Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 June, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dearest Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE INCARNATES IN TIME AND SPACE. Your life is not an abstraction resulting from a random set of circumstances. It comes forth from the love and the mind of the One and Triune God. The life of each man is like a magnificent tree: it puts its roots in eternity, flourishes and bears fruit over time to be finally transferred again to eternity where it will dwell forever. Your Creator knows, like a wise gardener, where to place each tree, but the tree must do its part, and I will explain to you why.

I have spoken to you about the moment in which you are created: it is the fundamental moment in which you are before God and have to choose freely if you want to give your life to Him or to the devil. God helps you decide by showing you, like in a film, the life you will live and where you will live according to your choice.  He lets you know his project for you, the trials you will face on your path and the events you will experience until your death. God never asks you to decide without previously enabling you with His light.

The same will happen at the moment of your death: God will show you like in a film the life you have lived to give you the possibility to repent if you have sinned; then, you will have to decide again whether or not you want to accept God’s help. I will speak about death later on.

Let us return to the moment of your creation: you are before God and you are free to welcome or not the project and the mission God has prepared for you and that He has shown to you. Lucifer, too, with God’s permission, is before you and tempts you with his false promises; as he did with the progenitors, so he does with each one of you. You have to choose between God’s love and Lucifer’s falseness. At this point, God the Father shows you His Son, Jesus Christ, as the Way, the Truth and the Life,1 and promises you, in the name of His Son, the gift of the Holy Spirit.2 You have to decide whether or not you want to recognise Jesus Christ as God and Saviour.3 Each one of you has been created to be free and intelligent, and thus, you must freely accept the love and guidance of God. Your Creator loves and respects you in your freedom; therefore, it is always up to you to decide between good and evil.

According to your response you will be destined to live on one planet or another. He who welcomes the Most Holy Trinity and accepts his mission will live among the humanities faithful to God in the high universe where he will be able to realise what God asks him to do. He who refuses God will live among the humanities of the low universe. He who remains undecided without being hostile to God, showing a little bit of good will, will go to the humanities of the middle universe. There he will receive the help of the faithful brothers to God to be strengthened in his decision. Whoever is cold and hard towards the Creator will also end up among the rebellious men of the low universe.

This is the general rule, but there are many exceptions because God’s mercy reaches out even to the most rebellious of His children. Therefore, through history, God allowed many souls, who chose Him at the moment of creation, to incarnate on the rebellious planets. These great and generous men have welcomed Jesus Christ and freely followed His footsteps. They sacrificed themselves, renouncing to live on marvellous planets among holy humanities. They lived a life in holiness and prayer among men who were hostile to God and perverse, often paying a very high price, even shedding their own blood.

This is clearly visible on Earth, the most rebellious planet, situated in the low universe, where the progenitors made an alliance with Lucifer. Here My Son incarnated and sacrificed Himself for the salvation of all men in the universe. After Him many others have walked on this planet, offering themselves to My Son Jesus for the salvation of their neighbours. Saints, martyrs and prophets have lived among you, often unknown, derided and persecuted. Like flowers they have sprung up from the mud of the Earth so distant from God, and almost always they have been trampled. Nevertheless, their life has been the unequivocal testimony of God’s love, given to the good and the evil alike through Jesus Christ.

Children, even among you, who are reading these words, are men and women who have offered themselves to God humbly and bravely. Know that Jesus loves you tenderly and never abandons you. He gave you to Me that I keep you in My Immaculate Heart, and I want to hold you close to Me. My hand caresses and supports you, always showing you the path leading you to Jesus. Please, let Me guide you!

Know that the One and Triune God is gathering now His children in the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”. This Church will emerge more and more and shine like a star, indicating the path of salvation to men. All of you are called to take part in it by sincerely offering yourselves to the Most Holy Trinity through My Heart. You do not need great works or beautiful words; nor do you need great wisdom or a refined theology to take part in the Church of which I speak to you. It is enough to be true children of God and to live like true children of God.

I pray for you and I accompany you on your path; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

1 See John 14,6

2 See John 14,26

3 See Col 1,15; Heb 1,1-3