, what happens then? He destroys his neighbour. We are able to see how destructive today’s world is because the feelings, emotions, words and thoughts for others, the people’s hopelessness are destructive. It is our spirit that destroys us because the deepest aspect of our being is the spirit. When our spirit is corrupt, it corrupts others. We live an incredible inner war. This inner war shows up in every little trial. That little trial indicates that something is wrong in our relationship with God. We may pray for hours on end, attend mass every day, pray countless rosaries, and yet the relationship with God is not upright because our heart is not open to God.

The beautiful thing is that, if we are open to God in faith – Stefania has put this message in the chapter “Spouses of God”- then our upright faith loves the Spouse, they are in love with each other. This is the perfect image to say that they seek each other; they seek each other’s life. All the rest is formality. Our faith presupposes that love to reach the Loved inside us, to reach the Person of God, that is, the Three Divine Persons, and be in the Trinitarian love. Then life pours forth in us, otherwise it does not.

It is strongly underlined in this message that if we sincerely believe, the love of the One and Triune God, the creating God, the redeeming God, the sanctifying, perfecting God, remains in us; not just any God but the One and Triune God. If we are open to this, then in us the Word of God and the thought of God are the action of God. We say that the Trinitarian action has increased in the universe. However, we need to pick up this power that is our thought, the thought of God within us. Because through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, we will go beyond the Word, understand the thought; we will understand the Spirit of God, the laws of the Spirit of God, that is, the real interpretation of the Word of God. What happens when we reach that point? The divine creativity will develop in us, the divine creative power, not the destructive one that comes from evil.  And the more we progress in this respect the more we feel that the mandate of the apostles is the mandate of each one of us. The vital power will simply blossom, manifest itself visibly to others.

I would like to ask you something: is the life that has been planted in you like a little plant in the moment of baptism free or suffocated? If you are not baptized the little plant may be a newly discovered desire of God. It is easier for me to describe the case of the suffocated plant: think of a little plant in a forest and you can imagine that it will have difficulties to develop; but, what is the forest? The forest is the sum of all negative thoughts coming from your heart, from your spirit: worries, hopelessness, disordered wishes, a feeling of inner emptiness. When we speak about emptiness in man, in the spirit of man, we need to say that there is actually no such emptiness or nothingness in man; the feeling of emptiness contains a tragedy, a disorder. There is no such thing as a void in man. There is either an upright spirit or a corrupt spirit. So, if your little plant is suffocated by a forest, then there is no life in you. The forest could even be praying ten rosaries a day without contemplating the thought of God, the illuminating word of God that gives life.

Voglio chiedervi: voi ogni giorno, per essere cristiani veri, trovate il momento quando verificate il vostro rapporto sincero, libero con Dio? Rimane quel rapporto vivo tutta la giornata? Se quel rapporto nella fede è vivo con Dio tutta la giornata, che vivifica i vostri pensieri, le vostre emozioni, tutto il vostro essere, allora voi siete risorti dentro, in voi agisce una potenza che vince il male, tutto l’ammalato attorno a voi. Allora potete essere evangelizzatori degli altri, indipendentemente se qualcuno è costretto a chiudere la bocca, ma la vita si manifesta, anche nella tomba, nessuno la ferma, anzi, nella tomba la vita di Dio si manifesta eccome , per fare risorgere. Allora come è importante che verifichiamo il nostro rapporto con Dio!

I would like to ask you also: do you, as true Christians, find a moment every day in which you make sure that your relationship with God is sincere and free? Does that relationship stay alive all day long? If that faithful relationship with God is alive all day, it will revive your thoughts, your emotions, your whole being and you will be risen within yourselves because in you the power that defeats evil and all disorder around you is at work. Then you may become evangelizers of others, and it will not matter if you are forced to remain silent. Life manifests itself even in the tomb, no-one can stop it; on the contrary, in the tomb God’s life manifests itself even more by resurrecting. Therefore, you see how important it is that we watch over our relationship with God!

There is a strong expression in this message that says: the life of God is ALL; you cannot possess anything if you want the life of God. This is actually scary as you might think that you will have to give up everything. Yet, you  actually have to change your way of thinking. When a member of the family gets seriously ill, you sacrifice everything to help him get his health back. You run here and there, is it not so? In this message Jesus says “the life of God is ALL” written in big letters. So, if we have this ALL, we are healthy and safe, we do not experience corruption, we do not fear the passage to the afterlife. This power changes our life and the life of others.

What has been said “the life of God is ALL” is not something imposed by the Church or an institution; it is the law of life, the law that Israel established at the foot of Mount Sinai: life or death. The alliance with God means life; distancing oneself from God means death.[2] Thus the people of God need to be sensitive in this matter; throwing away life, vegetate, makes all turn into the opposite and all will be destroyed. We can evangelise the Earth and evangelise the universe by bringing the life to people that defeats death, disease, even our negativity. All that will be consumed through our offering. When I spoke to people, also in Medjugorje, they often told me: “But this is impossible, I have no time!” They mean they have no time to live! Look, these are serious things! The people of God must be sensitive to this and take the way towards the integrity of life; the life that communicates itself to the whole universe; the life that is on the altar when we celebrate Mass. I invite those who are sensitive among the people of God to leave everything behind and follow the true life. This will guarantee that the world will change and that it does a leap in quality; otherwise we will continue to vegetate on Earth. However, God does not intend to let us vegetate on Earth; vital decisions have to be taken now. Take courage!

I bless you with the Spirit with which Jesus Christ faced the trials when the apostles too were scared and did not understand Him. I bless you in this day we venerate the Cross of the Lord, the Crucifix, so that we look at it carefully. He left everything behind: the charismas, the powers of the soul, and put Himself in the hands of the Father, in the thought of the Father. There He brought every one of us and the whole humanity that wishes to belong to God. I bless you; may you have the courage to face all obstacles, all trials and defeat evil; may you have the courage to live the true life and pass it on to others; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] The original title is “Riscrivere la storia – Nel pensiero di Dio”, Publisher Luci dell’Esodo; the book is not available in English yet.

[2] Cfr. Lev 11:26