Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 August, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE ON EARTH ALSO CONSISTS OF TRIALS. No matter if big or small, trials are inevitably part of your existential pathway. Some of them are caused by the environment in which you live and the choices made by the people around you. Others derive from the choices, the collective ideas and the sins of humanity; they form the spirit of the world which often conditions you dramatically. Others, finally, are caused by your personal choices, your way of thinking and your sins. I want to help you understand this better.

First of all, trials do not come from God whose only desire is His children’s happiness. God allows you to experience trials so that you measure yourselves with the challenges of life, become stronger in the battle between good and evil, choose what is good according to the laws of life and refuse what is not good. The trials sharpen your ability to discern and help you better understand the reality and yourselves, your limits and your strengths, your reactions, your mistakes and your willpower. Without trials you would remain infantile, and that is why God allows them to happen.

However, trials only promote your growth if you face them positively. Many people are unable to face difficulties, and their life is reduced to a state of survival, which causes frustration, indifference, depression, aggressiveness, cursing, rebellion and blasphemy. Today many men and women on Earth live like this, and the results of this attitude affect the whole of humanity, leading to the consequences you can see.

Why are so many people unable to face the trials of life in a positive way? Because they lack the fundamental decision to belong to God and to walk with Him. As I explained to you previously, this decision occurs at the moment of your creation. If man chooses God from the beginning, he will face the trials in the right way with the help and protection of God. Those who refuse Him will face the trials in their own way, guided by their egoism and the influence of the devil. Those who remain undecided will be tossed about here and there, and the trials will become a torment.

However, I have explained to you that the choice at the moment of conception is not enough to define your existence. You are free, and that is why God puts everyone to the test: those who said “yes”, those who said “no” and those who said neither “yes” nor “no”. In every trial God comes close to you and lends you His hand. You are then asked again to decide whether or not you want to accept God’s laws and turn your back to evil; whether you want to trust God or yourselves. You must choose between good and evil; between God and Lucifer. It will always be like that until the very last moment of your earthly life.

Children, if you choose God and put your life in His hands, the trials will never overwhelm you. On the contrary, they will make you stronger and draw you closer to God, because often it is the pain that forces you to kneel down; it is the tears that clean your eyes, and God always responds to your cry when you invoke Him with a sincere heart and a true desire to do His will.

My children, when you are experiencing a trial, do not ask God for the solutions that you think are good; often they are not good at all. Instead, ask for the Father’s will to be accomplished in the trial. Thus, He will give you Jesus, the Saviour, and in His name He will send you the Holy Spirit, the Defender and Consoler. Jesus will fulfil in you the will of the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and you will overcome the trial in peace and collect the fruit of peace and love. Know, children, that Jesus entrusts you to Me when you are suffering, as He entrusted John to Me at the foot of the cross.1 He knows that the more you suffer the more you need a Mother. And I am with you in every trial, big or small; I pray for you to My and your Lord, asking only what is good for your life.

Children, as Mother I ask you to begin to live as true children of God. Finally, abandon yourselves to the hands of the heavenly Father who feeds the birds in the sky, dresses the lilies of the fields and loves you infinitely.2 You will never lack His Providence, and you will be victorious with Jesus who has defeated death. Always remember that no trial is stronger than God’s love for you. Even death cannot separate you from His Love.3

I am with you and I walk with you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

1 See John 19,25-27

2 See Matt 6,24-34

3 See Romans 8,35-39