I give you My little Jesus

Holy Feast of the Nativity of our Lord – Message of the Mother of God


I give you My little Jesus


“My Dear Children,

Today I can really say that this is a new day for you and for the whole people of God in the universe. This is not only because the evangelisation is progressing in the low universe, in spite of many difficulties, and My Son is now known by other peoples of the low universe than Earth and Alpha Centauri. This is a great joy for Me. Today, though, is a new day because a new path is beginning for all of you. That does not mean that you will have to do things that are particularly different from what you have done so far; it means that the spirit in you will be different because God wants to renew His people profoundly.

Children, today I have come in your midst to bring you little Jesus. I want to entrust Him to you and the new people of the universe so that Jesus may grow. Jesus must grow in the midst of His people in a way He has so far not been able to fully do. He must grow through the love that you will give to Him and that He will give to you since life is born and develops from the exchange of love. He must grow also through your testimony. Your testimony increases the life of God and makes Jesus grow in the midst of His people: the more you bear witness to the life of My Son with love, the more little Jesus will grow and be able to redeem humanity.

I also want you to know this, My children: the new Church of the universe is not a structure, an organisation or an undefined people: this developing and growing people is in fact the founder of the new humanity. You are all fathers and mothers of the new humanity, that is, the humanity who will enter the new creation.  For now, in many parts of the low universe the new humanity is only an embryo, the beginning of life, but it will grow; it will grow as much as you will make it grow in you and among you.

When the life of My little Jesus develops in each one of you and among you, the people of God will grow in the whole universe. You cannot even imagine how precious your life, your prayer, your offering, your small and big sacrifices are. Even the smallest things that seem insignificant to you become really great when you do them with love towards Jesus and Me, when you do them for the love and the glory of the Father in the Holy Spirit! Man thinks he has to do great things, but, children, the great things are done by God.

Learn from Me: the Lord did not choose Me because I had done great things but because I was little, humble and concealed. This applies also to you: each one of you within this people must be humble and little. I will not say concealed because your testimony will have to become more and more visible. I mean concealed as none of you should aspire to become famous, recognised, approved, applauded; all this is not your part. Your part is to offer your life in the silence of your heart; you have to carry your cross behind My Son to widely open up the path of life in front of many souls. Then My little Jesus will grow.

Jesus has been given to humanity; never forget that. Jesus has come to save humanity but He has been entrusted to humanity. This is why the prophet shouts: “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given”[1]. Those of you who are parents know what it means when a child is born in a house: how much joy will it bring to that house, how much wonder, how much love and celebration! That child is entrusted to the love of the family. So it is for humanity: Jesus has been entrusted to the love of humanity a large part of which has refused Him. Do not do that too.

God the Father has chosen a new people to newly entrust it with little Jesus so that He may grow, strengthen and redeem all the rest of humanity. This is what I ask you, children, and I bring you My little Jesus with all My heart. I entrust Him to you, and I am certain that together with you He will grow. I am with you; I watch over you and accompany you at every step.

My motherly blessing may descend upon you today; the blessing of the Mother of God who is the Mother of the entire humanity; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1]Cfr. Is 9, 5