Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 September, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that YOUR LIFE IS SHAPED BY YOUR THOUGHTS. Day after day, year after year, your thoughts direct your existence as it is with your mind that you understand the meaning of life, of your experiences and your feelings. I am not talking about the thoughts that continuously cross your mind, but about “Thought”, with a capital letter, which is born in the depth of your spirit and determines your fundamental attitude towards God, yourselves and others. This attitude determines the orientation of your existence.

In the moment God creates you He impresses the great vibration of life in you, which also contains the ability to think. Do not forget that you are created in the image and likeness of God: just as God thinks and governs the universe with His mind, you also think and govern your life with your mind.

I have already spoken to you about your choice at the moment of conception. If, in that moment, you have chosen to love and serve God, your thoughts will be profound; if you have not chosen anything, remaining undecided, your thoughts will be weak and superficial; finally, if you have refused God choosing evil, your thoughts will be destructive for yourselves and for others.

This happens because the depth of your thoughts is proportional to the depth of your relationship with God: profound thoughts are rooted in the depth of faith. If you are united with the Father through My Son, Jesus, the Holy Spirit acts in you and communicates to you a completely new way of thinking. He teaches you to think according to the divine laws and in harmony with the teachings of the Gospel, and this changes your life. Thus, you learn to face the situations and the trials with the divine intelligence that belongs to the true children of God.

Through the experiences of the earthly life you can confirm or modify the choice you made at the moment of conception because you are free. Every day you are asked to choose between good and evil, between the truth of God and the lies of Lucifer and the world. It is a constant challenge that helps you grow, and it is the mind that guides you in your choices. If you are united with the Holy Trinity, your thoughts will be elevated, strong, dynamic and continuously nourished and strengthened by the action of grace. Otherwise you will be confused and have no true wisdom.

Dear children, most men of the Earth are distant from God. The thoughts of man are shaped by exterior impulses, that is, by the dominant thought in the world. Man becomes unable to perceive the divine impulses in his spirit; he relies on fashions and the opinions of others, following the example of the many idols that exist in the world. Thus, the mind of humanity is superficial, weak and corrupt, and the results are before your eyes. It is the young who suffer most as they are attracted by the way the world thinks, and thus cannot give their lives a direction because they lack a constructive thought.

Many think they have elevated thoughts because they understand things rationally, have studied for years or because they are cunning and have reached success. They confuse thought with rationality, human logic and worldly knowledge. The thought of which I speak, however, has nothing to do with human knowledge. It derives from the action of the Holy Spirit that incessantly gives His impulses to your spirit which transmits them to the soul; then, the soul elaborates them with its intellect and sends them to the brain. The more righteous and devoted to God you are, the more able you are to perceive, understand and put into practice the impulses of the Holy Spirit. Thus, your life is guided by God and directed towards good; your thoughts are positive and concrete; you spread peace and harmony around you and become a help for others.

I ask you, My children, to offer your life to the Most Holy Trinity through My Heart. I can help you elevate your thoughts because I am your Mother and I only want the good for you. Let Me guide you, and I will lead you to My Son’s Heart which holds true wisdom within, for He is the Wisdom of God that became flesh for you.

I am with you on your path of life, and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”