The Kingdom of God is among you

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

There is still some instability on our website as it continues to be attacked.[1] This urges us to live and spread the universal message of salvation, which has been entrusted to us and you have known in the past years, with ever greater responsibility.

On our part, we are ever more committed to pass on to you what we receive. Therefore, we will share with you the message of Our Lady of 13 May 2018, which reveals the nature and modality of the evangelisation of the Earth and the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in these times.

We believe that there will always be tension around our website due to the content published, which evidently disturbs some people, and therefore we ask you to help us as good as possible to testify and pass on what we have announced to this day and will continue to announce. We are sure that we can count on your collaboration and we thank you already now for your support.

As you may have noticed, the confusion on Earth is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is essential for all of us to be rooted more and more in the life of the Most Holy Trinity. This will prevent us from being carried away by the events of the world and enable us to recognise the things to do and the path to walk both as individuals and as humanity.

Always united with you in prayer and through the offering of our lives to God we great and bless you, wishing you all the best.

Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina

Message of Our Lady of 13 May 2018,

Ascension of Our Lord and Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima

“Dearest Children,

Today I simply want to bless you and thank you for the whole path you have done with Me in the past years, which reaches its accomplishment in the words that you have heard.[2]

The Church of Jesus Christ of the universe is not an invention or a utopia but a reality that is already living in the universe and within each one of you and that will live and establish itself also on Earth. I do not mean that this will occur with power and clamour; this Church will establish herself like the Kingdom of God, which comes silently but powerfully into the hearts.

I tell you with joy that the Kingdom of God is among you; it is in the hearts of all those who believe in My Son Jesus and let themselves be guided by Him to the fullness of life. Those who welcome the Trinity and live for the Trinity together with Me are already part of this Church which affirms the power and the life of God in the universe.

With the official proclamation of the existence of this Church, which you will make in these days, the evangelisation of the Earth will also powerfully start. This evangelisation does not occur with great actions and great theories but through the silent and continuous spreading of life from spirit to spirit until a people is formed that lives and proclaims that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Heaven, Earth, the universe and all abysses. My Son is the King; He is the Lord of your life and of the whole universe.

Children, on this day, in which you celebrate the Ascension of My Son, I ask you to let your hearts ascend with Him. Leave the preoccupations of the world; leave the things that bind, worry and exhaust you; leave them in the hands of God. Leave to the world what belongs to the world and turn your hearts to Heaven, where Almighty God lives, in the dimension without borders, without barriers and without pain. God will take care of you; God will provide for you because He knows that as humans you still need many things. God will provide for you. He has all the power to provide for you, for it is Him who keeps you alive, who protects, feeds and dresses you. Like the birds in the sky and the lilies in the field, so are you.[3]

Therefore, My children, walk with Me towards the freedom of the children of God. Do not be concerned about anything except belonging to God. Do your duty as men, citizens, fathers and mothers but do not attach your heart to these things because everything passes, children, only God remains.

I bless you, I protect you and I accompany you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] The Italian website,, was hacked and completely destroyed shortly after the publication of the document, “The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”. (Translator’s note)

[2] On this day Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina have proclaimed the central points of the mission of the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” to the people.

[3] See Matt 6:25-33