You are members and guardians of the people of God

30 December 2016 – Feast of the Holy Family

Message of St. Joseph

“Dearest Children of mine,

Please allow me to call you like this because that is what you really are. I want to bless you on this day in which the Holy Family is remembered. I was not only the guardian of the Holy Family of Nazareth, but I am also the guardian of the whole new people. In this people, I continue the mission that God gave me when He entrusted Mary and Jesus to my care: I watch over every brother and sister of the new people just as I watched over Mary and Jesus.

Today I want to tell you that, first of all, you must feel part of an immense family, which is the family of God. Before the bodily family there is a spiritual family, which is the family of God, that is, His people; you are part of it. The mission of each one of you arises from belonging to the family of God, that is, to His people, including that of building a family in flesh and blood, because that is also a mission.

You are members of the people of God, of His family, because you want to be part of the family of God, that is, to have a sincere and living relationship with Him. Only if you are members of the family of God you can build a real bodily family. Unfortunately, nowadays, many families are not the way they should be because spouses and children are not primarily members of the family of God. When there is no living relationship with God, also the relationships between spouses, parents and children are emptied of grace to the point of becoming simple human relationships in which Satan can easily interfere.

You are members of the people of God, but each one of you is also a guardian of the people. You are indeed called to build the people of God and watch over it with your commitment, your love and your sincerity. Each one of you is responsible for the people in the measure he is designed to contribute to the formation of the people of God. It is very important that you feel the responsibility of belonging to the family of God and of being its guardians.

I say the same to you, married couples: you are guardians of each other and members of the family of God and family of each other in God. You are the guardians of each other, and you are called to offer your lives to God for each other. Without the offering of your lives for one another, marriage becomes prison, but this is not what God has intended for you. He has called you to be righteous and free people, who give each other the gift of love and who, through the offering of their lives to God, grow and let their children grow. Each family is a place where life grows, but it is also a place where the holiness of God should grow, because it is the holiness of the spouses that gives rise to the holiness of the children: the children are brought up and sanctified by the holiness of the spouses.

Know that God gives each family a guardian angel. As you have read in the Gospel, my angel always guided me, warned me of dangers and showed me the way[1]; this is true for every family. Every family has its guardian angel, and every family should pray to him and ask for his help to avoid the great dangers that families have to face in the world in these times.

The family, children, is at the centre of a great battle. Lucifer has understood that hurting the family means to uproot the individual and prevent him from reaching his identity. He has understood that harming the family means to compromise the society, the world and the entire humanity because humanity is in itself a family composed of many families both bodily and spiritual.

As I bless you today, I would like to remind you to be guardians of the family in all its forms but, first of all, to be guardians of that immense family that is the people of God.

Together with the Virgin Mary, my spouse, I bless you and accompany you on this path; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.“

[1] Cfr. Mt 1:20-21; Mt 2:13; Mt 2:19-20