The manifestation of the Glorious Christ

25 November 2016

By Stefania Caterina and Fr P. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters. Today we will speak about the manifestation of the Glorious Christ.  The former reflections were about “The time of the Antichrist” and “The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” which go parallel; then came the subject of “Immaculate with the Immaculate”, and the last one was “The Cosmic Pentecost”. We are now at the beginning of Advent and the liturgical year 2017. During this period, we want to speak about the Glorious Christ in the whole universe and in us. We would like to highlight the dynamic of the year awaiting us.

Stefania Caterina: We do not speak about the coming of Christ as an event happening on a specific day that we know or someone else knows. We know very well from the Gospel that no-one knows the day in which the Lord will come back,[1] but we can understand from the signs, from all we see around us that we are going towards His coming, regardless of the fact that we know the day or the hour, but Jesus will come. This is His promise and the fulfilment of the action of the Redeemer, because if Jesus did not return to collect the fruit of all that he began to sow with His coming, there would be no work of salvation. Thus, it has to be fulfilled.

Thus we speak about the coming of the Glorious Christ as we can see the whole dynamic of His action in this time, which is very strong and embracing the whole universe. Jesus Christ is at work to complete what has begun with His first coming.  Thus, we find ourselves in a phase of our history, the history of the whole of humanity, which is an intensive preparation for the glorious coming of Christ.  I repeat that we do not know when, but we know that it will take place, and time is running fast. When Jesus was to come to the Earth, the history of humanity was moving towards the event of His incarnation, and in the same way today the history of the universe and the history of mankind is moving towards this event.

We have spoken to you about the evangelisation of the low universe that is going ahead as the faithful brothers are visiting the planets of the low universe. This causes the power and action of the Trinitarian vortex to increase in the low universe. We have also spoken about the new Church of the universe, that is, of the people of God coming together, gathering in the name of Jesus Christ, uniting in the same spirit and building the Church that will be the only Church of the universe.

Father Tomislav: In the beginning of this year we have spoken about three great events: the new priesthood, the new people of the universe and the Antichrist. The news today that has been revealed to us is that Lucifer has chosen the Antichrist. That does not mean that he will be revealed tomorrow or that some know who it is. Lucifer, very cunningly, wants to hide this figure because the revelation of the Antichrist is the beginning of the end of Lucifer as Jesus said in one of His messages[2]. This is because Lucifer gives the Antichrist a part of his power weakening Lucifer as a being, and since he is not united to God he will weakens more and more and will not be able to renew his energy nor the energy of the Antichrist. Naturally, along with the Antichrist also the False Prophet will come out. Thus, we are in the time when Lucifer does everything possible to awaken his followers, obviously by using lies and seduction and by creating systems which will be in the hands of the Antichrist and through which he will accomplish his work.

We have told you about the Confederation of the Light, that is, the followers of Satan, the Illuminati, the secret esoteric sects of the low universe which are united to those of the Earth and have built the Confederation in view of the progressing evangelisation of the whole universe. We are at the point where Lucifer acts in a particular way powerfully through the Confederation and those who join it directly and indirectly. Therefore, you should understand that God continuously carries on with His action. He has formed His people, the Church of the universe. As we have also explained to you that a part of the people of God on the Earth and of the Church have understood this time and joined in the Spirit of God, in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, all the men of the universe who have welcomed Jesus Christ.

Thus we are in the place where Jesus Christ will force the Antichrist out. We do not want to focus on the Antichrist; we want to face him seriously. Now, in the whole universe with the people of God of the whole universe the action of the Trinitarian power will begin. The laws of the pure Spirit, the laws of Light, Vibration and Heat will penetrate the entire universe, and no system, no evil man, will be able to stop them. And this power will touch everything and will call all to respond; Lucifer too will be called to come out in the end as he will also have to face Jesus Christ and follow his own decision.

We are saying all this because it is stated in the New Testament, especially in the Letter of St. Paul the Apostle to the Colossians, that all has been created through Jesus Christ and in view of His coming and all things will be reconciled in Him[3]. We are now in this time.

To continue more concretely we will quote some passages of the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”[4], in particular the passage of “The powerful of the Earth and the new world order”[5] as there we may see the action of Jesus Christ and the action of the world order which is influencing life on the Earth in a capillary way.

 “After original sin the humanity of the Earth lost the ability to discern between good and evil. For this reason Jesus Christ the Saviour came: through Him the sinful humanity achieved again the ability and the freedom to choose and decide free from the yoke of the devil. Those who accept Jesus Christ, love Him and give themselves over to Him break all bonds with sin. Jesus gives them the strength to get away from the influence of evil. It reads in the Bible, “The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.  No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God“ (1 John 3:8-9).

Why then does humanity continue to be under the influence of evil being ruled by corrupt men behind whom the spirit of Lucifer blows? Because the major part of humanity failed to understand anything of Jesus Christ; it has not accepted Him nor loved Him at all, much less it would give itself to Him. I will tell once again: God will not save you without your collaboration. He has created you as intelligent and free individuals but your progenitors renounced their freedom to submit to evil. God has freed you through Jesus Christ, giving you back the freedom and dignity you had lost; yet, once again you have renounced your freedom. You have refused Jesus Christ and returned to the ancient chains.

