An Epochal Passage

30 December 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated Audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we are in the transition from the year 2017 to the year 2018. Many great voices rising from different angles of the Earth and the universe agree on certain aspects that relate to this transition. They call it an “epochal passage”, and they agree that the humanity of the Earth will go through a time of purification and through the suffering it will rise up to a higher dimension. Therefore, we have called this reflection “An Epochal Passage”. We take our own perspective among these voices. We have explained to you many things and we will explain to you also this passage.

In the book “L’Universo e i suoi abitanti”[1] (The Universe and Its Inhabitants) we have written about the history of humanity from the origin of the universe, from the origin of humanity and the angels; the Holy Spirit has given a brief summary of the history. The dynamics of good and evil in the 20th century have been especially highlighted; God’s action appears in particular through the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima and that of Lucifer through his allies, that is, the Confederation of the Light.

The last stage we have told you about is the one immediately before the glorious coming of Christ. We are talking about this. The key to understand the passage between these two years is God the Father, the First Person of the Most Holy Trinity, in which all mysteries are understood and enlightened. Without Him we understand neither the beginning nor the end, not even the path.

Last year we wanted to celebrate Him on 7 August according to the indication of His Son. We gave our love to Him and invoked Him wishing to know, adore and serve Him, and He spoke to us.[2]

 “Children, My fatherhood extends over the whole universe and all things have to submit to My fatherhood: the sky, the Earth, all planets and also Hell. My fatherhood is the power that embraces everything, refills all things, brings into existence what is not and maintains alive what is.

I AM THAT I AM. I AM LIFE. Life originates from Me and returns to Me. It returns to Me for eternity; yet, not to fade and stop existing but to exist forever and shine above all even above death.”

Our relationship with God the Father and His relationship with us is, first of all, a mystery of love. He has created us out of love; He supports us with His love and with His love He wants to lead us to the fulfillment of our life, to our destiny. The mystery for us is to welcome His love and to return it with gratitude, adoration, praise and prayer. He glorifies Himself by promoting life, not only that of us men but also of all creatures.

 “Children, the history of humanity is going towards its end. Do not be frightened about this. Do not imagine a catastrophe; think rather that life is going towards its fullness. I must bring My work to its perfection; I must do it and I will do it. I will do it once more through My Son Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. I will lead each one of you and the entire humanity to the fullness. I am talking about the humanity that has chosen My Love.”

Precisely because of this love, the perfect love that is in God, God wants to manifest Himself. He manifests Himself in the degree we are ready to welcome Him; He manifests Himself in the people who welcome Him. His whole work is made in collaboration with angels and men, sublime and free beings who take the creation of the whole universe forward.

 “Today I ask each one of you and all the people, who I love and bless incessantly, to manifest My glory. Manifest the glory of the children of God in the Son and in the Holy Spirit; the glory of the children of God in the Most Holy Trinity. The world is only waiting for this, all the rest is of no importance. If you do it, you will give the world all that it needs, because I am ALL; however, if you do not bring My Love that is glorious, visible and almighty, what are your works good for? They will be works among other works. I ask you to manifest My glory to the world. You can do it only by fully welcoming Jesus, by offering your life to Him and by putting yourselves at His disposal with all your strength, all your soul and all your thoughts. Then, Jesus will act in you according to My will and give you the Holy Spirit.”

 “Does it seem such a great thing to you, children? And yet, it is so simple. Think of a flower opening up to the sun; it does nothing else than opening up to the sun, and the sun will do everything. It is the same for you. Therefore, put your life in My hands through Jesus. Give Me everything, and I will give you everything; I will give through you all that is necessary for your life and the life of the world.”  

The Father’s love, His life, pulsates in each creature especially in the angels and in men. God the Father wants to promote His life in each one of you to the highest level so that each one of us and we all together reach the fullness. When He says, “manifest My glory”, He also says, “Reveal with your life the One and Triune God”. The laws of the Most Holy Trinity are rarely mentioned, even less known and lived, but we are in the phase of the powerful Trinitarian action which involves the whole universe. God the Father turns to a people that listens to Him, and He wants to lead this people to the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe because the whole universe is destined to be recapitulated in Christ and live in the life of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ with the Father. Along the centuries, twenty centuries, the Church of the Earth has not managed to unite with the Church of the whole universe despite the prayers of the universal communion, all saints, all angels, etc. It has remained geocentric and has not opened up. Now is the moment in which the Trinitarian pulsation is strong and acting in all those who want to be involved. First of all, it will pulsate in the angels, in the saints and in men to involve all living things and the whole creation.

