Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 December 2017 to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IS A MYSTERY OF LOVE. Yes, dear children, your life is a mystery that you can understand only in the light of God, your Creator. The word mystery does not necessarily indicate something obscure and incomprehensible; it is you who almost always attribute this meaning to it. In the eyes of God mystery means immensity, profoundness, intimacy and sacredness; in this sense life is a mystery. It is like the vast and deep ocean you cannot explore without the right means; it is like a very high peak you cannot reach if you are not expert climbers.

The One and Triune God, who has created you, knows your life through and through. He knows your origin and your destiny. He has impressed in you His image and likeness that holds your full potential. When God calls you to life, He gives you the intelligence and the strength you need to face the world. He transmits His love to you. It is like a seed placed in you; day by day, the seed grows and guides you in your choices.

If you understand that your life comes from God and returns to God; if you decide to put it in His hands, then life will open up in front of you like a book. You will be able to understand the events that happen to you; to overcome trials and difficulties both big and small; to read your feelings and those of others and to give them the right meaning. The mosaic of your existence gradually builds up forming your real image, that is, the person you are in the eyes of God. You become “experts of life”, examples and light for those who seek the true life that is only in God.

My children, many men on Earth are no longer able to see the image of God within them. In this way, they become slaves of false images, created artificially by the fashions and ideas imposed by the powerful, which destroy the identity of individuals and whole peoples. Do you not realise that Satan is trying to shape your humanity in his image and likeness through those who serve him? How long will you permit him to profane the mystery of life? All this occurs because a large part of the humanity of the Earth is separated from the One and Triune God and is no longer able to understand the mystery of life. People know neither the origin of life nor its destiny, neither its depth nor its beauty, least of all its sacredness. For many people life is worth nothing; this is proved by the many terrible sins which are committed against life on Earth, beginning with abortion.

Children, I invite you to discover the mystery of your existence by looking at it in God. Holy Christmas is approaching; it is the feast of life, because LIFE – that is, My Son Jesus – manifested itself on Earth. With His word, His death and His resurrection, He taught you the meaning of life according to the divine laws and not according to human trends. In this Holy Christmas ask My Son to help you understand who you are and what you can do. Ask Him to leaf through the book of your life with you, and re-read with Him all the pages, the beautiful and the less beautiful, of the story of your life. Jesus will give you the Holy Spirit so that you are able to understand the reasons for many events that you have not understood. First of all, you will understand what God has done for you, and Holy Christmas will be a great feast of the spirit and not a bustle of amusements and gifts.

Children, do not forget that God has a project of love and fullness for each one of you, but He cannot realise it without your collaboration because He created you to be free and He respects your freedom. Therefore, I ask you to give yourselves over to God and to let Him act freely in you so that He may reveal to you the full value of your life. Each one of you is important in the plan of God; yet, if you get lost on wrong paths, the universe will be forever deprived of the beauty and holiness of each one of you. Do not give this pain to My Heart! Do not pierce Me once again with the sword of your indifference! Remember that I am your Mother and that I want you to be happy in the hands of the living and true God.

I am by your side, as always, especially at this Holy Christmas, and I bless you with My little Jesus in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”