Message of the Mother of humanity of 13 October 2017 to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD SANCTIFIES YOUR LIFE. The Holy Spirit is the Sanctifier who guides you on your way to holiness. He acts in your spirit to communicate the holiness of God to you. It is a seed that has been placed in you as you are created in the image and likeness of God, the source of all holiness. If you decide to love God, to offer yourselves to Him and to serve Him with love, the seed of holiness will grow and become a flowering tree which will give joy and rest to all creatures. Yes, children, each one of you can and must become holy, for you all are destined to shine as holy and immaculate, true children of God.

Holiness is a path for everyone, not a privilege for few. Unfortunately, many think of the saints as extraordinary individuals, favoured by God, unreachable models in daily life. No, it is not so! The greatness of the saints does not lie in their extraordinary skills but in the action of God in them. This action, which is often extraordinary, is made possible by the willingness of the saints to let themselves be formed by God and to abandon their egoism in order to put themselves at the disposal of the Holy Spirit. The greatest saints have been the most humble and simple persons who would let the almighty power work in them. All is possible for God in a person who is simple.

The Holy Spirit calls you incessantly to a path of holiness made of simplicity, humbleness and trusting abandonment to divine action. Unfortunately, not many respond because men prefer their false certainties; they fear they will have to give up their comfortable life to serve God. Do not think like them! God does not want to take away anything from you except the things that harm you. How many things harm you, children, and you are not aware of it! Know that the sanctifying action of the Holy Spirit is first and foremost a healing action. In fact, the Holy Spirit leads you to Jesus who heals you through His wounds and presents you to the Father who welcomes you and gives you a new life.

Holiness is a new life that is born from God’s call and from your response. If you decide for holiness, the Most Holy Trinity will guide you gradually until you become new creatures, able to think and act in harmony with the laws of God which are the laws of life. Holiness is also a full life without sadness despite the trials of life. God does not take away the trials from His saints; He allows them to happen to strengthen the saints in their faith and make them grow in holiness. However, the saints are always victorious because in them the strength of Jesus acts; He rose from the dead, and they, too, rise with Him from every trial stronger than before.

Children, recognise that the world needs saints! It needs the response of each one of you because humanity cannot change if the hearts of the people do not change. I invite you to a true conversion. Leave the sins, the bad habits, the bad thoughts and put your life in the hands of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit to be loved, healed and guided by the true love that comes only from God.

Dear children, do not let yourselves be deceived by the promises of the enemy who offers you false happiness through the things and the kingdoms of this world. They are foolish illusions! True happiness comes from the holiness that makes you belong to God, for your Creator wants nothing more than to see your happiness. Walk your path with Him, and if you suffer, suffer with Him. Suffering is not bitter when lived with God; on the contrary, it is full of hope. Nothing is burdensome when God walks by your side. Never forget that you are called to defeat evil and rule forever with Him in the new creation.

I accompany you on the path of holiness and I support you in every trial. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.“