At this point it is important that you have a chronological overview:

  • In 2004 God formed the Central Nucleus adding the extraordinary instruments to it which are the angels, the faithful brothers protected by the Most Holy Mother Mary and Saint Joseph with his fatherhood in God; since then all the universe is drawn towards the Central Nucleus, and the Church of the Earth is directed towards the Heavenly Church which descends from the bosom of God and is revealed in Jesus Christ. This Church coming from the whole universe is destined to be elevated and enter the new creation.
  • 2012, as we know, was the year of the decisive choice of humanity.
  • In 2013 the evangelization of the middle universe by the faithful brothers and sisters took place with the help of the saints and their constant prayers, the help of the angels and the prayers of the whole Church of Christ. The evangelization went through the middle universe and evangelized it successfully.
  • From 2016 up to this year the low universe has been evangelized. After the evangelization of the low universe a powerful evangelization of the Earth is planned. As you have been told, the evangelization of the low universe ends on the day of Epiphany, 6 January 2018. The whole attention of the Trinitarian power turns towards the Earth.

We may ask ourselves: has the evangelization of the Church of the Earth been poor? We do not discuss or criticise anyone; yet, the evangelisation must be taken to that dimension, because each man and each angel must be immersed in the full action of the pure Spirit so that humanity may reach the new creation. For us this era is an important passage towards the new creation.

The people of God on Earth will be strongly touched and pushed to become part of the Church of Jesus Christ in the whole universe. The Trinitarian action will unfold particularly in the spirit of man. People will be tried in order to come to say a full yes to God or a full yes to Lucifer. I don’t mean that everything will take place in the next year, but there will be a strong action of the Trinitarian power. Already in the past year the action of the Antichrist and the False prophet has been strong, but the stronger the response of the people of the Earth will be, not only individually but united by the Spirit of the Lord Himself, the more the False Prophet and the Antichrist will have to come out and manifest themselves.

In this path all faces must be revealed in the light of the Father: the faces of the angels, of the saints and of the people. Those who freely choose God loving Him and being focused on Him will be guided by the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ towards the transformation into new men, and so will the entire humanity. Humanity is destined to be elevated to the Laws of the pure Spirit where matter will not prevail, but the spirit will govern everything. Then, in this path humanity will be lifted up.

Let us return to what we have said: the key to read history is God the Father, the Alpha and Omega. We have to continue to celebrate His name, to invoke His name, to adore Him and desire to know Him through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, even more during the next year (2018), for all mysteries of our life are revealed in Him, and the mysteries of God are revealed in the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ; therefore, no religious formalism, no religious formalism, although it is in line with human religious logic. All has to be submitted to the guidance of the Holy Spirit because grace will be given, signs will be given to us. In this sense the faithful brothers and sisters will be part of it to help us in the manner and time God has planned. Therefore, the united action of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe will strongly be felt in the coming year. All will be a progressive path that will depend on the response of the people. God is ready and He will not stop.

As I said, all faces will have to be revealed. On the occasion of tomorrow’s Solemnity of the Mother of God[3] I will speak about the face of the Most Holy Mother that we will see in the coming year, how it will manifest and how we, as Mary’s children, must appear in front of Her face.

I will end this reflection with a prayer that we will pray all together:

Our Father,
Who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
do not abandon us in the hour of temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

The Lord bless you all, good and bad; may the love of God manifest itself to all of you and may you all be enlightened by His light to choose good and refuse evil, to lift yourselves up by doing good and live according to the Laws of the pure Spirit to be transformed and become new creatures; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

[1] Edizioni Luci dell’Esodo

[2] Cfr. Message of God the Father of 3 August, 2017, “Manifest My Glory”, published on 6 August 2017 on

[3] 1st January, Solemnity of Mary Most Holy, the Mother of God,