The Evangelisation of the Earth

6 January 2018 – The Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

Message of Saint Michael the Archangel


“Dearest Brothers and Sister of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe who live on Earth,

Today the Lord sends me to you with His powerful blessing to prepare you for what is awaiting humanity in this time.

As you know, the evangelisation of the low universe has been completed. In reality, this statement is not completely correct because the low universe has not been entirely evangelised. The crucial planet is missing: Earth. The Earth has not seen yet the power of God that precedes the coming of Christ.

The evangelisation of the rest of the low universe has been fruitful even though not all have converted. I want to make a clarification: you think that the faithful brothers appeared to the planets of the low universe with their fleet of spaceships in a striking way. In reality, the faithful brothers and sisters met, first of all, the powerful who govern the planets and informed them about everything that God is planning to do. They asked them for a personal conversion as this could help the conversion of their peoples. Some responded positively, especially the very distant and small planets, and those populations have easily converted. On the contrary, the response of the more advanced planets, from a scientific and technological point of view, has not been the same. The powerful who govern them, especially those who belong to the Confederation of the Light, have not converted and even misinformed and confused their peoples.

After that, the brothers and sisters met the people the Lord showed them, such as individuals and small groups, and began to work with them. These individuals responded and became like yeast within their people. In silence and hidden but with great spiritual power they acted and supported the faithful brothers and sisters in the evangelisation of their own planet. Unfortunately not all have converted. A large part of humanity did not convert and refused to welcome the voice of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now the Earth is missing, a fundamental planet in the low universe. Here, too, the brothers will do what they have done elsewhere: they will visit you, first of all, who have believed and acted in these years. They will not meet the powerful of the Earth because they have already been asked plenty of times throughout history. They will turn directly to the people: besides you, they will visit individuals and small groups who are ready to welcome them.

The great manifestation of the faithful humanities, that is to say, the children of God, will take place shortly before the return of Christ. God wants the people to convert out of faith and through their participation in the Easter passage of Jesus Christ, and not because of the great signs. If it were not so and the brothers had manifested all their power on the planets they have visited, it would have been too easy!  All had to have the same faith as you had to have in these years.

In the middle universe things have developed a little bit differently because those humanities have always had contact with the faithful humanities and, therefore, it was not a completely new event for them.

After this little overview we come to the Earth. It is your turn to evangelise the Earth as you have been told. Nevertheless, it is no longer the same evangelisation as you have understood it in all this time. It is not even the evangelisation the official Church has carried out along the centuries through preaching, words, deed and, unfortunately, also through violent compulsion. The evangelisation I mean is the evangelisation in spirit. This means that, first of all, a great action in spirit is expected of you. It can only come out of your profound union with Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in the silence of your heart, in prayer, in contemplation, in the depth of your spirit. Therefore, no frenetic activity is required of this people, nor is it required to cross the whole planet. That has already been done on Earth, and, as you can see, without producing great results.

God wants you to put into practice what has been explained to you and to let the Holy Spirit completely free to act in you so that He may awaken all the gifts He has placed in your soul. This can only happen if you truly offer yourselves to God and if you enter the profoundness of your spirit and your call. God does not expect great deeds of you; He will do them through you. The first great work He expects of you is your faith. I will repeat once again: do not imagine that you will do great works. The brothers will support you but the evangelisation of the Earth is up to you. You have to participate fully in the action of God with the help of the faithful brothers and sisters.

Great humility is expected of you to recognize that it is not you doing things but God acting through you. You are asked to live your life with simplicity: simplicity in your thoughts, your actions and also your preaching. Do not climb the winding paths of abstract theories and long speeches as they will not be of use. You need few words filled with spirit; few actions filled with quality. God will support you with all His power but now it is necessary that you go into depth. Up to now you had to face many difficulties and you had to perform feats to stay on your feet. God has appreciated your commitment and is pleased with you and what you have done, but now He invites you to care more and more about quality.

Therefore, do not pray so much to the Lord for the coming of the faithful brothers and sister as they will come as God has promised. Pray rather to understand well and deeply what kind of evangelisation is needed today in the world you are living in, in the hectic and superficial life of your planet. You must shine like stars and distinguish yourselves from the mentality of this world which goes in a completely different direction towards unrestrained activism, towards a life lived in a rush without reflection, where everyone expresses his ideas and no-one knows what he says. That should not apply to you.

I call on the priests of this people to be true fathers for the brothers and sisters and to walk with determination on the way that has been taught to them.

I call on the people to welcome God’s teachings with docility as they reach you also through the priests who are given to you and whom you have to respect and help in their mission. In this way, profoundly united with God and the brotherly communion, God will do His part. If you fail to do your part, even God cannot do His, because then He will have to wait again for the conversion of the Earth.

I know that you will respond as I can see your good will. We angels will be by your side. The extraordinary instruments are already oriented towards Earth. The Central Nucleus works intensively in the great sanctuaries of the universe where God gathers the souls to prepare them. The angels concentrate their attention especially on the Earth. The faithful brothers and sisters are preparing to meet with you and the people of your planet. You have to do the same; do not ask the Lord to send you the faithful brothers but to prepare you to meet them.

The Lord will always speak to you and give you the necessary light, but now, first of all, you must be simple, humble and concrete. With concrete I mean that you shall be aware of your conversion every day because every day is an opportunity to refine your being and put it in harmony with God. I repeat: be simple, concrete, humble and docile to God’s teachings. Then the Lord will manifest His glory as the prophet said[1], and as I say to you: “Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you”, and the glory of the Lord will shine.

When the evangelisation of the Earth is completed – and only God knows when this happens because only He, who searches the hearts, will know when all those He has called have entered salvation – then the great manifestation of the people of God will take place, especially of the faithful humanities who will reveal themselves in all their power. This will happen on Earth but will be visible in the entire universe. The great work of redemption began on Earth and it will be completed on Earth: here the Lord Jesus will come for the second time to collect all that belongs to Him and to discard all that has refused Him.

I invite you to a strong prayer. Be a united people, do not separate from each other and do not worry about little things. The Lord has all the power to solve your problems and to help you in your conversion, but you have to make a start. Offer everything that happens to you to God, for better or for worse, for the glory of God and His people, and you will not lack any help. Set off with the strength of God!

I bless each one of you and through you the whole people of the Foundation[2] and the people of the Earth who follow you, many more than you can imagine. I bless the sick in spirit, soul and body. I bless you so that you have the strength of God and the certainty of His help; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Cfr. 1st Reading of Epiphany, Isa 60:1-6

[2] Fondazione “Fortezza dell’Immacolata“ (Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate”)

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