“The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

with this document we proclaim the existence and the mission of

“The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”


Over the past few years, through books, writings and preaching, we have communicated to you what has been revealed to us by God and His instruments. It is the great divine plan of salvation of the whole universe. On this website[1] you may find all you need to understand what we are speaking about. This will be only a summary of some fundamental points which are the basis of the path and the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe.

This is a summary of what has been revealed to us:

  • The Most Holy Trinity exists: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the only true God who has created the universe. What has been revealed to us is the periods of the history of humanity and God’s interventions in favour of His children through the millennia.
  • Three universes exist: the high universe, the middle universe and the low universe. Each universe is inhabited by men who are our brothers, created in the image and likeness of God. They live on planets that are very different from each other. Earth is situated in the low universe.
  • We have been explained the deception carried out by Lucifer and the rebellious angels as well as original sin, committed by a part of humanity, and the devastating consequences both events produced.

At the beginning God did not create only one male and one female but several couples which formed a small people, the first nucleus of humanity. He showed them Lucifer’s existence and asked each one of them to choose whom they wanted to serve, God or Lucifer. The progenitors’ response was not unanimous.

Some decided to serve God and to remain faithful to Him; therefore, they did not commit original sin. From these humanities the faithful humanities came forth, who populate the high universe. Others remained undecided; the humanities of the middle universe derive from them; even though they did not openly rebel against God, they still remained weak and uncertain between good and evil. Others, finally, refused to serve God and chose Lucifer, in different ways, giving life to the humanities of the low universe.

The progenitors of the Earth went even further by making an alliance with Lucifer, consecrating their firstborns to him. For this reason, from the beginning the Earth has been the most hostile planet to God and the least evolved of the entire creation. It is on Earth that Lucifer has always exercised his greatest power.

Due to original sin, humanity was divided and spread on different planets and different universes, separated by often insurmountable distances. However, God promised a Saviour to the progenitors.

  • Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour, incarnated on Earth, the hostile planet, distant from God and close to Lucifer. Here He died and resurrected to destroy Lucifer’s work and re-establish an alliance between God and humanity. The Redemption operated by the Son of God has extended over the entire universe, for the whole of humanity must be led back to God through Jesus Christ. For this reason, the whole of humanity will have to choose between Jesus Christ and Lucifer; between the true God and the idols. At the end of times, Jesus will return gloriously to judge the living and the dead and gather His people around Him. All those who have remained faithful, regardless of what planet they belong to, will be introduced to the NEW CREATION by Jesus Christ where, finally liberated from evil, they will form forever a single humanity as should have been from the beginning. God may be all in all. (1 Cor 15:28 NIV).


  • Jesus Christ founded His Church on Earth in favour of the whole universe. Just as Jesus was born on Earth to save the whole universe, the Church was founded on Earth to extend the Kingdom of God to the whole universe. The Church, first cell of the Kingdom of God, was called to announce salvation not only to the humanity of the Earth, but also to that of the whole universe. In fact, except the humanities who remained faithful to God from the beginning, the other humanities had no knowledge of the work of salvation accomplished by Jesus Christ. This is the great plan of God of which St. Paul speaks in his letter to the Ephesians[2]: the recapitulation of all things in Christ. 

Jesus Christ had spoken openly about the existence of other brothers and sisters of the universe to His apostles and had instructed them in this regard before and after His resurrection. The early Church was to be supported by the faithful humanities of the high universe, equipped with adequate means and knowledge, to bring the announcement of salvation to all populated planets. The Church was called to be at the disposal of God’s plan and the universal mission was to begin rapidly.

But this did not happen: the cultural backwardness of that time, doubts, fears and the first divisions within the Church prevented a unanimous response. God respected the choice of the Church, giving her time to mature. Through the millennia God never stopped giving signs of the existence of life in the universe to the representatives of the Church and to single individuals. The apostles themselves were visited by brothers and sisters coming from the high universe. Nevertheless, the universal mission of the Church of the Earth has never begun. On the contrary, the Church has increasingly restricted her action to the sole Earth despite knowing the reality of the universe from the beginning.

  • With the beginning of the 20th century and the celebration of the Great Jubilee of the year 2000 God strongly accelerated His plan to lead the whole of humanity back to Jesus Christ. He made use of particular instruments and events, beginning from the great apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Fatima and Medjugorje, where the apparitions are still taking place. He continued to invite the official Church, in its various confessions, to proclaim the existence of humans in the universe and to put herself at the disposal of the plan of God to announce salvation to all peoples of the universe. To date, nothing has happened and the official Church has never taken a position. God has therefore decided to provide otherwise.