And you, the powerful of the world, prefer Lucifer to Jesus Christ. Blinded by his false promises you trample on everything and everyone, inebriated as you are by the scent of money and power. Your mouth is full of falsehood and your hands full of blood. Lucifer laughs at you and dominates you. In vain, you, the powerful of the world, have the illusion that you are the masters of the world: you are slaves, and if you do not convert, you will die as slaves.”

This article highlights that there is a common thread in the history of the humanity of the Earth: blood; the blood that has been shed; this is one of the resources Lucifer uses against the children of God; he destroys man; he sacrifices him. Another resource is the occult esotericism. There are many occult associations that are secret and esoteric which offer their cult to Lucifer, and Lucifer makes use of them. The influence of these secret sects headed by the Confederation of the Light, we have already spoken of, on the spirit and the life of the man of the Earth is huge and will become increasingly stronger. You ought to open your eyes and look at what is happening on the Earth, not only in the people but also in the creatures; day by day more disasters take place. We must not focus too much on that but see God at work through Jesus Christ instead.

Fortunately, God watches over you as He has always done from the moment He created you. God too has a plan for the humanity of the whole universe: He will gather His children through Jesus Christ in whom everything will be recapitulated. All those who are united to Christ will be saved from evil and will enter the new creation. What is the new creation? It is the Kingdom of God that Jesus Christ has inaugurated with His coming and that He will establish at the end of times; only the laws of God will be valid in it and neither Lucifer nor those who belong to him will enter.

The new creation, that is, the Kingdom of God, and the New World Order which is the kingdom of Lucifer face each other and are in front of you. You may choose even now on which side you want to be. God will not impose anyone to be part of His Kingdom; on the contrary, Lucifer forces you to submit to his world order even without your knowledge. God created you free and He respects your freedom. However, you must know that God will triumph because He is the Lord of the universe. Lucifer and those who adore him and await his kingdom will end up as foretold by Jesus: “But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Mt 8:12).”

Have you understood that the followers of Lucifer join the spirit of evil and that the spirit of evil makes them stronger in their corruption, their deception, their seduction, and that this spirit influences the whole Earth and the low universe? Thus, it is not enough to say: I am Christian; I belong to the Catholic or Orthodox Church. The question is: do you belong to Jesus Christ? St. Paul says: “if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ.”[6] This is the moment to renew the covenant with Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit so that all the believers in Jesus Christ may enter the Trinitarian Spirit in order to adore the Father in the Spirit and in truth[7].

Stefania Caterina: Out of all this a question arises: what are we called to do in this historic moment?  We have to renew constantly our covenant, our alliance with Jesus Christ; every day, every moment of our life knowing that we belong to Christ, that we have made an alliance of love and obedience with Him and His Spirit. The Christians are now called to be united with Christ. Look, we cannot take it for granted; Jesus is often presented in an ambiguous light also from those who say they represent Him on Earth.  There is ambiguity; Jesus of Nazareth is presented as a historical figure that lived in His time; yet, Jesus is alive; He is alive and at work, and He seeks to be united with each one of us. If we are not united with Christ, we cannot carry His power.

So, being united with Christ means to allow Him to act within us and thus give a  testimony that is not ours but His because Jesus Christ has promised He would speak even when they drag us before the tribunals, the synagogues. Therefore, today’s renewal of the alliance of the union with Christ is indispensable and here begins our testimony, which is the testimony of Christ, the Only Saviour and Lord of the universe. I repeat: it is not an abstract Jesus Christ; not a nice icon of Jesus Christ but a living Jesus Christ, the Saviour and Lord of the universe. This is the testimony we are expected to give and woe to us if we do not give it, because then we cannot call ourselves Christians, if we do not carry the power of Christ, the only power that can transform the world.

Father Tomislav: Thus, belonging to the Catholic Church, the Christian Church, just as a number will not save us. The Christians received the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the Church and the Holy Spirit will manifest all His power in these times and give the children of God the power to defeat the Antichrist, to defeat evil.

We do not want to frighten you with what we say. You are already frightened by the situation we are in. Let us bless the Lord so that He may give us the Light, reveal us these times and help us understand them; yet, true understanding comes from joining the plans of Jesus Christ, from being committed and from allowing Jesus Christ to transform us in order to bear witness to this gushing power that undermines the Antichrist and all the systems that serve him. We do not speak to you for pleasure; we speak to you because the Lord orders us to speak, and we do it by taking all our responsibility, offering our life for all those who want to know the truth and live according to the truth. We will carry on in this direction along this liturgical year giving testimony of Jesus Christ. You, too, have the courage to give testimony that Jesus Christ is the Only Saviour in the universe, there is no other. Others may be participators, collaborators, if they submit to Jesus Christ, yet, they are no other saviours. Here even nice human logic will not save us, as Bonhoeffer said: “Every stupidity has its logic, its reasons.” We have to elevate ourselves in the Spirit of Christ to understand this moment of time and live according to the laws of the pure Spirit.

We bless you and we promise you our prayers and our testimony; we promise you to be with you and to help you; the whole new people of the whole universe want to help all those on Earth who are ready to live according to Jesus Christ and bear witness to Him in this time and who are ready to manifest the power of Jesus Christ and make the Antichrist come out and face him; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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