Reflections on the Message of the Mother of Humanity

14 September 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today we celebrate the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Traditionally this feast marks the beginning of an intense period of the liturgical year.

I would like us to reflect together on the message of Our Lady given to Stefania yesterday for the entire humanity.[1] Today’s feast wants to invite all believers to lift their eyes up to a dimension beyond the senses. God wanted to guide Israel towards something new, towards a living relationship with God, the only God, the God of Heaven, Earth and the universe. Jesus Christ has paved the way for us, but by grace He continues to pave it.

In this time our humanity is experiencing various events, and we are also expecting other events. We are the people who believe in the new creation, who have set off towards the new creation and the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ. Thus we have to read this message in this context, that is, in the context of all the passages that have been indicated to us towards the dimension of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which is the Triumph of God in humanity.

I want us to read these messages in the feasts because we are people who celebrate the events of grace that occur among us and we participate in them. It is very important that these messages are not just considered to be any information in the internet and that we are open for them in spirit invoking the Holy Spirit to lead us to Christ and through Christ in the Holy Spirit to the Father. There we reach the new creation.

The message of Our Lady has the title, so to say, GOD SAVES FROM SIN AND FROM DEATH; I want to stop here for a moment: is humanity aware of the meaning of sin; is it sensitive to sin in its total dimension; does it know which sin caused the death of man and a disaster for humanity? Does it know the way towards the elimination of death? In this lies the path of faith, not in the information about the universe, the inhabitants of the universe, but in the information about the faith that leads us to Jesus Christ and to enter the new creation.

The message of Our Lady speaks to the man of this time, and it is very important that we welcome what She explains. Death has entered our life and acts with all its power; no one can escape death because man has broken the law of life, of the eternal life; we follow certain civil and religious laws, but that is not enough:  we need to be elevated to the new creation to reach a dimension in which we live according to the laws of the pure Spirit. We will see the new creation if we become a new humanity. If we do not walk our path in the newness, we will not become new men and women; if we are not living hope for humanity, we will neither find our real identity nor our mission. Our Lady refers to original sin that remained in us like yeast, and She underlines that salvation has come to us through Jesus Christ; there is no other Saviour. And Jesus is not a hero or a dreamer, nor is he the head of a religion, not even a mythical person: He is God who has entered our life, and He is the only One capable of taking away sin. She says: “Through His death and resurrection Jesus gave you the possibility to become new creatures.”

Our Lady says, “He gave you the possibility …,” but what does it mean? If a Christian has received baptism, his first communion and a church wedding ceremony and yet does not participate and collaborate …, the sacraments are no magic means; they come from God and are the instruments that should lead the participants to meet the living God so that the believers find life.

Today we celebrate the Cross of the Lord Jesus and we adore the Cross. I wish we could understand with WHOM we are uniting today. With Jesus of Nazareth? With the bleeding Jesus? With the rising Jesus? No. We must lift ourselves up to Christ, who sits at the right side of the Father and rules the universe. In Him all the laws of the Spirit are acting perfectly. Jesus, who remained for us in the Eucharist, calls us to reach a relationship with Him who rules the universe, and, certainly, He wants to give life back to the humanity of good will through the Church that joins and elevates itself to His kingship and His Priesthood by faith. Thus, the central point is that Jesus Christ is no more a suffering man and that in Him humanity is no more suffering; if that humanity unites with Him through faith and elevates itself, it will participate in His priesthood and His kingship; this is what we should see as the passage towards the new creation.

“My children, do not imagine that you can free yourselves from evil and sin without Jesus!” Nowadays even Christians look at things with a kind of relativism that makes them superficial; they do not know the path towards the new creation and they may easily join another religion, a method, an oriental movement, esotericism or even satanic groups. The new people must know and profess that Jesus Christ is the Only mediator, He is the Son of God, the only Saviour.

I want to be clear: the Gospel[2] tells about the liberation of a person from a demon. When a person is freed, the demon which had been sent away will come back with seven stronger ones to tempt that person and enter that soul. Let’s not fool ourselves: if we betray the graces given by the Lord, we are open for the action of evil because the man who lives without God, as a creature, will lean on a stronger spirit and form alliances. Thus, without faithfulness to God in Jesus Christ we cannot be safe on our way.

There is another aspect: when we speak about the dynamic of grace, for example the Trinitarian power acting in this time in the whole universe, if a person does not walk hand in hand with that grace, at a certain level it will close itself to that grace and an inner void will form, an existential void, which will be filled with surrogates, false gods, false means of salvation. As we live in this time we have to see these things clearly and help those who seek salvation and want to hope that in these turbulent times they will see the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Triumph of God. This is why Our Lady says: “Children, the world is full of false gods and many are ready to adore them.”

