To Be Free in Christ

24 March 2018

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated Audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today’s subject is “To Be Free in Christ”. Our Lord wants to make us free, and He wants to lead His people to the full truth; let us therefore look at our attitude and our behaviour towards God’s wish. There may be different patterns of behaviour: criticising everything while justifying ourselves with human arguments; grumbling; distrusting or attacking others verbally or in our thoughts; remaining passive before the events. In this way we become participants in the wars of the world and the destruction that is in front of our eyes.

Jesus is free. In chapter 10 of John, verses 17 and 18 Jesus says that He offers His life freely to take it up again and that no one can take it from Him. He also says that for this reason the Father loves Him. The last time we spoke about Our Lady’s last message given to Stefania Caterina.[1] There She says that God communicates His love, His intelligence and His strength to us. If these laws govern our being, no-one can take our life because it is in God, and thus our life is governed by the sublime laws of life and filled with divine creativity. If we participate in the divine action, through these laws all evil inside us is removed. Jesus has definitely defeated even death. We can defeat at least the first death and all distress within us.

Jesus wants to liberate His people. All systems have collapsed because free men have risen up against them. Only free men can liberate the people, not the revolutionaries who overturn political systems or religious men who want to impose things on people, but the free men in Christ in whom life blossoms, develops and reaches fullness. This is constructive life in favour of everyone. Then each one of us introduces through his life the laws that govern the entire universe, that is, the love of God, His intelligence, His power.

Let us listen to Jesus’ message “The Future of My People”.[2]

 “My people shall be free and autonomous. Free because made of people free in the inside; autonomous because they will not be slaves of the tyranny of the systems and of the structures. They will be able to have a face to face relationship with God, and they will not need any more to ask others to know who God is. They will be able to discern what is good and what is evil, and will not have any other teachers nor intermediaries besides me. They will not be dominated by any hierarchy; no one will be able to call himself bigger or smaller.

The Holy Spirit will act freely among my people and will teach them. God shall be all in everyone.”

These words may sound like a dream; they remain such for the people who do not believe that today this grace is close to us: the grace of being free in God, of communicating with God directly and escaping the oppression of systems and hierarchies, even the religious ones. Also the religious hierarchies, which oppress the people, produce ignorance and fail to promote the inner freedom of man, will have to withdraw, for God needs a free people, creative and beneficial for the salvation of the whole universe.

 “It is impossible to reach real freedom without being immaculate; real autonomy does not exist outside of my Spirit. Your humanity has always been subject to laws and human authorities, who often came out to be unjust and cruel, but you have not been able to do without them. Why? Because you have a hard heart, and most of you are far from God. You are rebellious by nature and must be tamed like wild horses. You are not interiorly free and you don’t have integrity. Besides, you have rejected God thinking you would be freer, but you have become slaves of your fears. Thus, paradoxically, you fear freedom more than slavery, because you do not want to assume responsibility to live with integrity in front of God. You prefer to be obedient to corrupt systems, rather than living free and responsible according to the desires of God.”

When we are free, mature, able to stand upright and discern, we are free to communicate with God and elevate ourselves in spirit. When St. Michael the Archangel descended to the gate of Hell, after the Great Jubilee, to announce God’s plans to Lucifer, he mentioned also two points: firstly, the spiritual elevation of the people will be sped up; secondly, God will weaken all systems that prevent the people from communicating directly with God.

What do you want? Do you want to be free? Within us there are emperors and idols we adore and cling to. We are incapable of standing straight and discern between good and evil, and thus we lean on something or someone. God has decided to liberate us, and He is already at work to free the entire universe.

 “This situation cannot last forever on Earth, because you will be put in front of a very specific choice: free people in God, or slaves of Satan. Nothing will be left in the middle. The sequence of events will force you to choose, and you will not be able to escape. The distractions you are looking for will be of no use, your festivities and rackets with which you are searching to fill your interior emptiness. No human authority, nor any system will be able to free you from the necessity of making a decision. You will have to choose, in one way or another.”

In the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verses 31 and 32, Jesus says: ‘To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”’ I have quoted these words to show you that they are true. Jesus said this two thousand years ago and repeat it now, and tonight we have repeated Jesus’ words. No-one can take your responsibility, no authority, no man, no system. You must come forward as free people.

We speak about the coming events, but when they appear before humanity, those who are not free will not be able to discern and will be carried away by the events. There is nothing magic about them. This week we are entering the event of the Holy Week in which Jesus Christ accomplishes our liberation in the name of the Father and in the power of the Holy Spirit. And what are we doing? Are we discussing, criticizing, feeling annoyed because we lack this or that, or are we participating in the work of redemption which will liberate us?

In today’s Liturgy the Church presents the text of the prophet Ezekiel,[3] who announces that the Messiah will gather all peoples. In this week we contemplate how Jesus gathers the Jews, the pagans and all others; however, in these times Jesus is the Shepherd, the Priest, the King of the universe who attracts all peoples of the universe making all the people free so that they may participate in the fullness of life and the government, the sovereignty, of God may express itself in them and between them also on Earth.

Thus, this is not the time to remain passive and be carried away by rituals and religious habits. It is time to participate in the life of Christ which leads us to defeat even death and sin within us so that no master or idols remain in us, and thus we are free.

We wish you to be free and face the events, especially the event of the Holy Week, to awaken in the power of the Risen Christ; then we will move forward, step by step, to develop this issue, but not on an intellectual level, for this is an issue that presupposes our free and responsible participation.

We wish Happy Easter and we bless you all, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 March, 2018, published on the website

[2] Cfr. Jesus‘ message of 8 September, 2011, published on 7 October, 2011, on our website

[3] Saturday of the 5th week of Lent: 1st Reading Ezekiel 37:21-28