The Seal of the Most Holy Trinity

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

What is the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe? This question is answered by the Holy Spirit in the message we share with you today and of which we will sum up the most important points.

This Church is “one and indivisible in the whole universe”. The children of God, in fact, cannot be divided because their God, even though Three Persons, is united in the same nature. It is the One and Triune God. So, the children of God unite with each other in the Holy Spirit through the Son Jesus Christ to be elevated to the Father.

The Church we are talking about is the same one Jesus Christ founded, remained faithful through history and is destined to unite mystically with Christ in order to become a valid and capable instrument for the recapitulation of the whole creation in Jesus Christ. It prepares and awaits the second coming of the Lord to enter with Him the new creation promised by God.[1]

This Church includes the believers in Christ of the whole universe; she is the pilgrim, purging and glorious Church. God draws her together from all corners of the universe to guide her “until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ”.[2] He makes her powerful to defeat the evil forces, which manifest themselves, in this time, mainly through the action of the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

The Most Holy Trinity renews its seal on those who have remained faithful through the millennia and on those who decide to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ, living according to the mind of God like St. Peter.[3]

Wishing you a fruitful reading of the message, we great and bless you.


Message of the Holy Spirit of 19 May 2018, Vigil of Pentecost

“Dearest Children,

I bless you and I thank you for being here today. Over the past few years we have walked together and you have been instructed. Everything that Jesus taught His apostles has been entirely transmitted to you; you have welcomed these teachings and want to live them.

As you know, the apostles could not transmit to the early Church all they had received. After the death of the apostles and the first generations many things changed in the Church. The Church moved towards the powerful of the Earth becoming herself a structure of power, a power among the other powers of the Earth.

However, over the centuries, a little remnant remained faithful, preserving completely the teachings of the apostles and transmitting them to others as best as they could. Unfortunately, this little Church has always been persecuted and could not make her voice heard; she lived in the catacombs. This silent and hidden Church has given the world saints, martyrs and prophets who gave their blood for the sake of Christ. God has guarded and protected her like a flower under the snow. Now the time has come for this Church to come to light, for she is the real Church of Christ. She holds in herself the holiness of the whole history of Christianity and the prayers, the sacrifices and the tears of many saints.

God has chosen this time and this people on Earth to openly manifest His Church: one and indivisible in the whole universe.

Through history God has kept the communion of the faithful humanities and the small, hidden Church of Christ alive: however, only to you, in this time, the fullness of the revelation has been given, which is this: Jesus Christ died and resurrected for the men and women of the whole universe. From His Side, the Church of the universe was born; from the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, life has come down on the Church. From now on, in the eyes of God, this will be the only Church of the Earth and the universe. I will act in all souls of good will on Earth and in the universe to guide them to this Church; no one will be forgotten.

Nothing hypocritical will enter this Church. No ambitious; no one who aspires at positions of honour will be able to take part in this Church. It will be a simple and humble Church; poor in material means but rich in grace and doctrine; capable of attracting the souls who love God and wish to serve Jesus Christ and bear witness to Him.

All that does not belong to this Church is destined to disappear. No one dare to profane this Church! Whoever seeks to destroy her, will be destroyed. Whoever seeks to stop her, will be stopped. Woe to you, Lucifer, if you dare to touch this Church!

My children, I ask you only for one thing: remain simple, humble and faithful. Be faithful to all you have learnt over the past years; be faithful to the experiences you have made. You will need no other teachings. Times of great confusion will come, but if you remain faithful to what you have learnt, the confusion will not touch you. I will protect you and I will always be with you.

In this solemn celebration, I will descend on you who are present and on those who join these programmes but are not here now; I descend on those who are united with this Church through you. I will impress the seal of the Most Holy Trinity on everyone. It will be visible to all the children of God and attract them to Christ’s Heart, keeping away the enemies. Be brave, be strong! The One and Triune God will not fail to accomplish His work in each one of you and His whole Church of the universe.

I bless you with the Trinitarian power, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See 2 Peter 3; Rev 21; 22 NIVUK (New International Version-UK)

[2] See Eph 4,13

[3] See Matt 16,17