The Time of Harvest Begins

Message of Jesus – Medjugorje, 14 October 2017

“Dearest Children,

I bless you and I thank you for the path we have done together in these years. You have prepared this day; you have walked your path and paved new ways on Earth. You are not completely aware of what you have done in these years, or rather, what I have done through you. I have opened a new way on Earth, the one that should have been opened from the beginning by the Church and which leads to the new creation.

Today is an important day for you because the time of harvest begins. All that the people of God have sown along the millennia, not only on Earth but also in the whole universe, now must be harvested and stored in God’s barns.[1] I send you out to harvest all that has been sown.[2] I will be in your midst to harvest with you the prayers, the sacrifices, the tears and the love of all children of God who have no voice, who are trampled and enchained. It is time for Me to liberate them! I will do it through My people, on Earth and in the low universe.

Your faithful brothers and sisters have almost completed the evangelisation of the low universe. They have liberated many prisoners and lifted much darkness from the eyes and hearts of the children of God. Now it is time to bring the same power also to the Earth because the children of God on Earth are deceived and also by the false shepherds who want to appear as lambs and yet are wolves. The children of God on Earth are in an even more difficult situation than those of the low universe. In fact, the enemy’s deception has also passed through a part of the Church that has presented herself as My Church whereas she is not. The time has come for the true Church of God on the Earth, My Church, to come to light and begin to work with all the power, wisdom and love that I will give her. This is the wish of the Father and, in My name, the Holy Spirit will descend powerfully on the people of God in the whole universe so that the great harvest may begin.

As you know, the situation of the Earth is very difficult. Here the Antichrist and the False Prophet are acting, and their action is spreading throughout the low universe. The Antichrist and the False Prophet, on behalf of Lucifer, want to prevent men from knowing the true God; they want to cancel My name from the heart of men so that the memory of the Salvation and the Saviour is lost. You will see, though, that every time the Antichrist or the False Prophet attempt to make people forget My name, My people will shout it out even louder. It will be a battle, a great battle between the spirits, which will serve to separate once and for all the light form the darkness, the children of God from the children of Lucifer. In this way you will prepare My return. I will come in all My glory to complete definitively what My people will have accomplished. When I speak about My people, I mean also My Mother, St. Joseph, all saints in Paradise, the faithful humanities and also the souls in Purgatory who give themselves to Me. This is the great power of God that will act. You too, who are alive and working on the Earth, will manifest My Name.

Do not worry about feeling little. It is the little ones who win, not the big ones. You will see the fall of the powerful until the fall of the one who considers himself the most powerful of all and who has fought against God from the beginning of time: Lucifer, the prince of the darkness. He will have to kneel down before the people of God, and he will disappear from creation. He will be left there where no-one will ever remember him.

Take courage, My people! The sign[3] you are carrying will give you the strength to fight your battle. You will be persecuted, but not in the way you have known so far. The time in which the children of the darkness stop the people of God is over. You will experience great battles in spirit, and you will have to be ready to face them because I will send you souls to save also in spirit. Through you, I will touch, heal and resurrect many souls. Therefore, do not worry, for you belong to Heaven. And especially because you belong to Heaven you rouse the anger of Hell; however, Hell will not approach you to defeat you but to be defeated.

Children, it is time for each one of you to make his choice clearly and definitively in order to be well positioned on the battle field. There must be no more hesitations, compromises and hypocrisies. This is the time of the great and final purification for you. There will always be weaknesses, but they are not a problem because I will easily overcome them in you. The real problem is how you use your freedom: if you do not put it in My hands, if you want to direct your life on your own, you will be weakened and you will take the place of God. Then Lucifer will make fun of you because you end up committing the same sin as he. Leave the task to God to guide you and to manifest that you are His servants, and He will do it. I will always be with you, and I will lead My people forward through St. Michael and the other Archangels who will increasingly prepare the people of God for their battle and their victory. I will come to liberate you forever; your brothers and sisters will come to visit you because you must be united with them. For this reason, it is important that you make your choices so that the level of your spirit may rise and thus you may be able to meet the faithful humanities who already live in a greater light.

I will guide you, do not fear; you will receive everything that you need. Be vigilant; try to read the signs of these times in the light of the wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit and not on the basis of your emotions. Leave your emotions aside and enter the peace of God who opens you for the true wisdom and the only knowledge of truth. I repeat: I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.[4] If you have Me, you have everything. I want to be with you; now it is up to you to truly wish to be with Me. I know that you wish it, but you will experience great battles, and you will always have to renew, in every moment, your faithfulness and your decision to belong to Me through the Heart of My Mother. Once offered to Me through Her, immaculate and united with the universal communion, you will go through all trials with Me, and you will be strong in God; you will announce all peoples My Salvation.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Cfr. Mt 13:30

[2] Cfr. Jn 4:38

[3] See post of 1 November, 2016, “The sign is a cross”, published on

[4] John 14:6