Participating intensively here and now in the Heavenly Liturgy

21 September 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today is the feast of St. Matthew, apostle and Evangelist; school has begun, holidays are over, we are back to work, and we are also preparing for the new liturgical year and the new year which always brings new things for those who are following these programmes.

The theme of all topics we will develop is “Participating intensively, here and now, in the Heavenly Liturgy”[1]. We have spoken about this topic several times, but now it is important to get to the heart of the matter so that our participation in the Heavenly Liturgy becomes real and active. The action of the Lord is going towards the fulfillment of His promises; as we have explained, the Trinitarian power is moving forward in the whole universe.

The participation in the Heavenly Liturgy comprises two aspects: the first is that we shall immerse ourselves in the Heavenly Liturgy together with the Archangels who are leading it and who we will remember on the 29th of this month.[2] We shall immerse ourselves in the mystery of the life of God and also take part in this Liturgy along with the whole Mystical Body of Christ; the second is that the instruments that participate before the throne of God are the Archangels, the saints, the righteous, all the extraordinary instruments God has given to us and the faithful humanities to God. The action that sets off from this liturgical celebration imprints the Trinitarian power on the whole universe and also on us, who are on Earth, but now especially upon our faith, hope and love. Thus, we want to explain to you why it is necessary that the new people participate actively and effectively in the Heavenly Liturgy as well as the whole Trinitarian action which goes through the instruments God has prepared and is making use of.

We will listen to a passage from the book “L’Universo e i suoi abitanti“ (The Universe and Its Inhabitants, TN)[3] referring to the action of God through the Archangels.

Stefania Caterina: The passage is taken from the pages 192-193:

It is always the angels who pave the way and announce humanity the most important events before they take place. God never leaves the people alone before great events, which are also great mysteries of the inscrutable divine wisdom. The angels are sent to help men and women understand what has happened or will happen. At times they are sent to single individuals in view of their mission as it occurred to Mary when She was visited by the Archangel Gabriel. Other times they appear to several individuals together as it occurred to the shepherds. Again other times they appear to an entire people to help them in a particular undertaking, as it occurred to the people of Israel during the flight from Egypt.

However, nowadays the existence of the angels is doubted even by Christians. In addition to this, your thinking is guided by extreme rationality. Disbelief and rationality are serious hindrances for the manifestation of the angels who respect your freedom in the same way as God. It is indeed your freedom that limits the action of the angels, which leads to very negative consequences for you: God does not allow the angels to act fully if you do not want them beside you; thus you deny yourselves stupidly their great and precious help. The demons, however, act undisturbed on Earth making use of the disbelief and rationality of the people: when you deny the existence of the devil in the name of reason, you renounce combating him, and he laughs at you; exactly in the moment you think you are smart, you are deceived. The angels respect your freedom and move away from you when you do not want to believe in their existence. On the contrary, the demons do not respect you at all; they wait for you to deny their existence to hit you treacherously. Think about it carefully: would it not be better for you to be surrounded by angels than by demons?

Father Tomislav: It is very important for us to reflect on this text. People usually are curious to know what will happen and how, what to do and what not to do. If we do not allow the instruments of God, e.g. the angels, to pave the way for the events – events occur both inside and outside of us – we will not understand anything. Therefore it is very important to restore our relationship with the Archangels and the angels; it is very important because in the whole history of salvation they have always preceded us, and they have preceded many saints. Not by chance St. Francis retreated at La Verna in order to fast for forty days in honour of St. Michael in order to feel his presence, his guidance and his protection.

Stefania Caterina: I can say that I have experienced something similar in the sense that every time the Lord wanted to give my path a new turn, also with regard to the revelations, when He wanted to broaden them or make me do a step ahead, the angels were always the first to appear to pave me the way. In my book “Beyond the Great Barrier”[4] I also said that especially in 1998 when the Lord slowly began to give me a wider vision of His plan to recapitulate all things in Christ, during the novena to the St. Archangels all of them appeared one after the other: St. Michael, St. Gabriel[5] etc., and each one brought me his part, his experience, his blessing; yet, they were directing me towards something that was to open up: in fact, a short time later wider revelations about the life in the universe began and about  all the things you have read along the last years. Thus I can say that every time something was to open up in my life, the angels would precede it with their prayer, their blessing, their explanations and a lot of patience; I must say that the angels are very patient with men because they know on what level we are; even though they know where we stand, they come down to our level to explain, and help us understand, and you know that the Archangels have also helped the new people a lot.

Father Tomislav: I would like to add my priestly experience; I am a priest and I am united to the seven great Archangels, in particular to the Archangel St. Raphael. What is my experience? I have experienced that he is both guide and companion; a guide in the sense that he paves the way to the mystery so that we can walk that path, but he is also a companion. He does not move further than we are ready to go; thus, he accompanies and waits, offers himself and prays, but will never influence our choice.

This is very important for us priests to understand. On the one hand, we have to pave the way with our offering and our prayer. If we do not open the way, our preaching is meaningless. Our spirit must grow, it must move forward. On the other hand, we must accompany the persons, but we must not influence them; we shall offer ourselves, pray, love and wait for them in order not to violate their freedom.

