The Cosmic Pentecost

1 November 2016

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Welcome, dearest brothers and sisters. Today we will speak about the “Cosmic Pentecost”. We have spoken about the times of the Antichrist; we have spoken about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and today we will speak about the fulfilled Cosmic Pentecost. This is very important for the entire humanity of the universe; it is important for all of you who have followed the information we have shared with you along the past years so that you may enter the Cosmic Pentecost with complete awareness.

As you know, after the Great Jubilee of the year 2000 God has prepared His people in different phases; He has called the whole humanity of the Earth and there have been various responses. In 2011 a special preparation led by Jesus occurred. You may remember that in 2011 there was a preparation for the decisive year 2012; thus in conclusion of the year 2011 Jesus said, “I will send you the Advocate, the Spirit of Truth”[1]. Now we inform you that this has taken place, it has fulfilled. Yet, let us turn back: Jesus spoke about the future of His people. As you read and reflect about what you certainly have listened to, you notice that what Jesus wanted has fulfilled, and it is about this that we want to speak today.

Stefania Caterina: So, we will read a passage of the message of Jesus that has been quoted; it is the message of 8 September, 2011, “The future of My people”[2].

 “My people shall live the universal communion. There will not be divisions of peoples, races, or planets. The humanity of the whole universe will form a single family: the family of God. My people will live a deep and living relationship with God, with Mary Most Holy and with the pure spirits that populate the higher dimensions. Every nucleus on Earth will live an intense communion with all the nuclei, even on other planets, because my Spirit will unite them, over and above any distance.

At the end, my people will be offered to me. Each one will offer himself to God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and will form my Body, my Church. Then, a pure sacrifice will be lifted up to the Father, through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. It will be the sacrifice of all my people, living and dead, in union with mine. It will be constantly presented before the throne of God by the archangels. The pure spirits of all the angels and the saints will be united to this sacrifice. It will be the strongest force of the universe, after that of God, and it will counter the forces of hell.

I am inviting you to reflect on these points, to understand how you wish to live, if you want or not to be part of the new people. Remember that this new people will prepare the road to my glorious coming. I will come and I will gather all my children; I will introduce them into the new creation, where eternally they will live in a spiritual and definite dimension. There shall not be any more distinctions of races and peoples. Only one God will exist and one single people.[3]

When will all this happen? A lot depends on the choices of humanity, because your decisions can slow down the plans of God or accelerate them, since He respects your freedom. Anyhow, God is at work already to open the road for you. It will be a gradual process, but the Father will not wait forever for humanity to decide. On the contrary, I am telling you that time is tight; it is necessary that you make a decision very soon to live your faith with seriousness, putting God in the first place and rejecting every form of selfishness.

The entire humanity of the universe is about to enter a decisive phase of its history, in which my power, united to the faith of my people, will place the foundations of the world that will come, of the new creation. Let yourselves be found ready so that I might make use of you and attract you to me. Offer me your life and allow my Spirit to transform you into new creatures. Only the new creature will enter into the new creation.

God is ready. Also the instruments he has chosen to help you are ready[4]; now it is up to each one of you. Pray and keep vigil!”

Father Tomislav: We will speak about what has been accomplished.

As you know, Jesus asked the Church of the Earth, the Christians and the whole humanity to respond to this call in the year 2012. The Church has not given an official response. The responses of the people have been different so that God considered that the people were not ready. Thus, he continued to prepare the people; He prepared in particular some who were ready. We have continuously informed and instructed you with all we could pass on to you through our website. Yet, around us two and the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” God has also prepared a people that has done a very intensive path and which He has entrusted with many things and many projects giving them many graces.

As you know from what we have told you since autumn last year and in the beginning of this year, three special events have occurred in this time: the new priesthood, the evangelization of the low universe and the Antichrist. God has given to us the new priesthood and the evangelisation of the low universe has begun which involves also the Earth because we belong to the low universe.

This year we have spoken to you particularly after the resurrection of the Lord and during the time of Easter, then we stopped sharing with you, in conclusion, the message of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost[5]; we have done an intensive path this year, along the whole summer and up to now. So, this is what the Holy Spirit expressed at this year’s Pentecost.