  • For this reason, in the year 2004 God established three extraordinary instruments: the Central Nucleus, the angels and the brothers and sisters of the universe, faithful to God. We have spoken extensively about them, and therefore we refer you to what has been published on this website.[3] We only add that the extraordinary instruments, particularly the Central Nucleus, accomplish what should have been done by the Church of the Earth. All those called by God, in this time, will gather around these instruments to bear witness to Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit to the ends of the universe. Every man living in the universe will know to be a child of God the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Nothing will be able to prevent this from happening, for God has so decided.

God has placed St. Michael the Archangel at the head of the three extraordinary instruments, indicating him as the Precursor of the second coming of Christ. He is at the head of the people of God to gather them from all parts of the universe and lead them to Jesus Christ, the only Shepherd.

In opposition to these instruments stand Lucifer and his allies. This contrast will become increasingly stronger.

  • The year 2012 was a special year in which God gave the humanity of the Earth, particularly the Church, the last opportunity to decide whether to accept or not the mission of the evangelisation of the universe. God waited for the Pope to finally announce the presence of life in the universe and for the Christians to awaken and become aware of their responsibility towards the humanity of the whole universe. God granted one year’s time. Over the whole year 2012 the Holy Spirit acted incessantly within the Church and the single individuals from whom He expected a response. That response never came.
  • In 2013 God assigned the mission of the evangelisation of the universe to the faithful humanities. From 2013 on the faithful brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to God have been travelling the middle and the low universe, bringing everywhere the announcement of the salvation worked by Jesus Christ and baptising entire peoples in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. They completed this action in 2017. In the universe a people has formed that recognises the One and Triune God as the only true God and welcomes Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Saviour. This people lives and works actively.
  • In 2018, with the Trinitarian power, the evangelization of the Earth has begun. With it the phase preceding immediately the return of the glorious Christ has begun.

Why the evangelisation of the Earth? Because it is the most complex and problematic planet of the whole universe. In fact, even though it has been visited by Jesus Christ and the Christians are present there, the Earth has remained substantially pagan. The majority of this humanity has refused Jesus Christ, serving many idols which are hidden demons raging on this planet.

  • However, during the past years also on Earth a people has formed that has welcomed the plan of God to recapitulate the whole universe in Christ, putting itself at the disposal of those who want to walk this path. It is a new people, open to the newness of God, seeking to overcome all divisions between Christians and all children of God. It is a people within the People of God, closely united with the extraordinary instruments and all brothers and sisters who, on Earth and in the universe, believe in the One and Triune God and serve Him faithfully. 
  • On the day of Pentecost, 2016, the Holy Spirit united this people of the Earth to that present in the universe to form a single people (Jn 10:16) without barriers and divisions of spirit.

This people, present on Earth and in the universe, has been explicitly indicated by Jesus Himself and Mary Most Holy as the “THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF THE UNIVERSE”. As members of the Central Nucleus we announce to you and give testimony of the existence and the work of this Church.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the universe 

  • offers itself to God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the recapitulation of the whole creation in Jesus Christ;
  • lives the cosmic Pentecost, submitting to God’s authority and the laws of the Spirit so as to unite the whole humanity in the Holy Spirit to form one people;
  • reflects the Trinitarian power on humanity and the whole creation;
  • awaits and prepares the glorious coming of Christ to enter with Him the new creation;
  • recognises and proclaims Mary Most Holy as Mother and Queen of the whole universe and lives united to Her Hearth;
  • announces the death of the Lord and proclaims His resurrection, participating actively in the Eucharistic Sacrifice;
  • is committed to live according to the three pillars of the Kingdom of God, which are
  • offering one’s life to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
  • immaculateness and integrity of life, and
  • the universal communion;
  • recognises and welcomes the three extraordinary instruments and lives in communion with them, which is a necessary condition for the universal communion.



The Church of Jesus Christ of the universe is not closed in itself. On the contrary, it wants every man of good will to participate in the powerful grace God is pouring on all His people in the universe in this time.

This Church does not oppose anyone. It is always ready to account for the hope it possesses to all those who seek explanations, but it will not enter fruitless discussions. (1 Pet 3:15)

It lives in peace with all and loves all with the love of Christ. It prays incessantly for the living and the deceased, friends and enemies so that the Kingdom of God may come soon.

Whoever wishes to take part in this Church and learn about its programmes will find all the necessary information on this website.[4] They can visit our house-sanctuaries in which the children of God come together to share a simple fraternal life, progressing together towards the new creation.

For our part, we will not miss sharing with you all that is revealed to us. We give you our heartfelt blessing and accompany you with the offer of our life and with our brotherly love.


Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina

20 May, 2018, Solemnity of Pentecost


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[2] Cfr. Ephesians 1:8-12

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