Another important aspect I want to mention is that we priests on Earth often behave as if we were independent. The angels are perceived as far away, as an abstract aspect of faith; yet, it is very important that both the priest and each believer respect the principle of unity in diversity. Angels, Archangels, are different from us; they carry the image of God very strongly in them, but their nature is different, our nature is different, and we have to create the trust, love and mutual attraction that enable us to walk together towards Jesus Christ and be united with the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. We must not feel independent thinking “Jesus Christ came to the Earth and gave us everything,” as if the angels did not exist. We will not be able to understand the mysteries without welcoming these brothers who are pure spirits who contemplate the Trinity.

I would like to pass on to another instrument that is the faithful brothers and sisters in the universe. They too participate in the Heavenly Liturgy; they participate intensively and in harmony with the angels as they carry the Trinitarian action to the entire universe. Also with them we must have the same intensive relationship full of Christian love.

Stefania Caterina: Father Tomislav has just mentioned the faithful brothers and sisters. In fact, from the beginning of their history they have had a profound relationship with the angels, that is, a wide and open collaboration: the angels act on the spiritual level and the faithful brothers and sisters on the level of matter, of the body, but always in harmony. Thus, the angels have always collaborated with the faithful humanities and participate in the government of the high universe and everything else that has been entrusted to the faithful humanities.

Archangels and angels have actively taken part in the great events of the history of salvation: first in the great events of the history of Israel[6], then the angels were involved in all events connected to the incarnation[7], death and resurrection of Jesus. You know about the announcement to the shepherds[8], the appearance in the garden of Gethsemane[9], the announcement to the women after the resurrection[10] and so on. If you look it up in the Gospel, you will see the active participation of the angels.

What is happening now? Now the evangelisation of the low universe is in progress, and, once again, the angels are preceding the entrance of the faithful brothers and sisters in the low universe; they are preceding their physical arrival by preparing and opening the souls; they are preparing the most suitable conditions for the brothers and sisters to enter the low universe and visit the planets which are interested in the evangelisation.

Today we can to say that the collaboration of the angels is widening more and more as it is expanding also to the humanities of the medium universe who, as you know, have converted some time ago and are collaborating with the angels; however, the angels are present also in Purgatory and often visit it; they go down there not only to give comfort to the souls but to help and prepare them during their path of purification. Therefore, the angels are at the side of the new people forming in the whole universe, and they are in harmony with all the saints who together with the angels carry out a powerful action of prayer and offering.

Father Tomislav: Today, in the feast of St. Matthew, we will remember the words of St. Paul who says: “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to the one hope of your calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all.”[11] He is in all; He embraces the entire universe, all the saints, angels, faithful brothers and sisters, even Purgatory. Thus, in this year I want you to start from here to live the participation intensively in communion with all in order to see the face of the Father to whom the Holy Spirit will guide us through Jesus Christ.

We on Earth cannot reach the integrity of life, the total union with our neighbor, despite the grace we have received from Jesus Christ, without being united with the whole Mystical Body of Christ, and that communion of all members of the people of God is advancing now in the universe. When all are united in the same spirit, the same faith, the same hope, the same love we will enter the new creation.

In this time the action of the Archangels and the angels is very incisive and strong in order to attract the people of good will towards the One and Triune God, or, to reject those who oppose Him and do not want Him. It is an incisive action in the whole universe that cannot be postponed; the evangelization of the low universe is advancing and then the Earth is the next line, we on Earth. Yet, if we now refuse to participate in the action of the instruments of the universe, of the whole Mystical Body of Christ, how can we live the Church, the mystery of the Church, which is the Church of Christ in the whole universe? How can we be a new people?

We are called to participate intensively and actively in the Heavenly Liturgy and also in our liturgy; our life will be transformed and our whole life will become one liturgy. In our human weakness here on Earth we always tend to expect others to provide us salvation. It is true that we are not able to do certain things on our own without the angels and without the faithful brothers and sisters, but we can participate and enter into communion with them in the same spirit, because, as we have been told, we are not worse than the faithful brothers; we on Earth are carrying the enormous weight of original sin.

Therefore, it is very important that we live the Liturgy of the Easter Passage in every Mass, in every step of our life united with God, the angels, the faithful brothers and sisters, the saints and the brothers and sisters in Purgatory. This will make us become a people who walks in the cosmic Pentecost in the same spirit.

I would like to point out that the more the evangelization is moving forward in the low universe, the more we will be tested; we will be tested in a positive and in a negative sense. The positive sense is that grace will be given to attract us to God, but it can attract us only if we truly respond and participate in the grace; the negative sense is that we will not be able to put off the grace to other times. The Trinitarian action that is recapitulating the whole universe in Christ is extremely strong and we cannot do as if it did not concern us watching disasters happening on Earth and remaining focused only on the negative events. We have to lift our head as our salvation is drawing close and communicate to everyone else the action that is taking place within our spirit.

Thus, I invite all of you to be seriously committed to participating intensively and actively in the Heavenly Liturgy so that the Earth is enveloped in it. Our participation will prepare us for the events that will take place within us as the angels help us open up for these events so that we can make a leap in quality; our participation will also contribute to prepare the external events on Earth where new spaces will open up for the powerful action of God to attract His children and solve the conflicts on Earth in a positive way.

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Father and the Son, descend on you and give you the grace to participate intensively and with your life in the Heavenly Liturgy so that you may walk through the events in the light of God; may He prepare you for the events that God prepares and fulfills so that you are able to understand them and go through them. I bless you; may your participation, together with all the saints, speed up the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the a Holy Spirit.

[1] The Heavenly Liturgy is intimately connected with the liturgy on Earth.

[2] 29 September, feast of the Holy Archangels

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