Manifest My Glory

3 August 2017 – Solemnity of God the Father[1]

Message of God the Father

“Dear children,

First of all, I would like to tell you that I love you, for this statement is the key to all your life. If I did not love you, you would not be here; without My love you would not even exist. I have created you out of love, not out of My own interest or because I would expect something from you. I have created you for the immense love that I have placed in you and for My glory. My love in you is My glory and I want you to shine more and more in this glory.

Children, My fatherhood extends over the whole universe and all things have to submit to My fatherhood: the sky, the Earth, all planets and also Hell. My fatherhood is the power that embraces everything, refills all things, brings into existence what is not and maintains alive what is.

I AM THAT I AM. I AM LIFE. Life originates from Me and returns to Me. It returns to Me for eternity; yet not to fade and stop existing but to exist forever and shine above all even above death.

Dear Children of Mine, I thank you for your desire to honour Me, not only with your lips but also with your heart. My Son told you that I seek adorers in spirit and truth.[2] I wish all of you where My true adorers. When you adore Me, you adore My life pulsing in the whole universe, and you become participants in the same incorruptible life. From My life love pours out; true love that never hurts, never betrays, never abandons anyone and lives in eternity. My love is eternal and lives for eternity.

What is the greatest manifestation of My Love? You know it: it is My Son Jesus. In Him you have seen My Love become flesh and die for you. The crucified flesh of Jesus is the greatest sign of My Love.

I did not punish you after original sin even though I could have done it. I sent My Son to take upon Himself your great sin and I freed you. In Him I have freed you from all anguish, feelings of guilt and fear. If you are closely united with My Son, you will be freed from the love that the world offers you; that love corrupts and kills, seduces and deceives and is not true love. True love is only in Me and I am in My Son and My Son is in you in the power of the Holy Spirit that I give you incessantly in the name of Jesus.

I have given you a perfect and unblemished Mother: true Daughter, true Spouse and true Mother of God. This is how I wish you were too, My daughters: true daughters, spouses and mothers. Mary is the perfect Mother because She has fully welcomed My fatherhood. You too become true fathers and true mothers if you welcome fully My fatherhood that holds the germ of life; fathers and mothers who give live to the world because they manifest THE ONE WHO IS LIFE.

Children, the history of humanity is going towards its end. Do not be frightened about this. Do not imagine a catastrophe; think rather that life is going towards its fullness. I must bring My work to its perfection; I must do it and I will do it. I will do it once more through My Son Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. I will lead each one of you and the entire humanity to the fullness. I am talking about the humanity that has chosen My Love. Unfortunately many children refuse My Love and I can do nothing for them, not because I lack the power but because I respect the freedom of each person. I do not impose My Love or My salvation; I do not impose anything on you. I am always here and waiting for you on the doorstep of My house, but what can I do for you if you walk past?

Today I ask each one of you and all the people, who I love and bless incessantly, to manifest My glory. Manifest the glory of the children of God in the Son and in the Holy Spirit; the glory of the children of God in the Most Holy Trinity. The world is only waiting for this, all the rest is of no importance. If you do it, you will give the world all that it needs, because I am ALL; however, if you do not bring My Love that is glorious, visible and almighty, what are your works good for? They will be works among other works. I ask you to manifest My glory to the world. You can do it only by fully welcoming Jesus, by offering your life to Him and by putting yourselves at His disposal with all your strengths, all your soul and all your thoughts. Then, Jesus will act in you according to My will and give you the Holy Spirit.

Does it seem such a great thing to you, children? And yet, it is so simple. Think of a flower opening up to the sun; it does nothing else than opening up to the sun, and the sun will do everything. It is the same for you. Therefore, put your life in My hands through Jesus. Give Me everything, and I will give you everything; I will give through you all that is necessary for your life and the life of the world.

I send you to the world, children. As I have sent My Son, My Son will send you. Go and reveal to all your brothers and sisters that there is a Father in Heaven; a Father who loves, saves and resuscitates, for He is capable of bringing back to life also those who have no more life. Bear in mind that you are bringers of life; thus give life, not your words or your great works not even your devotions. Bring life! I gave it to you in abundance and now I want it to shine in you and through you in eternity.

I will always be by your side; I will precede you, and I will follow you. I will be in you like the sun; I will shine for you and you will shine for Me. Do not fear, for I will always be the hand that supports you also in the tribulations and trials of life. I will never leave you alone, for I am the Father who does not abandon His children. And if you feel fragile, remember that it is then that I love you most. Like a father who does not neglect his fragile child and bends over it even more to help it, so do I help you.

Have faith, children! Have faith in Me and in My Son; have faith in the Holy Spirit. Proclaim the power of the Most Holy Trinity to the world.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] The people of the Foundation have decided to celebrate the solemnity of God the Father every year on 7th of August. Today, 3 August, 2017, we have anticipated the celebration to allow also the people who have come for the retreat at our House-Sanctuary in Ghedi, Italy, to participate.

[2] Cfr. Jn 4:23-24