Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 August 2017 to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD CREATES LIFE AND WATCHES OVER IT. He is the Creator and life originates in Him; without Him nothing would exist. When God formed man and all other creatures, He established laws to promote and protect the life of the entire creation. They are laws of love and justice which protect life both physically and spiritually. They are the laws of life.

The laws of life are written in your inmost being, that is, in your spirit, for you are created in the image and likeness of God, and thus you are naturally oriented towards all that belongs to God. The laws of life are also written outside of you summed up in the Ten Commandments and in the Gospel. The laws of life also work in the animals and the plants which are perfectly able to orient themselves towards what they need for their existence. So do the stars, the planets and all other creatures. In God all is perfect and nothing is left to chance because God governs everything that exists.

Your life, too, is not left to chance: if you love God and seek Him with all your heart, if you offer and entrust yourselves to Him and let Him act freely, the laws of life will work powerfully in you; then God will guide you and accomplish His work in you. And because His first great work is life, God takes care of you: He loves, forgives and guides you in your choices, and He enlightens all your steps. Then your existence is no longer a chaotic sequence of events or a series of frustrating duties, but it becomes an immense gift for you, for those who are with you and for those you encounter on your way. Even nature will perceive the love of God in you and return it to you.

If you love the One and Triune God you are immersed in life and you allow life to blossom in you and to produce fruit of love, peace and goodness. Therefore, I invite you once again to give your life to Jesus through My Heart. This offering, if done freely and sincerely, will introduce you into the divine life and transform you day after day.

I am your Mother and present you continuously to Jesus. Jesus offers you to the Father who welcomes you in His Son and gives you the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit supports your physical and spiritual life and infallibly directs you towards Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the cycle begins again: Jesus gives you to the Father, the Father welcomes you and gives you the Holy Spirit and so on, incessantly. This is the action of the Most Holy Trinity in you that makes you children of God; this is the only action capable of transforming your life to the better.

Dear children, do not allow Satan and the spirit of the world to separate you from God! If you abandon God, you leave your life in the hands of the thief who steals and tramples it. Satan hates the life of God because he has refused it, and he hates you for belonging to God and reminding him of his misery. By destroying your life he deludes himself into believing that he can destroy the work of God who has created you. Do not fear, children! If you put your life in the hands of the One and Triune God you will be safe. No action of the enemy will be able to destroy you as God is greater than everyone and everything; His power is invincible. Satan may hinder or annoy you but he will never manage to destroy you, for the Defender, the Holy Spirit, acts in you. He is the guardian of life, and He will not allow the thief to enter into you.

Bear in mind, children, that God has created life not death. Death is the work of Satan and the men who became his allies. Original sin has opened the door to death, previously unknown, by breaking the law of immortality, the most important among the laws of life. God allowed it for justice and because of His respect for your freedom, but it will not last forever.

The day will come in which death will no longer touch creation and God will re-establish the law of immortality violated by sin. Evil will be defeated forever and the children of God will live eternally free in the new creation and united with their Creator and in communion with each other.

This is your destiny, My dear children! You are called to have great hope. Faithfulness in God nourishes that hope and the Holy Spirit will render it perennial in you; in this hope life flourishes.

As your Mother, I want to see you flourish in the fullness of life. I continuously intercede for you, and I ask God to let you be happy, filled with grace, immersed in faith, hope and love. Pray with Me, not only for yourselves but also for many brothers and sisters who are of good will but do not know the true God because of a lack of knowledge, not because they are rebellious. The prayer of the children of God can do a lot for humanity.

I am by your side; I walk with you towards the new creation, and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”