Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 March, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that THE LIFE OF GOD GROWS AND IS TRANSMITTED IN COMMUNION. It grows to the extent that it is given. The more you love, the more you feel loved; the more you offer, the more you receive. This is a great spiritual law that, unfortunately, only few comprehend. Most people, in fact, do not step out of themselves; they do not love and therefore do not receive love; the less they receive the less they love. Thus, the circle closes and humanity slips more and more into the darkness of selfishness and loneliness.

Children, this must not happen to you! Remember that you are called to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbour as yourselves. This is what My Son taught you.2 This is the most important law that leads your life towards true happiness. I want to help you understand this better.

First of all, you must understand that life springs from the Most Holy Trinity and flows incessantly between the Three divine Persons. It is dynamic, bursting, eternal and immutable, and yet always new. It is LIFE that generates life. When God creates you, He gives you the breath of His Spirit that nourishes your spirit, soul and body. You grow because life grows in you; God sustains it continuously. As you become adults, the LOVE, INTELLIGENCE AND STRENGTH God has placed in you, in His image and likeness, begin to flourish. Thus, your existence begins to bear fruit and affect the reality around you.

If you decide to love and serve your Creator and welcome My Son, Jesus, as the Son of God and the Saviour, your life becomes a great gift for the entire universe. It produces fruit of love and salvation for many souls, for it enters the great Trinitarian vortex, the huge force that governs the universe. In the Trinitarian vortex the love, intelligence and strength of the Most Holy Trinity unite with those of His holy people. In this way, God’s life reaches the whole creation. In fact, the Trinitarian vortex returns the love, intelligence and strength, pouring its power over the children of God and the whole creation.

However, your personal decision is not enough. God has created you to live in communion, to be brothers and sisters, children of the Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. You are, therefore, called to give your life to God for your neighbour. This is the greatest form of love, and it makes you children of God and true Christians.3 When the communion is lived sincerely, it strengthens and completes you. In fact, if you are unable to finish a task by yourselves, someone else will step in, complete your action and strengthen your prayer. Thus, you become part of the Mystical Body of Christ where every member acts under the guidance of the only Head: My Son, Jesus. The angels, the living saints and those in Paradise, the souls in Purgatory, you and I are part of this Body.  

I have revealed to you the existence of other brothers and sisters in the universe who believe in the One and Triune God and are united with you despite the physical distances separating you. The communion with them is of vital importance for you. In fact, the humanity of the Earth is not self-sufficient as it is fragile and rebellious against God. Therefore, begin to pray and live your faith in communion with the whole Mystical Body of Christ. Feel particularly united with the brothers and sisters of the universe who, like you, believe in God and fight for the truth. Then, your life will be lifted up and enter the great Trinitarian vortex. There it will encounter the life and power of the whole people of God present in the universe, be strengthened and sanctified. What you have given, will be returned to you a hundredfold.

Children, I do not tell you stories; I speak about the reality of God. It is real and present in you, beside you and in the whole universe. It is made of visible and invisible things; both touch you more than you think. The border between the visible and the invisible, the rationally comprehensible and the incomprehensible is very thin. In God no impassable borders exist.

In the infinite mystery that is the life of God, your spirit can only see reality as it is when it is united with the Creator. Therefore, do not try to know and classify all things with your rationality and strength because it is impossible for you. God’s life cannot be grasped by the greedy hands of those who want to possess it, nor can it be subjected to the speculations of the arrogant. There is a more subtle intelligence than the rational one, which dwells in the depth of your spirit and is awakened by holiness. Only that intelligence allows you to enter the Mystery of God and creation. Pray and I will help you understand. This is why God sends Me among you.

I am with you and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

2 See Mark 12,28-34

3 See John 15,13

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