Stefania Caterina: Yes, in a passage of this message the Holy Spirit says: “Be aware that today begins the cosmic Pentecost: this means that from now on there will be only one people of God in the whole universe. From now on you will not be a little rest of the humanity of the Earth anymore, but the people of the universe that lives on the Earth. Within the people of God there may be differences regarding experience, culture and planet, but there will be only one spirit. I am The One who holds the people together, who brings all the children of God together to make a new people out of them.”

Father Tomislav: So, let us speak about the Cosmic Pentecost that has taken place. As I said, this year, this summer and also this fall have been a very intensive time for the Foundation, many events have occurred, but the final event has actually happened in the last part of the liturgical year before All Saints and the Solemnity of the glorious Christ, Christ the King.

What has happened? God has long waited for the response of the humanity of the Earth. The humanity of the Earth is slow and  rebellious; it is the last to receive the Cosmic Pentecost by God. The representatives of the nuclei who are located in ten European countries, more than a hundred and forty people, met and decided to give their final yes to God and to belong to the new people of the universe that Jesus called “the Church of the universe”, the “Cosmic Church”. They have consecrated themselves to the Holy Trinity and put themselves totally at the disposal of the communion of the brothers and sisters of the universe to complete the recapitulation of all things in Christ. When we speak about the cosmic Church, we mean a container of the people of God, so to speak, to define the Church that comprehends all its sons and daughters in the whole universe, who continue to walk on the new path leading to the eschatological times, the glorious coming of Christ; the Cosmic Church is the people who are committed to reunite themselves, the others and all things with Christ.

After the decision of this people the Holy Spirit descended on the people and declared: “The Cosmic Pentecost has occurred.” What does it mean? We have told you for years that the Cosmic Pentecost would not be accompanied by signs and manifestations like the first Pentecost that had to break through. This Pentecost is silent and involves the depth of the soul, of the human being; it develops the faculties of the soul and the virtues and gives the gifts of the Holy Spirit – the seven gifts[6]  – so that the persons and the people be blameless in God and may live and carry out their service.

Through the Cosmic Pentecost the whole Church of the cosmos, spiritually united with the angels, the saints, the souls of Purgatory, of course, and also with those who have said yes at the moment of conception, has entered the dynamic of the grace of the Trinitarian Spirit to push strongly towards the recapitulation of all things in Christ and the preparation for the entry into the new creation. So, we have felt and experienced that Trinitarian action; the people bear witness to what has taken place within their souls. We are not talking about mystical things, but about real things that have occurred inside us and inside the people.

It is also very important to clarify this point: what is the Church of the cosmos, that is, the new Church of the cosmos? It is the only existing Church now and in the future; it is the only Church that existed in the mind of the Most Holy Trinity before the creation of humanity and the universe; it is the Church that has been prepared along the millennia through prophets, through the children of God, up to the first coming of Jesus Christ; as we know, Jesus founded His Church on the apostles. However, God needs to intervene again through Jesus Christ; He must manifest Himself, and He is doing it right now, so that the Church, in the way it is in the Trinity, may reach her fulfilment, the fullness, and we shall call this Church: the Church that descends from the bosom of the Most Holy Trinity, as described in the Book of Revelation to John, chapters 21, 22. This Church, which will lead the whole humanity to a pure, mystical union with Christ, will be the Mystical Body of Christ, the eternal Church that collaborates with the Most Holy Trinity to keep the whole universe in harmony and to support it. Thus, we speak about the only Church as Jesus has said many times and the Holy Spirit has confirmed; God the Father also confirmed that it is the only family, the only Church in the whole universe.

Stefania Caterina: Let us go back to the Foundation for a moment. After this explanation about the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” it has become clear that it is fully part of the Church, therefore, we cannot say that the foundation is a sect, a closed circle or anything elitist or reserved for a few. The Foundation is an instrument, an instrument that is at the service of all, of all those who are of good will and profoundly wish to know and live these programmes in this time. Thus, the Foundation is at the service and in communion with those that we may know, or may not know; this is of no importance since, obviously, it will not be possible to know all of you personally; however, in the Holy Spirit we still form a single people, for there are no borders in the Holy Spirit.

