The Countdown Begins

26 November 2017

Message of Jesus  – Feast of Christ the King

The Countdown Begins


Dearest Children,

First and foremost, I bless you with My blessing as King. I have come to tell you that today for you a real countdown begins. Do not be alarmed, it does not mean that everything will happen tomorrow. What I want to say is that the times are getting increasingly short, for the evangelisation of the low universe is coming to an end. It will end on January 6, and this means a lot for you. It means that once the faithful brothers and sisters have completed the evangelisation as well as the last tasks that need to be done in the low universe – some humanities need, in fact, to be strengthened and continuously followed closely – they will set off for Earth.

Be careful though: they will visit those on Earth who have been prepared and purified, who have walked their path in these years and have been waiting and hopeful. They will not be sent only to this Foundation but also to many other persons who, despite not knowing these programmes in detail like you, have been prepared profoundly in their spirit.

Why will the brothers and sisters come? They will come because the true evangelisation of the Earth will begin. You have come this far with your evangelisation, but you cannot go further on your own. In fact, the condition of the Earth is so serious that the men of the Earth cannot manage by themselves; therefore, the faithful brothers and sisters will come to assist you in the evangelisation of your planet.

As I told you, they will not choose randomly but visit those I will show them and that I consider ready. I have already said to you that this is the time of harvest which must take place, first of all, within each one of you: in fact, I will pass to collect the fruit within you. Do not delude yourselves! I will not send the faithful brothers to you only because you belong to the Foundation or because you say that you belong to this people. Now more than ever, I expect you to be consistent with what you have said up to now. I expect you to truly give up your ideas, your logic and your presumption which are still within you. I do not want you to be perfect as I know very well that you cannot be, but I want you to be sincere, open and ready, otherwise the brothers and sisters will not come to you but go to others.

I call on you to let go off all because you have said that you have welcomed these programmes and that you want to live in the offering of yourselves, in immaculateness and in communion. Therefore, I will come to collect the fruit of your offering, your immaculateness and your communion. If you do not give Me this fruit, I will not be able to send you to evangelise others because you will need to be evangelised yourselves! Make sure I do not find you without fruit, undecided between yes and no, not living a life of integrity; make sure I do not find you divided among yourselves and dissatisfied with each other. Solve your disputes in the way you have been taught because you have all the means to do it; if you remain closed in your ideas, reasons and certainties, you will not make it.

I also tell you that I need your sublime prayer. From this people and each one you I expect a truly sublime prayer, a great prayer. Therefore, I invite you to liberate your prayer from all your human intentions as they are useless. Start from today to pray according to the intentions of My Mother and stop laying your own intentions before Me. Your intentions may be completely wrong, distorted by your ego and your humanity, by what you consider to be right. This is no more the time to ask for what you think is right.

Give up all your truths as there will have to remain only on Truth! I told you that ONLY I AM THE TRUTH.[1] You must live the Gospel, My Word. Only then you will be able to pray in a pure, noble, sublime way. This is very important for your preparation.

Finally, I tell you that the manifestation of the faithful brothers and sisters to all humanity will occur at the end of the evangelisation of the Earth. It will be a very short manifestation because, at that point, I will have collected all that I have to collect through St. Michael and the angels.[2] The angels are already passing to collect first the weeds and then the wheat. The weeds have already almost been collected but not yet the wheat. When the harvest is completed, the faithful brothers and sisters will manifest themselves visibly to the whole humanity of the Earth, and after that I will come. There will not be much time between their manifestation and My coming: I will allow only the minimum time indispensable for the conversion of the last and not more.

For this reason, I told you that the countdown has begun, and now there is nothing more to joke about.  Be aware of the fact that every word you say may turn against you; I tell you this because I can still notice several things that are not quite right yet. It is time to let go of everything that is still too human in you. Through it all away: your ideas, your programmes, your personal beliefs; through it all away as you will no longer need it. Step into a totally new dimension: the dimension of the Spirit, where there is no more room for human thoughts and where only the thoughts of God exist which will fill the entire universe.

Today I give you all the grace you need to do what I have told you, for I never send you without My grace. Nevertheless, even grace is of no use if it does not fall on good, fertile, open and clean soil, and I do not want My grace to be of no use for you. I entrust you with a great task which is that of perfecting yourselves. You cannot do it on your own; it will be Me doing it in you, through the Holy Spirit, and My Father will bring His work to completion in you.[3] Your task is to be ready, open and available, otherwise all will be useless.

I bless you and I send you as My apostles and missionaries who are pure, strong and ready; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Cfr. John 14:6

[2] Cfr. Mt 13:30

[3] Cfr. Eph 4:1-16