There are talks about divisions within the Church; then the Church is divided into traditionalists and progressives. On which side are you? We are neither progressives nor traditionalists; we are followers of Jesus Christ and walk our path to be mystically united with Him in order to enter the new creation with Him. The terms “traditionalists and progressives” are human; they have no meaning; they express human clashes on a religious level; yet, we have been called by Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity and we follow Him.

Man wonders why there is such a disorder. Disorder is the consequence of man being detached from the Laws of the pure Spirit. Man, as a creature, cannot exist without the Creator because the Creator is the source of life. Our limitation as creatures is our protection when we accept God. Within this limitation lie our originality and our uniqueness throughout the universe. If we join the Laws of the pure Spirit, we move towards the fullness because God, the source of life, will communicate it to us in the measure that we are open for Him and want to be united with Him. This is the only way, the only path towards the fullness. When man distances himself from God, from His Laws, he loses control. Lucifer wanted to be like God and, obviously, once detached from God he fell; he fell into nothingness because, as a creature, he cannot live without his Creator. He refused also the Saviour and, thus, the Spirit of God is not present in him but the breath of life which God permits every creature to have. When man distances himself from God and His Laws, he will inevitably lean on someone else. His egoism makes him run away from God. This is where corruption and sin come from. The origin of sin lies in the life detached from God.

All of us Christians, who profess that Jesus Christ is the Saviour, may easily stop at a certain level where the Gospel can be adjusted to our life, and yet we cannot do a real step towards the full life without going through the cross. Not because God has given us the cross: the cross as the expression of corruption comes out of sin and thus the laws of corruption work in us. We can liberate ourselves from corruption only by elevating ourselves, by having faith in the Father and in His project for us, that is, the project which contains the fullness for each one of us and for all of us. Let’s remember that Our Lady gave us a message in 2012 exactly for this day, “The power of the Cross”[3] in which She says that all the graces She had received at the moment of conception exploded in her maternity at the foot of the Cross when She was united in a particular way to the crucified Christ. She also says that all the graces of our conception, baptism and the sacraments and all our promises, can explode only in us if we are ready to annul our own projects and follow the projects of God, ready to let the corrupt man die who wants to be independent from God and not submitted to the Laws of the pure Spirit. If we are not ready, we cannot participate in the power Jesus is giving, especially now, to the whole universe in the name of the Father; He has been given all the power, the Trinitarian power, to act in us.

For this reason, we are now called more than ever to lift our eyes to the One and Triune God. In His goodness God has given us believers the Holy Spirit and through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit He leads us to receive the whole person of Jesus Christ with His Easter passage and in His glory; and through Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit leads us to the Father who is the source of life. There is no other way.

In this view the words or Our Lady are important: “You will be regenerated.” She speaks about the Eucharist and the Easter passage which is a continuous passage from corruption to new life, and we are called to enter the Laws that regenerate us continuously. The Antichrist, the False Prophet, Lucifer are designed to fall and to lose their power. The children of God who want to enter the new creation are called to enter through Jesus Christ the divine creativity which leaves no bitterness, no illness behind. Even though we are now going through this pilgrimage with trials and difficulties, we are designed to win. For us participating in God on our daily cross is no suffering but elevation and participation in the power that heals us and heals humanity. In this sense we find our identity and in this sense we find our mission. Otherwise we remain on the level of those who do not believe in God. Some people say: “I fight in life to live well, but after death, if there is anything after death ….” This is already death; this is already death! Therefore Our Lady calls on us: “Life on Earth is short; it is only a breath in comparison to eternity.” For the people who want to be recapitulated in Christ vast horizons open up in this time, and grace gives us this large breath, and we are able to discern the events and face the events, and we have to prepare for the coming events, because very strong events are coming, and we can all understand that we may become living hope for others, otherwise our catechesis is just educational and without the Trinitarian power.

Therefore, in this feast, which marks the beginning of a more intense and meaningful time, let us decide with a greater sense of responsibility to participate in the work of Christ who is recapitulating the whole universe leading us to the Laws of the pure Spirit in which our life will be eternal and also our body will be transformed.

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit act in you; may your soul be ready to listen to the impulses of the Holy Spirit in order to understand what the Holy Spirit is explaining to your soul so that you find the glory and the power of Christ in your daily life. I bless you; may the Holy Spirit fill you with peace, living faith, living hope, charity and pure love so that you may live an elevated life in Christ; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Cfr. Message of the Mother of humanity of 13 September 2017 to Stefania Caterina, published on the website

[2] Cfr. Mt 12:43-45; Lk 11:24-26

[3] Cfr. Message of Our Lady of 29.10.2012, “The power of the Cross”, published on the website