Together with this Pentecost also a battle has begun, a clash, a real, closed confrontation between two peoples: the people of God and the people of Lucifer; the children of the Light and the children of the dark. And, exactly the dynamism of this clash will force both the Antichrist and the False Prophet to come out, since this conflict will become ever stronger, ever more determined; at this point Lucifer will have to show his cards. And you know, as we have explained it to you, that the Antichrist and the False Prophet are the last card Lucifer will play on the Earth, and he will give great power to these two figures. Thus, the division between these two peoples will become increasingly clear; they will take more and more the direction of their fate, that is, the fate they have chosen: the people of God will move towards the new creation with their Shepherd Jesus Christ; the people of Lucifer towards the darkness of damnation, of eternal corruption, we can say, following their master Lucifer.

Padre Tomislav: When we speak about the Foundation, we mean that it is an instrument, an instrument in the hands of God; we all have to be instruments in the hands of God to build the Church of God, to save all, and, if we are instruments, we must not boast of being the first or the last; we must be simply at the disposal of God so that Jesus Christ may be able to act directly in us in the Holy Spirit and, through us, in favour of all.

There is one concrete thing we would like to ask: what do the people of the Foundation live, and what is the testimony they are called to give in this time that is so confused also for the Christians?

Stefania Caterina: Yes, at this point, we can say that the Foundation makes its houses available. The houses of the Foundation are places for people to meet and join in; they are open for those who are walking on their path and want to walk more intensively also by joining the Foundation, and also for those who will never be able to visit our houses but feel in communion with us in the Holy Spirit and are living and following these programmes through the information they receive from the website, the books, the publications etc. What is really important is that all of us, no matter if we know each other or not, who have decided to be recapitulated in Christ in this time through the Heart of Mary form a single body. This has been repeated to us in many ways in recent times. The people must form a single body, the Body of Christ that is present in the whole universe: one Body in one Spirit. This is absolutely necessary because times of great confusion will come, as mentioned before, and then it will be essential to be firmly and compactly united.

We also advise you to read the entire message of Jesus of 8 September, 2011, “The future of my people”. You can find it on the website. It is important that you have an idea of what Jesus said and that it is now fully taking place. Thus, it is also the confirmation of many things we have told you and that you have heard along the past years. It would be appropriate to read it now in the light of the events.

Father Tomislav: We speak about the communion of all of us in spirit. The communion is something very concrete that keeps people united; we do not mean a new structure. The communion in the Holy Spirit is a quality that the apostles saw and experienced. From this communion the Church was born, that is, from both the apostolic college and all the disciples and apostles who were together with Mary Most Holy in the cenacle.

Thus, the programmes that unite us so that we live and give testimony are defined by St. Michael in this way.

Stefania Caterina: Yes, St. Michael has expressed what God expects from this people, from this body. St. Michael said: “God expects from this people courage and frankness in testifying the Truth. The Truth is that only one God exists: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and only one Saviour, Jesus Christ; one Mother exists who is the Queen over the whole universe, who takes you to God, and who has been given to you so that you reach God.”  

Father Tomislav: Hallelujah! The road has opened up, God is at work, the sublime and the extraordinary instrument are at work, a little rest of the humanity of the Earth has joined, and also you can join the Cosmic Pentecost and experience it within you. And we will do our best to instruct you in this time. Every two weeks we will speak to you, and we wish you to be joyful, for this road opening up means real hope for humanity. As we have told you many times, the humanity of the Earth will not get out of this slavery without the intervention of God through the Church of the universe, the Church of the cosmos.

I bless you; may joy arise in you and the wish of a joyful service united with Christ our Lord to lead every man, every creature to Christ our Lord so that, as St. Paul said,  Christ be your life and also your death, in the sense that the trials of life and the accomplishment of our path on the Earth are a gain[7] to reach the life that will be more beautiful and more complete and where the whole Church of the universe, of the cosmos, will be united. We bless you and accompany you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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