The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

7 January 2018 – Baptism of the Lord

Message of Jesus

“My Dear Children,

First, I bless you and thank you for the entire path you have walked with Me, all your sacrifices, your prayers and the offering of your lives. All this is precious for the people of God.

Yesterday, practical instructions have been given to you about what is awaiting you in these times. Today, however, I will give you directions for your inner path.

Today your mission begins, which is the evangelisation of the Earth. It begins on the day you remember My Baptism with which I began My great public manifestation and My mission. Your mission is, at the same time, a manifestation before all humanity of the Earth and the Universe.

The evangelisation of the Earth is more necessary than ever because I will return to this planet and manifest Myself in My Glory. Therefore, the evangelisation of the Earth will conclude the preparation for My coming.

The faithful brothers and sisters have carried out the evangelisation of the rest of the low universe and you have supported them with your prayer and your sacrifice. Now, the contrary has to take place: you have to set off on your mission and the faithful brothers will support you in the manner I will consider necessary for you.

You have been told that you have to be very humble. Therefore, I tell you: do not rely on your ideas or your own human strength, as they are useless. You can see what the evangelisation of the official Church has achieved on Earth so far: the Earth is basically pagan, even those who call themselves Christians, not to mention many priests and many other aspects that you do not know.

The true evangelisation is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. He will act in you; therefore, do not start from yourselves but start from Me. I am the One who will evangelise the Earth through you in the way I have evangelised the low universe through the faithful brothers. I will act and you will be My instruments; not passive instruments without own will, but docile, open instruments who want to serve Me.

All this has to take place so that I can return to the Earth. St. Michael and his angelic hosts will precede you as he is the precursor. Yet, there is one more important thing for you to understand in these times: it is the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That is an irreplaceable and indispensable piece of the mosaic of salvation.

Over the centuries, many saints affirmed that I came down on Earth through Mary the first time and that through Mary I will come for the second time. This is true and it will be so. Therefore, all the people of God are called to consecrate themselves totally to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in these times. I will not come to Earth before Her Immaculate Heart has triumphed in My people. The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother is the indispensible prelude to My Coming. Before the coming of the faithful brothers and sisters it is necessary that the Heart of My Mother triumphs in you.

You have often heard of Mary’s work; you have thought of some particular messages of Her, and that is partly true. However, Her work is much greater: Mary’s work is to gather all Her children from all parts of the universe to offer them to Me. This is Mary’s great work which began right from Her conception. In view of Her divine motherhood and Her great work, Mary was created immaculate. Now, Her immaculateness must descend on the whole of My people. My people will be immaculate, otherwise it will not be My people.

You, people of the Earth, had the great privilege of having My presence in the flesh and that of Mary Most Holy, who, in the flesh, is a daughter of your humanity. For this reason, more than any other humanity, you are called to testify that you belong to My Mother. If you do not consecrate yourselves to My Mother, you cannot testify to Me. Unfortunately, one of the great sins of the official Church of the Earth has been to testify to Me without adequately considering My Mother. The Church has testified to Me, but she has not testified to Her.

This must be very clear to you: during the evangelisation of the low universe, your brothers and sisters have not only given testimony to Me but also to My Mother. All human beings must know that they have a Father, who is God, and a Mother, who is Mary Most Holy. It is absolutely indispensible that you act in the same way as the faithful brothers and sisters. Therefore, a great part of your evangelisation now consists of consecrating yourselves to Mary and letting Her act fully in you. Mary is the Bride of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit generated Me in Her womb; the Holy Spirit, together with Her, generates Me continuously in you and in all of My people. You must have Me alive in you! This can only be through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother through whom I came to the world.

Belonging to Mary protects you. The sign you are wearing is the symbol of My Mother’s Heart from which a flame rises.[1] That flame continuously purifies My people. Through Mary you are purified and continuously placed back into grace, even if you have sinned and you are fragile and weak. The Immaculate Heart of Mary protects, purifies and elevates My people; therefore, it is necessary for you to consecrate yourselves to Her.

They will tell you that you are fanatics and that an excessive devotion to My Mother overshadows Me. Do not believe a word of what they say. He who loves My Mother and does Her will loves Me and does My will, for My Mother and I are one.

From your consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the resulting powerful action of the Holy Spirit in you the great evangelisation of the Earth will begin. That is why I told you not to rely on your works. Your works will only be the result of your adherence to Me and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

When you consecrate yourselves to My Mother, the Father rejoices because She is His perfect and immaculate daughter; the first fruit of the new humanity. I rejoice because My Mother is glorified since She deserves all glory. The Holy Spirit rejoices because She is His Bride. Mary is the perfect creature; the example for your life. Thus, let Her act fully within you so that Her work may be manifested and realised. Before St. Michael comes, it will be My Mother to gather My people. St. Michael will do nothing but present to Me what My Mother has gathered. First comes My Mother and then all other creatures. Mary comes before the Archangels.

Do not worry about what you will or will not have to do. Carry on with your lives with simplicity, adoring God and serving Him through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Live a simple life, putting in practice what you have been taught: the offering of your lives through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, immaculateness and the universal communion. The universal communion has not been fully realised in the universe because the Earth is missing. The Earth must join the rest of the people of the universe, otherwise I will not be able to gather My good wheat.

Children, you will not lack persecutions, but they will not be like the obtuse and coarse persecutions of the past. Now the persecution of Satan is more subtle and tenacious because he fears the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe; until now, he has managed to delay her manifestation but now he can no longer do that. Therefore, do not fear any persecutions. Nothing can stop My work and the work of My Mother anymore!

Today, I bless you, and I send you on a mission to evangelise the Earth. You will be told all you need to know and all will be given to you. Do not worry about material goods or even about money. Do not worry about what you will eat or drink, what you will do or how you will behave. Leave these worries to the pagans. You shall concentrate on the goodness, the greatness and the power of God. Concentrate on My work and you will not lack anything. All has been given to Me by the Father.[2] I can do anything, for I am almighty.

I will do whatever I want within My people and no-one will be able to stop Me. It is of no importance if you are great, small, strong or fragile; if you love Me and believe in Me and in My work, they will not be able to do anything to you. Nobody will stop you.

I bless you with the Trinitarian power. Through you, I bless the whole people of the Earth; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Jesus refers to the cross that by the members of the Foundation “Fortezza dell’Immacolata” (Fortress of the Immaculate) wear. You can find a description on our homepage and in the post of November 1, 2016, “The Sign is a Cross”, on the website,

[2] See Jn 17:2